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Rodr33 Argentum
Born Rodr33 Argentum
October 4, 1990 (1990-10-04) (age 28)
Blizzardville, Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Ethnicity Western Kanta Penguin
Education Unknown
Occupation Terrorist
Years active Unknown
Home town Blizzardville
Known for His mentally unstable health, attempted dissolution of the EPF and his signature eyepatch.
Title The Corrupted Agent
Relatives Rodr11 (brother)

Rodr33 Argentum is a criminal and a villain who is currently based and hiding out in the alleys of Crookharbor. A mentally insane ex-PSA and former EPF Agent, Rodr is intent on dissolving the Elite Penguin Force and wreaking havoc on Antarctica to make his mark as one of the continent's greatest villains of all time. Despite this, Rodr is often confined to his secret underground lair, constantly revising and amending his evil plans hoping he'll one day devise the perfect plan and blaming any mistakes on his lack of sanity.


Rodr33 hatched minutes after his twin brother, Rodr11 Argentum. Rodr33 for many years manipulated his brother, forcing him to steal food for him and injure other chicks. As they got older Rodr33 would pay Rodr11 to do everything for him until one day Rodr33 got a job at the PSA. Years later during a mission he suffered a head injury and on top of that he lost vision in one of his eyes. This made him insane and after the PSA dissolved he joined the EPF. Day after day he had thoughts of destroying the EPF and ruling All of Antarctica. He then went into hiding in an unknown location, plotting to destroy the EPF.



Relationships with other characters[edit]

  • Rodr11: Fair, Rodr33 plans to use Rodr11 in his schemes. With Rodr11's obsession with money it would be easy for Rodr33 to hire him and manipulate him. He doesn't actually care for him and only sees Rodr11 as a tool. Sometimes he refers to Rodr11 as is henchmen which really seems to tick him off.
  • Herbert P. Bear: Good, the two sometime collaborate with each other to destroy the EPF and other agencies.
  • Klutzy: Good, since Rodr33 sometimes works with Herbert and Klutzy.



He is mentally unstable which will always get in the way. He is heavily reliant on others and can't get a job done alone. With his anger management problems this will probably anger colleagues. He also lacks vision in one eye which is also a problem.


  • Since he is a corrupted EPF agent he has his own EPF spy phone which he uses to spy on the EPF.
  • Thus he knows of any missions, demotions, new recruits and plots against him.