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The iconic & wealthy
pirate, Rockhopper.
Born November 21, 1970 (1970-11-21) (age 48)
Calvin J. Hopper
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names RH
Occupation Pirate, musician, entrepreneur
Years active 1990-present
Home town Rockhopper Island
Height 3ft 7
Weight 28kg
Known for Pirate personality, his pirate-shanty albums, businesses

Calvin J. Hopper, greatly known as Rockhopper, is one of the most famous pirates that sails around Antarctica and originates from his homeland that was named after his family, Rockhopper Island. He is Pirate Lord of the Sub-Antarctic, and former head of the "Pirate Council". He is currently 48 years old and was born in 1970. He usually takes trips to Club Penguin and stays there for a couple of weeks to party and to give out (or sell) some of his treasures. Sometimes he visits Shops Island, especially Moon Island too. He wears his trademarked pirate hat, along with his bushy eyebrows and beard, which he claims are real. Whenever he visits anywhere, he gives out a pictured autograph of him. He found many treasures and sold them to jewellery & antique retailers, which made him quite wealthy.

As well as being a pirate personality, Rockhopper began to venture into the musical fields after wishing to turn his pirate shanties and melodies into songs, beginning with the debut double-disc album Rockhopper's Ballads (2011), collaborating with the likes of DJ Crow, Cadence and Nebulent, among others. The album received commercial and critical success, leading to Rockhopper releasing two projects the following year, most notably The Journal of Captain Rockhopper (2012), around Christmas time, including the Captain's Quarters EP. His last album, Last Ship to Rockhopper Island (2015), was released in December 2015, and became Rockhopper's most critically-acclaimed album of his career as he quit the solo music scene good once his contract with Club Penguin Music Records was up and chose not to renew it. However, he still makes the occasional guest appearance which excites fans and the public every time with hopes of a comeback.


Early years[edit]

Rockhopper was born into a family of sailors on November 21, 1970, and was took immediately into the work of pirate work when he was 3 - though he never wanted to become a pirate when he was young, he wanted to become a singer, but he never got the change, despite practising. His great great-grandfather, Clockhopper, gave him his Pirate Territory when he was ready, around age 4. He was born on the island he is famous for today - Rockhopper Island, which was founded even before he was born. His father, Jockhopper, ran a sailing school and enrolled Rockhopper in it at the age of 5, and trained there for 5 years until he was 10, and took to sailing after failing to achieve his singing career - unlike Ninjahopper, his younger and more reclusive brother.

After that, Rockhopper got time to go to normal educational school when he was 11. According to his reports, he was a very bad student, but was very bright. He never bullied, but was always causing trouble. In his second year at school when he was 12, he made a small gang of friends of 4, including him, they were called Clover, Nicksipper and Aydammaer, and were always messing around. Soon he was suspended for 1 month because he locked all the teachers in the staff room (subsequently stealing the key to the room) and almost started a fire in the lunch-hall. He carried on in the same school, and got even into even more trouble - after calling home and brining in his parents for a discussion - but in almost every subject, he got either grades ranging from A-C - usually getting D's and C's for English, which he was very poor at. Then after 6 years, when he was 18, he graduated, along with the rest of his colleges. Instead of going to a separate college, he passed his Accustomed Papers of Secondary Education (APSE's) and his original average General Certificate of Secondary Educations (GCSE's), he went into Sixth Form. He passed everything, including English, getting a C, which was a low, but passable level for English.

Later activity[edit]

Rockhopper decided to become a sailor in the Colonial Antarctican Navy. He was very good at navigation but did not like the restrictive lifestyle and authoritarian rules and regulations. One day, he was caught snacking on cookies past his bedtime, and was discharged from the service. He had a hard time getting a job afterwards and decided to become a pirate. He gathered a crew of fellow seamen who were tired of their regulations as well, and they began plundering ships here and there.

He caused a lot of problems for the USA's enemies and other pirates at the sea, so the Antarctican government contacted him and told him they would allow him to become a privateer. He would have to give a cut of his booty to the public, and he wasn't allowed to steal from Antarctica and its allies. Rockhopper agreed and continues his piracy today. He mainly steals from ships belonging to Snowzerland and pirates who are enemies of the USA


In 1996, the Colonial Antarctica War started, and Puffish supply ships were more common, as they were bringing supplies to Puffish soldiers. Rockhopper decided to plunder these ships, and take their supplies. However, he was a nice pirate, and let his prisoners go, causing stories of him to be spread all over Antarctica. Later that year, the Revolutionist government hired him as a Privateer, so he started giving his much need supplies to the Revolutionist soldiers.

In 2000, when the war was over, Rockhopper retired to Club Penguin, but he missed the life of the sea. So, in 2003, he started on a ship he called the "Migrator." He finished in 2005, and a going away party was giving for him. He then set off, exploring places and visiting ports, finding exotic items and bringing them back to Club Penguin.


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  • Rockhopper has an obsession of the frothy pink drink, Cream Soda.
  • Cream Soda rescued him from Copier Guy, because he fell into one of his barrels of soda and became allergic to his beard.
  • He used to be hunted by Link, but later stopped.
  • He has a very large pirate family.
  • Rockhopper is actually paid to steal from ships, making him a privateer as well as a pirate. He usually gives the things he steals to Club Penguin.
  • His last name, "Hopper", is often mistaken for his first name.
  • The surname "Hopper" has been in Rockhopper's family since Clockhopper, with the exception of Calvin himself.
  • His "real name" is Juan Rodriguez according to the Underground Club Penguin Weekee. It isn't true though, his name is Calvin J. Hopper.
  • He revealed PH's real name, Paige. Until then, it was unknown.
  • He has a R63-Antibody named Rockhopra.
  • Rockhopper is afraid of flamingos.

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