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— Rockthemic

Poor old Rockthemic getting PWNed at the Snow Forts. He's always doing things like that...
Born Henry Roger "Rockthemic" Penguinlinsky
February 28, 2002 (2002-02-28) (age 17)
Residence Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Puffish-Antarctican
Other names PWNed Guy
Ethnicity Penguin
Citizenship Antarctica
Years active Since 2012
Home town Somewhere in Antarctica
Known for Getting PWNed, smashing into things, getting hit, etc. all the time (like A Sparrow)
Title PWNed-Guy of the Group
Relatives Popcorn 3000
Leetle Penguinpuff
He can't help bumping into things all the time.
This is why he sympathises with A Sparrow.

Henry Roger "Rockthemic" Penguinlinsky, better known as Rockthemic, title PWNed-Guy of the Group, is a Puffish-Antarctican penguin living in Club Penguin, with three other siblings - Popcorn 3000, Bellarocker, and Leetle Penguinpuff. Unlike his other, younger siblings, he is very, very clumsy. Daily, he waddles around the island, and ends up bumping into a wall, or getting PWNed by his own snowballs at the Snow Forts. This is why he is often compared to with James of the Jungle, and sympathises with A Sparrow, to the point he is his penfriend.


Early Life[edit]

Rockthemic hatched in February 28th, 2002, as Henry Roger Penguinlinsky - the first in a series of 4 chicks. Surprisingly, he wasn't very clumsy - the polar opposite of what he is now. Instead, he was very dull, cheeky and stupid, which was very annoying to his parents. When they told him not to chew away at important documents, he did it. When they asked him to go and pour some water in a cup, he would spill it on the ground and lick it, a bit like a Norfolk Terrier or an Arctic Hare. When they asked him if he knew where the pencils were kept, he would forget that he was introduced to it half an hour before, and bring a plastic toy instead.

His parents, Marie d'Franterre (a weird name because she's Antarctican) and Phenguinus Phoom, were seriously considering taking him to an orphanage, when he suddenly became obedient, clever and well-behaved. This was a surprise at first, but they knew it was just a transition from annoying toddlerhood to chickhood. He grew increasingly intelligent, and to keep it up, they decided to homeschool him.

Two years later, his brother Popcorn 3000 hatched from his egg. At first, they really did not like each other, but they warmed up, and, being the perfect playmate for each other, got on well. There were two more uneventful years afterwards, when Bellarocker hatched. Again, they were so not keen on each other, but they warmed up - faster than it took for Popcorn. It even ended in Bellarocker constantly following him around, which he managed to shake off by ignoring her. Finally, after another uneventful two years, the last chick left, Leetle Penguinpuff, hatched. By this time, he was old enough to not be inclined to be sulky, so he was patient with her.

Later Life - Current Life[edit]

As usual, many uneventful years passed. However, when he was 10, he became clumsy for the first time. He was carrying a fragile china vase to the kitchen table, but then he stubbed his foot (ouch!) on a wardrobe and he dropped it (double ouch!), smashing it into smithereens. He was apologised for this as Phenguinus happened to be very close to him at the incident, but he did similarly clumsy things again. They realised that it was not usually from external influences, so they began to blame it on him.

Unfortunately, this upset Rockthemic, and the habit got worse. They took him to a doctor experienced in chick-care, and he announced that he too was not sure why it was happening, but he told them that he had attention deficiency disorder, which explained why he kept on dropping things to look at something else. However, this was not it. Even when he was completely uninterested in something, he kept on dropping things, even when he knew it was fragile. The family then decided that it was something they had to live with.

Finally, the family moved to Club Penguin, thanks to Phenguinus losing his job and winning the lottery at the same time. When the family got there, while the others became happier, Rockthemic's habit of PWNing himself and smashing into things developed, and quickly worsened. He would go to the Snow Forts, and PWN himself with his own snowball. He would walk in a wide, empty street, and smash into a wall. This is where he got his nickname, as a tongue-in-cheek "complement" of his self-PWNing skills. He has never been seriously hurt so far, however, which is good, but half of this is on behalf of his benevolent sister, Bellarocker, who insists on following him with a First Aid Kit.

To this day, poor Rockthemic is constantly bumping into, smashing or PWNing himself with his own things, and having Bellarocker condemning herself to following him around with a First Aid Kit.


Rockthemic doesn't do very much. In fact, he can't do very much. This is because he keeps on smashing himself into walls, or PWNing himself with his own snowballs. Another reason he can't do much is that if he isn't smashing himself into something for a change, he'll be a likely target of attention for some weird reason, or be one of Grump's targets for no reason at all. This means that he has to be kept in supervision all the time. Poor, poor old Rockthemic...

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Kind - Rockthemic is a kind penguin, and, due to his constantly being PWNed, he can sympathise to underdogs more than others. He will do anything to help others.


  • PWNed 24/7 - Rockthemic is constantly getting PWNed, which is not good for anybody. He is also very, very clumsy, which contributes to this.


  • Ouch!
  • Everybody's happy nowadays...apart from me. :(
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Rockthemic says this after he gets PWNed by a snowball.


(Rockthemic, accompanied by Bellarocker as usual, is having a day out with some friends, at the Snow Forts.)
Penguin 1: Hey, see that target over there? I can hit it in one go.
(He accomplishes this. Everybody claps and applauds him.)
Penguin 2: Well, I can do it, accompanied by a backflip.
(She accomplishes this. Everybody claps and applauds her.)
Penguin 3: I'm rubbish at it, so I won't go. Rockthemic, how about you?
Rockthemic: Someone else can take my go.
Penguins 1, 2 and 3: No, no, no, we insist! Go on, go on!
Bellarocker: Rockthemic, do be sensible! Don't do it!
(With a deep breath, he ignores Bellarocker's pleas, and tries. The snowball backflips, and PWNs him.)
Rockthemic: Ouch!
(Everybody except Bellarocker is filled with immediate schadenfreude, and rocks with laughter.)
Bellarocker: Poor, poor old Rockthemic! Where did the snowball hit you? I'll put a bandage and some iodine on the spot...
Rockthemic: Why does this always happen to me? :(


  • He is the clumsiest sibling. Poor, poor old Rockthemic...
  • He is A Sparrow's penfriend.
  • Bellarocker always takes it upon herself to accompany "poor, poor old Rockthemic!" whilst carrying a First Aid Kit, in case he gets serious injuries.
  • He is constantly paranoid that his clumsiness is part of a conspiracy against him.
  • This is one of the reaons Bellarocker always accompanies him, wherever he goes.
  • When he was younger, he tried training to become a Ninja. Unfortunately, because he was so clumsy, he gave up.