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The National Alliance of Rock and Roll and All that is Awesome
Rock Union


All for Rock and Roll!
Capital Rock City
Government Panarchy
 -  1999-2013 Council of Music Masters
(Formerly "Council of Rock Masters")
Historical era 1999 to 2013
 -  Land increase 2000-2004
 -  Rock Union Sovereignty Treaty 2009
 -  Margatian Takeover 2013
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin
Today part of Margatian states of Rock Central, Nexon, North Bank and Fourthia

The Rock Union was a Panarchist country east of Margate. It was created in 2007, but later annexed in 2013 by the increasingly impatient Margatians who had been pestering them to merge together. The nation was founded by musicians, the first and only one yet, but was shunned by international artists due to the illegal substance and Judgies smuggling trade on the island, as well as the rivalry between bands.

The Rock Union was made of 5 islands, and each island had its own form of government and music type. This was later abandoned by the Margatians in 2013, but they have kept one island - the main island Rock Central Isle, for musicians and amateur rocks stars to practice. They have also promoted the island for concerts, slowly reviving a lackluster Margatian music industry.


The Rock Union was theorized in the minds of musicians back in 1999, when they were sick and tired of being told they were to loud. They hated curfews and rebelled against their authorities, as was common in the rock genre, and they eventually decided to escape and form their own society.

Under the guidance of David Mustaine, they set off in boats for a new home, which they discovered on the frosty archipelago that is now the Rock Union. Mustaine is also credited with setting up the Panarchy that thrives so well.


In the year 2000, the island of Nexon declared themselves an independent nation. To gain more allies, and culture, the Republic of Nexon joined the Rock Union as an independent state. Since they had independence from the Union, they didn't follow all of the laws. For example, they didn't switch to a Panarchist government, instead staying as a Republic, with a president. However, some Nexonan citizens took it upon themselves to put since in front of their igloos anyways, preferring the Panarchist lifestyle.

In 2001, the Pop Confederation was founded on an island right next to the Union, and they soon became rivals, with Battle of the Bands galore, and competitions on who could play their music louder. In May 2003 though, that all changed when the Union challenged the Confederation to a Battle of the Bands for possession of their island. If the Poppers won, they would keep their government, if the Rockers won, "Pop Island" would become a part of the Union.

The Rockers won in a blaze of guitar-solo glory, and the Pop Confederation was no more. Even though they were admitted to the Rock Union, they were still allowed to play and practice pop music as much as they wanted, just like the rockers could do on the main island. This event would eventually lead to an overall music nation rather than a nation full of rock artists.

Later in 2003 and early 2004, the Rock Union expanded to three more islands that surrounded the main island. The expansion was mainly led by music lovers of other genres who moved to the Rock Union- such as Country and Classical musicians, so that they could also have their own islands to practice and perform in.

Recognition and change[edit]

After all of the expansions, the Council of Rock Masters realized that maybe the Union could bring joy to all musicians. So, in June 2004 they planned the first annual International Music Festival, which took place in August.

By 2007, the Union was coined as "The Music Capital of Antarctica". The nation went through a series of changes to make the nation more music-neutral, rather than rock-dominated. This included changing the name "Council of Rock Masters" to "Council of Music Masters". However, the Union still retained it's original rock-influenced name and flag, for authenticity purposes.

Rock Union Sovereignty Treaty[edit]

In 2009, Margate made a series of requests to the Rock Union government for a government merger, and each time, the Rock Union declined. Eventually, the Rock Union, the United States of Antarctica and the UAN drafted the Rock Union Sovereignty Treaty. It basically prevented any member of the treaty from taking military action or challenging the borders of the Rock Union unless the Union exported illegal substances (i.e. Judgies, Doom Weed) into the signatories' nations.

Onerepublic Revival[edit]

In 2013, the Margatians became greedy. After a year of inactivity, the Margatian government revived the Onerepublic project. However, instead of the past method of merging governments, this time the Margatians used force. They nullified the Sovereignty Treaty, and soldiers marched into the capital and claimed the nation for Margate- they didn't even respect Union tradition by performing in a Battle of the Bands! The deceit, treachery and greed shown by the Margatians with this action spread through the international community, and many relations were either soured or cut off completely. It also labeled Margate as an imperialist nation.

Although the Rockers didn't physically fight back, they didn't just go along with the takeover either. Citizens protested for months, and others ignored the Margatians completely. Within a few weeks, severe police forces intervened in the Rockers' daily lives, and the Margatians started enforcing the new government by changing laws, re-branding the new "states" with flags and such, and establishing more government posts (government offices, federal buildings etc.).

Within a few months, the Margatian government had changed almost everything. Federal buildings and jobs established everywhere. Margate soldiers tearing out every Panarchist igloo sign. Musicians being arrested left-and-right for anything from Doom Weed possession to protesting in a "government square". And, worst of all, the Margatians were revoking all of the islands' musical roots, except for the main island, renamed "Rock Central". Even the 2014 International Music Festival had been cancelled by the new government. "The Man" was now everywhere, and most of the citizens absolutely hated it. The population of the "Rock Union" dropped 70% within a month.

Nexonan Revolt[edit]

The only island that could possibly fend off the Margatian government was the Republic of Nexon. Since they were never directly involved with the Union's rules, Nexon had a military. It was also never as directly influenced by music as the other islands. Although the Nexonans did love music, and did celebrate it, they were never dominated by it.

The only problem was the island's president. Since the rest of the Rock Union had been annexed by Margate, he told his military to stand down, and he surrendered himself to Margatian soldiers when they arrived. Almost none of the citizens wanted to be annexed yet again, so they started rioting against the Margatian military. That is when a penguin named Octavian stepped in. He claimed the Nexonan presidency, and the High Empire of Nexon was born.

Soon after Octavian took the presidency, he re-organized the entire Nexonan government, changing it from a Republic into his own personal fiefdom, and naming himself as Emperor. The citizens weren't very fond of this change, although they were too busy rioting against the Margatians to worry about it. Soon after, Octavian reorganized the military, spent nearly all of the government's money, and sent Nexon into a depression, which made the citizens hate him almost as much as they hated the Margatians. However, the extra spending was worth it- Octavian's army pushed the Margatians off of Nexon, and the citizens rejoiced.

Due to Octavian's greed and stupidity, and after a few incidents, Margate peacefully re-annexed Nexon in November 2013, due to the latter no longer having a military.


Today, the six islands of the Rock Union make up four states of Margate: Rock Central, Nexon, North Bank and Fourthia. Unfortunately, almost none of the Rock Union's heritage remains in the Margatian states. All Panarchist igloo signs were removed in 2013, and almost all major music influence was removed from the islands. The exception is Rock Central (the main island), which was allowed to keep some of it's musical influence.


The Rock Union is a musical haven for those who love to rock. There are no noise laws or pesky central governments to deal with, nor is there a curfew established. A police force exists, but not to curb loudness, but to prevent crime and robbery and such. Music plays all night long and all day, so people like Cadence and most of Explorer's Puffles come here a lot. Night Clubs and dancing establishments are everywhere.


The Rock Union has, by far, the strangest government in Antarctica.

They follow a concept called Panarchism because they couldn't choose a central government everyone liked.

Those who play rock and roll have always always had a history of rebellion and revolt of conventional leaders, so this turned out surprisingly well.

In Panarchy, everyone can choose their own government without leaving their home! Some may choose to serve a king, others democracy, other folks may have a taste for Krytocracy or dictatorship.

This is an example of a sign common in the Rock Union. It displays their government type, an announcement, and the symbol of said government on the little sphere on the top of the post. This penguin has chosen Maoism (but why?!).

There are very few federal laws that apply to everyone in the Rock Union. One of them is "put a sign outside your home stating what kind of government you follow and who your leader is", and "nobody nor any form of government chosen here may suppress the Right to Party".

To keep peace between everyone's governments and leaders and such, all leaders/people in each chosen government must meet at the Council of Rock Masters once every year or if one government tries to take more power or take over someone who doesn't choose that form.

How do those types of government who have a central leader pick it? Well, the Rockers chose a good idea with the "sign displaying your government" law. For example, let's say one chose a king. In that case, he or she would meet with others who chose the same form of government and choose a leader among them. Those who chose democracy would hold local elections for their president, while the dictator fans would nominate a dictator among them. No government type could interfere with another. Anyone who does loses their guitars and instruments.

Another weird thing about Panarchism is that anyone has the right to change their government preference at any time. If a democracy penguin chose a king, he or she would have the right to leave that king and choose something else with the mere swap of a sign.


The Rock Union is actually one of the few nations that do not have a Military. All of their disputes of supremacy are settled through Battle of the Bands, even those of nations with armed forces.


The Rock Union is an archipelago east of Margate Antarctica Islands



  • Anti-Rockers.
  • The Man!
    • Not the leader of a choson government, but a person or group against Panarchy and the freedom of jurisdiction.
  • Classical Musicians.
  • The growing military of Nexon and its divine emperor, Vince.



  • Jason Steed moved here after it was founded and was named an Honorary Citizen.

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