Rockhopper Island

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Rockhopper Island
Map of rh.png
Rockhopper Island.
Capital city Rockhopper Town
Largest city Rockhopper Town
Other info
Population 70,000
Location North of King George's Island

Rockhopper Island, or RH Island, is the Hopper Family's island. It's about the size of Club Penguin Island. It is located north of King George's Island, whereas CP is south of King George's Island. It is divided by the Shale Mts., with Creamspout Mountain at the far west of the island. The south side of Rockhopper Island is sunny, full of hills, and fertile. In contrast, the north side is rocky, full of caves, and stormy. There is said to be a treasure buried there.

Despite it being under the control of the USA, not many penguins have seen the island before, besides the inhabitants. It is said there are many pirates that sail that area looking for treasures and stopping for a quick cream soda with Rockhopper. The Hopper family has built a small settlement and dock there, so he can load and unload their treasure easier. Rockhopper may have pirate friends he hangs out with, but these rumors are unconfirmed. Sometimes when Rockhopper comes to Club Penguin he tells stories about great battles with enemy pirates.


Rockhopper Island was first discovered by Viking Penguins in 900 AD, who named the island Tropland. The Vikings also built multiple settlements, many of which are still visible today. For years the island had many settlements, until it was raided by medieval pirates in the 1400's, who destroyed all the settlements on the island. The island's inhabitants either fled or were captured, and for years the island remained uninhabited.

In the early 1700's, a small pirate settlement was formed in the northeast of the island, where Rockhopper Town currently stands. The settlement eventually became lawful, though no country claimed the territory as their own, since barely anyone, besides the inhabitants, knew where it was. However, Knockhopper discovered the island after his ship was sunk and he was stranded at sea.

With help from the island's inhabitants, Knockhopper was able to return home, and told his family about the place. Soon, many people learned about the island and settled there, founding villages, plantations, and farms. The Hopper family eventually came to rule the entire island as their de facto kingdom, which wasn't recognized by any country, though no country found it relevant enough to colonize it.

During the Colonial Antarctica War, rebel forces under Greg Cleanington attempted to prevent the Puffish from conquering the island, who planned to use it as launching point to invade and retake Penguin Island, which was conquered by the rebel forces. Unfortunately, the Puffish was able to take the island due to their vastly superior force, though they didn't harm any of the island's inhabitants.

Rockhopper Island was handed to the United States of Antarctica following the Colonial Antarctica War, and the island came under the rule of the USA, though the Hopper family still governed the island. Rockhopper visited the island during one of his many journeys and met many red puffles. Due to the large amount of red puffles, Rockhopper decided to give them to Club Penguin as a gift. EBUL eventually allowed nonmembers to have them.


Rockhopper Island is very warm, and it is full of jungles and tropical plants. Snow only falls during winter, near the mountains. Due to the island's size, there are no bodies of water on the island. The island's northern coast is covered in sand, while the southern coast is more rocky and is home to a somewhat high mountain range. The south coast is very secluded and was home to many pirates in the past.

Rhopper Berries, and pizza plants grow on the island naturally. Rockhopper has also brought vegetables and fruits from Club Penguin to the island to make farms. Some of the vegetables and fruits are carrots, pumpkins, watermelons, and even some O-Berries as a treat for the red puffles on the island.


  • Creamspout Mountain - Known for having a geyser near the summit. It is a dormant volcano.
  • Creamspout River - A winding river that flows from Vall Peak in the north, through the Shale Mts, and empties into Cranny Bay in the south.
  • Vall Peak - A tall, forbidding peak on the east side of Rockhopper Island. When Sir Drake charted the island, he named the mountain "Very Tall Peak" The wind and rain washed out a few letters on the way back to Club Penguin, and when he showed the map to a drafts penguin, it read "V--- -all Peak.
  • Crany Bay - Known for its yummy selection of berries. Also named in the same way as Vall Peak. Sir Drake charted the bay as "Cranberry Bay", and when he got back to CP, it read "Cran----y Bay".
  • Procathutalldown Springs - Pronounced "pro-cat-hut-all-down". It is a peaceful spring near Crany Bay.
  • Hopper Town - The only town on the island. It has a port for Rockhopper to dock there. About 5,000 penguins, or half of the island lives here.
  • Mt. Shale - A dormant volcano near Rockhopper Cave on the east side of the island.
A picture of Rockhopper Cave taken by Yarr.
  • Rockhopper Cave - A secret extinct lava tube on the east side of the island. Most of the time it is underwater, but at low tide, the waters uncover a small opening that leads to the cave.
  • Rockhopper Town - a small settlement built for Rockhopper's enjoyment. Has a cream soda cache and a landing strip for small aircraft.
  • Stinky Cheese Shop - One of the only commercial centers on the island, this store specializes in selling stinky cheese made by Red Puffles of Frankterran origin. Rockhopper admits that he frequently visits it on his trips to the area.



  • It is said some armies have tried to buy the island from Rockhopper.
  • Some penguins believe there are local tribes on the island, and that they wear giant tiki masks and grass skirts.
  • Here is a book Rockhopper wrote about Rockhopper Island.

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