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I can slap a tornado and dry up a sea.
Gender Male
Race Augurey High Penguin
Faction Good
Health ??? (Flywish, write his health.)
Level Ground breaking
Status See Health.
Location Somewhere in Antarctica.
Occupation Wrestler in CPWE and now DNA Wrestling
Interests Being RockHardy.
Friends Flywish, Triskelle and any other good High Penguin
Enemies Scottish One, Darktan, Nightmare, WishFlyX

RockHardy is a High Penguin that is considered, by some amulet holders, to be "the most powerful High Penguin who has never had an amulet". He is a Good Guy, and usually helps other penguins.


He was born in Ard Mhacha City, Freezeland about 120 years ago. He is the only known gray Augurey High Penguin alive. He has many powers that are almost as powerful as an Amulet Holder, but has never held one. He left CPWE in October 2010, went missing, and returned on DNA Wrestling in later 2010, which is for a mission from Flywish.


(if they are in bold, that means they are the most used.)

  • Earthquake- Self-explanatory. RockHardy makes a minor earthquake strike the battlefield.
  • Tornado Slap- A slap so powerful, if executed at the right time, hence the name, could send a tornado running back to their mama.
  • Rock Hurl- he hurls a rock to the opponent. Usually used to finish off opponents, because it isn't so powerful.
  • Fate Changer (Parody of Matt Hardy's Twist Of Fate)- It's the Twist Of Fate, but after used, rocks fall down on you. (Fly, could you write out a description of the TOF for me?)
  • Sea Dryer- He makes a ball of energy that makes water attacks useless and it turns it into a nice drink for him.
  • MEGA Piledriver- Only works when Xlendar is around and there are 3 ladders around. He and Xlendar put their victim under 1 ladder and jab him with the other two.
    • Parody of what Matt Hardy and Christian did to Jack Swagger at Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania 26.
    • Despite the name, it is not a piledriver.


  • Wrestles nowhere (formerly CPWE)
  • Helps defeat baddies.
  • Was a major protagonist in You're Fired!


  • He hardly ever takes off his jacket.
    • He has had it forced off though, before Scottish One got fired for a week from CPWE.
      • The effect, though, severely weakned his earth-bending powers, allowing not to finish the Fate Changer properly, his Rock Throws to only be a few grains of sand, and his Earthquakes proving useless, although his tornado slaps still worked...
  • He once tornado slapped Manny Peng so hard, he hurt for 3 weeks.
  • He has a younger brother named SteelHardy who is in DNA Wrestling.
  • After he left CPWE, he went missing. He was found once he went to DNA Wrestling.
  • He was also the only good guy in all of DNA Wrestling.
    • But that was a mission by Flywish to help shut down DNA Wrestling and defeat WishFlyX. It is not because he wanted to sign there.
      • It then epically failed, with RockHardy being fired.
  • He has a daughter, EarthHardy. It is unknown who the mother is, although she was a Royal Penguin.

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