Tom Saworton

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Tom Saworton
Emperor of the United Penguin Islands
Tom Saworton avatar.png
His Emperorship
Reign 22nd July 2013
Coronation 22nd July 2013
Full name Thomas Andrew Saworton
Born 4 July, 1980
Birthplace Olde Antarctica Flag.png Frostborough, Olde Antarctica
Successor None
Consort None
Offspring None
Royal anthem For Saworton!
Royal motto Thee shall be the glorious one.

Tom Saworton (born 1980, Frostborough) is a Freezelandian born Viking Penguin who is the current emperor of the United Penguin Islands, the former emperor of Penguio and the former emergency head of state of Moon Island, after Dps04 resigned. He is also the Secretary-General of the South Antarctic Treaty Organization, an organization which consists of warfare allies that includes some of the strongest countries in the world, such as the USA, United Terra and Shops Island.


Tom David Saworton was born in Frostborough, Olde Antarctica (modern day times: Freezeland) in 1980 to two partly rich parents. He was born in a mansion named Frostborough Mansion to some rich agents who worked for a investigation agency who's real names are unknown. He wanted to be a ruler of a country as a child but it turned out that he couldn't. He turned into the imperial type, so he could rule a massive empire. He officially made RHF TV, a TV channel and a comedy show called the Tom Saworton Show as he failed on his imperial elections in the USA. He later closed down the Tom Saworton Show after the United States of Antarctica changed the status of the state of Penguio to a free republic in 2003 making Saworton very intrested to be elected the president. He lost but he re-entered in the 2004 elections. After the elections closed on the 20th January 2004 he became the second and current president of Penguio. As his political stance on the nation, is rightist imperialism, he turned the president role into the emperor role, which Saworton would become until he either dies, or hands over to another person. He also appointed a king to make him a good influence as he said "it will make the nation much prouder" than having an empire ruling many countries based in the nation. As of current day, he is a top emperor who is according to a peoples poll, the best person to be in politics in the whole of the empire ever in existance.


Saworton is the 1st emperor of Penguio and the second ever ruler of Independent Penguio, since 2004 and has a good reputation for raiding scattered little islands for his already large empire. He used to be a top funny comedian, but due to his off-show strictness, decided to become a mighty imperialist politician instead. He was once the de jure president of Moon Island for around 2 months as he was the Mayor of Moon Island City, however this was unrecognized by the Moon Island history and it is therefore not officially part of Tom's history.


Saworton's penguin color is lime green, however with his lots of money he sometimes dyes his penguin color aqua. He also wears a light green and white propeller cap as part of a sponsorship deal with shops island fashion company PenguinFashion. He used to really like a hoodie when he was a teenager, but Mabel and a group of annoying Vampire Puffles stole it (that have before bitten many people including Explorer 767 and Swiss Ninja and his allies). He absolutely hated them for stealing them and therefore used a potion to go back in time and put it in a secure area, however Mabel just stole it again. This led to him giving up.


Skittles De Pet Shoppia is a friendly puffle who is the lead Commander of the Penguioan Army, leader of their Division 1 section, Duke of Port Blue, and Saworton's only pet puffle. He is also a secret EPF puffle.

He was born in Club Penguin Island's pet shop area, to two unknown parents. The shop owners fed him and cared for him for multiple months. One day in the Shop, there was a puffle robbery by some robbers based around the Mountainside area of the Island, and Skittles secretly took the leader's gun and shot the penguin leader of the gang. He was rewarded with an owner, Tom Saworton, who realised the puffle would come in very handy when he finished education. The puffle did infact become very handy and became leader of the Penguioan Army after progressing from the Imperialberg Puffle University. He now has a snow pistol gun, and is a fan of Piper J. Club even though himself is older than Piper.



  • He is on level infinite at ruling a nation.
  • He was once a commander for the USA.
  • He often jokes around like Rookie in his house, however is very serious outside..
  • His propeller cap is useful as he can fly during wars making it very easy for him to win.
  • He is planning to severely invade many helpless islands scattered around the Antarctic for Penguio.
  • His most famous quote is: "I'm an emperor, get me out of here!" which he first said in the Battle of Port Blue.
  • He has a pet puffle named Skittles, Duke of Port Blue.