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Rodr11 Argentum
Rodr11 in his igloo
Title Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health he's in good condition
Status Looking for a job
Location Club Penguin
Birth date October 4th, 1990
Occupation Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
Interests Money, weapons, fighting, his puffle Nibbles and doughnuts
Friends Nibbles
Enemies none presently
Archetype Neutral

Rodr11 Argentum is a rookie bounty hunter.


List of Jobs[edit]

  • His first and presently only was to convince several PETF activists to quit. He performed very well in the mission and convinced them to quit by secretly feeding them fish.
  • Rodr33 is presently considering whether or not to hire him for a mission.

Rodr11 has not been hired for anything notable presently.


  • A Banana Blaster
  • A Fruit Blaster
  • A Stolen Snowball gun


Rodr11 owns a small igloo in Club Penguin. Inside it is a couch, a refrigerator, a TV with a Pengstation 3, Pengstation 4, a cabinet full of games and a Doors computer.

Rodr11 stores his weapons underneath the cushions of his couch.


Rodr11, when paid to do something has an aggressive and reckless personality, yet kind and cooperative to any partners he has. Outside of bounty hunting Rodr11 has a calm personality. He is neutral and will do jobs for both evil and good beings. He'll even work for people he doesn't agree with.


Relationships with other characters[edit]

  • Rodr33: Fair. As a child Rodr33 manipulated him and is the reason why Rodr11 is obsessed with money. Rodr33 plans to use Rodr11 in his various schemes to destroy the EPF and other agencies such as SAD.
  • Nibbles: Nibbles is technically Rodr11's only friend.


  • Nibbles, a small blue puffle who assists Rodr11 in any crimes he commits.


  • He sometimes talks to his puffle Nibbles.
  • Rodr11 stole an EPF agent's service gun.
  • He'll do any job for money, even if it involves betraying his own friends and killing penguins.
  • Rodr11 knows a lot about weapons.
  • His brother, Rodr33 is a mystery. For years nobody has ever seen him except Rodr11.
  • His last name is Latin for Silver.