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Nice sword
Title Captain
Gender Female
Race Penguin, R63-Creature
Faction Pirate Council
Health Good
Status Alive
Location The seas of Antarctica
Birth date Summer 2015
Occupation Privateer, adventurer
Employer USA, Pirate Council
Salary Depends on how much she steals
Interests Robbing, sailing, finding loot
Archetype Good(ish)

Caoimhe J. Hopper, also known as Rockhopra on the seas, is Rockhopper’s R63-Antibody. Like Rockhopper she is a privateer and steals from enemies of the USA and gives the items to other people. She is very free spirited, so it somewhat annoys her that she has to live in the shadow of Rockhopper, and she mainly does her exploits without him to break free of the image that she’s just “female Rockhopper”. However the two get along and have worked together on several occasions.

In addition to being a privateer, Rockhopra has made several music albums, collaborating with Cadence, and her R63-Antibody Cadenzo.


One day Rockhopper was caught in a storm, and got very wet and cold. He became sick, and while his immune system was occupied with the other diseases, the R-63-Virus managed to enter his system. He got better the next morning, but the the virus was done with copying his DNA, and he spat out the blob that would become Rockhopra.

Rockhopra was very confused at her surroundings and tried to run away from Rockhopper, but realized that she was on a boat, and couldn’t get off easily. Rockhopper was also very confused to what happened, but didn’t want this new person to be hurt (and he didn’t want her touching his stuff), so he followed her, which made Rockhopra more scared and aboided him more. Eventually she knocked down a shelf Yarr was on, which hurt him. Rockhopper immediately ran to Yarr to comfort him. Rockhopra decided she could trust Rockhopper after seeing him be kind to this puffle and got to know each other.

At this time the R63 –Virus was just discovered, so Rockhopper did not know what happened. He went to Club Penguin to meet Gary the Gadget Guy to get an explanation, but to his surprise, he also met Gari the Gadget Gal, who was another R63-Antibody. Gary and Gari explained that Rockhopra was a female clone of Rockhopper. This made Rockhopra somewhat upset because she felt like she didn’t have a family, but Rockhopper and the others told her that they would be here for her. She was also welcomed with open flippers as a member of the Hopper Family.

For several weeks Rockhopra worked with Rockhopper and helped him steal from other ships. She felt a little embarrassed that she was just a female version of him, and wanted to break out of that shadow. She collected enough gold for herself and bought her own ship to go on her own adventures. She wished Rockhopper luck and joined the Pirate Council.

After sailing for a while, Rockhopra decided that she would also like to go into the music business.


Rockhopra looks very much like Rockhopper in that they have the same feather color, and rugged athletic build. Rockhopra is more fit than Rockhopper due to being younger and doesn't have a beard, but lush black hair on her head. She wears standard pirate gear, and has a golden loop earring the her right side of her head.


Rockhopra works for the USA government to steal from enemy countries, as well as pirates who are causing trouble for the USA. She is considered more active and effective than Rockhopper currently is due to being biologically younger than him.


Snowzerland is Rockhopra’s main target, since it is the largest enemy of the USA. Rockhopra does not like Swiss Ninja and his rule, so she delights in robbing their cargo ships. Swiss Ninja hates all the pirates who steal from his country, and put a bounty on her head. However Rockhopra always manages to avoid capture.


The former Republic of Turtly is an area that Rockhopra feels strongly about. She opposed the Imperial Emperor greatly and thinks that the land rightfully belongs to the people of Turtly, and hopes they find their home again. Rockhopra steals from Zenthexian ships to weaken the country, but she also frees prisoners who dared disobey Emperor Raleigh.


  • Searchin' for Treasure
  • Rockhopra’s Rock Opera
  • Saltiest Shanties of the Sea


  • Like all R63-Creatures she is biologically younger than her host. She appears to be in her mid-30s, about 10 years younger than Rockhopper.