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If you wanted the wiki user, then YA DOIN' IT WRONG.

Rocketta Dashie Slugster-Meltissimo
Born April 22, 1999 (1999-04-22) (age 20)
Gender Female
Nationality Freezelandian
Other names RS, Rocket Slug
Citizenship USA
Occupation Musician
Height 4' 2''
Weight 73 lbs.
Known for Too Weird for Words; Xet On It; Quest for the Perfect Cleanser; Wedding Crashers
Parents Ai (blood mother); Martha M. (stepmother); Mountain Climber (登山者) (father)
Relatives Agent Meltie (stepsister); Phineas (stepbrother)

Rocketta "Rocket Slug" Slugster-Meltissimo is a twenty-year-old female purple Adelie penguin. She is the youngest child on the Slugster side of her family. Rocket Slug spends a lot of time with her younger brother, Phineas34720. She enjoys building simple yet wild contraptions in her backyard with Phineas and going on whirlwind adventures with strange characters like TurtleShroom and Xet.


She hatched on April 22nd, 1999. Her blood mother was a poor peasant, and her father worked for the a secret agency. Her parents argued over how to raise her, so they put her up for adoption in the Pet Shop with the Mwa Mwa Penguins. There was nobody around to care for Rocketta during that time, causing her to grow lonely and detached.

A year later, Ai, RS' mother, died of natural causes. Her father met Martha Meltissimo, who already had a baby chick named Rihanna. They soon got engaged, married, and had another chick named Phineas. Then, they went to the Pet Shop two months later to adopt a child. They chose Rocketta, who stood out to a certain degree as the only "authentic" chick. They figured out that this was a real orphan and not a freaky wannabe. With the consent of Martha, RS' biological father joyfully took her back, promising to never to let her go.

Friends and relationships

Rocket Slug is a sociable and friendly penguin who has made many friends (and enemies) in her outings. Her friends are Lexi, Jillymob, Katie Finn, Metalmanager, TurtleShroom, and Sye, among others. Her enemies are Dara and Irvins Zero, and she dislikes Xet and Ferb90210.

She is normally not a romantically involved penguin. Yet, judging by the way she acts around him (like in Too Weird for Words), Rocket Slug may have some sort of crush or admiration of TurtleShroom (penguin).

Of the Joneses, all of whom are her friends, it is Naomi that stands out as her "best friend". The lovable stamp collector tends to show up everywhere, and Rocket Slug enjoys her company and will defend her when she is tricked, hurt, or saddened. She tends to come to the defense of a lot of her friends, since some of the more "unpopular" penguins tend to cling to her.



Solo singles

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2010 "Put Some Fun In Your Life" 4 3 8 5 11 9 18 7 TBA
"Cycle" 2 12 3 6 14 20 1 5

With Fire and Ice

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2010 "Not Your Average Penguin" 4 3 8 5 11 9 18 7 TBA
"Living With This" 2 12 3 6 14 20 1 5


  • She is in Fire and Ice, a popular punk band started by her and her siblings.
  • She is a very likable and hyperactive penguin.
  • Sye thinks she's an alien.
  • She supports Emo Fashionz, though she doesn't shop there very much. She claims that "supporting your local businesses is important."

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