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Roger Lopez V
Roger Lopez.JPG
He looks like a nice person, doesn't he? Think again before that axe ends up on his head.
Nicknames Roger Lopez
Title Mwa Mwa's worst nightmare...DUH DUH DUHHH!!!!
Gender Male
Race Khanz Penguin/Demon Penguin
Faction Many.
Health Perfect. For him.
Level High.
Status Annoying Mwa Mwa's.
Location The forest.
Birth date June 17th, 1987 (27)
Death date Is not dead.
Occupation Singer, soldier, weapons seller, video game producer.
Height 4' 37
Eye color Black
Feather color Aqua blue
Nationality Penguifornian
Country of residence USA
Primary residence A treehouse in middle of the forest.
Childhood home A house at Club Penguin Island
Vacation homes An apartment at Parhentina.
Catchphrase "Darn you, man. Darn you."
Hobbies Annoying Mwa Mwa penguins, making penguins angry, making weaponry.
Member of Many armies. MANY.
Archetype Good
Online username Roger141
Weapon of choice Elemental Guitar, Guitar Axe.

Roger Lopez V is one of the five Demon Penguin hybrids in existence, currently living in the Club Penguin Island. Formerly believed to have died and being a ghost, he "revived" by using an ancient enchantment discovered by him to fake death.


Early life[edit]

Roger was born on July 17th, 1987, to Parhentinian parents in Santa Francesca, Penguifornia, from a Khanz Penguin mother and a Demon Penguin father, Roger Lopez IV. His father was followed by the rest of Demon Penguins, for defecting to the good side and after killing various Demon Penguins. Even if his father was a Demon Penguin, Roger was born without red feathers, and from the Demon Penguin part of his family, was the first half-demon. After travelling for months in a boat from country to country, while Roger was still an egg, his mother left, taking advice from his husband, since she should not run if she has nothing to run from, and the egg was left in hands of his father. Roger (IV) decided to abandon the egg before his son could see his face, and to evade the egg falling into the hands of the Demon Penguins and being trained for evil. He traveled to Club Penguin Island, and the egg was left at the door of a nice woman, without any notice of the half-demon inside it. The penguin adopted Roger and took care of him for the next 18 years. At age 15, he learnt he is adoptive by his mother, but he wasn't revealed of his Demon Penguin blood, since his mother still did not know about his Demon Penguin father. No, she knew he had a father. Just not that he was a Demon Penguin. Roger had a little sister, which was the biological offspring of his mother. During the next 16 years, Roger would grow very intelligent and develop a high interest in weaponry and ditto. After discovering the fact that he is a Half Demon at age 16, he built a trident to channel his awesome demonic powers and didn't reveal his secret to anyone, not even his own family.

After turning 18, he went to college, and studied Advanced Weaponry, Ditto Manipulation and Pyromania. He wasn't very popular, he was a technological geek (he was frequently bullied, made fun of, and almost never got invited to parties). His best friend was Bobby J. Junior, a more popular penguin at collage, who felt sorry for him. Roger got fame and more respect by forming a country/rock band and showing off his awesome vocal skills, along with Bobby, a girl named Penny, and some guy no one never cared about. Penny later became the reason of the band to brake up. The band had fame and fortune, but broke up after a fight between Roger and Bobby about who would keep Penny (finally it was no one, for the record).

Hatred of Mwa Mwa's and "death"[edit]

Roger finished collage at his 21 years, and went to live with his sister (which was quite annoying for her, she still doesn't know why she let Roger live with her). His sister married and had a daughter, which Roger loved very much. One day his sister brought home three Mwa Mwa penguins, which annoyed Roger as much as the Annoying Orange annoys you, and made Roger go insane, to the point he would build out of one of his old band guitars a weapon he called the Elemental Guitar, that would shoot fire, water or ice, and started to zap the annoying Mwa Mwas, killing them instantly. Every Mwa Mwa Penguin ran away from him. After trying to kill his sister's Mwa Mwa Penguins and failing, his sister swipred his Elemental Guitar and fried him. Badly hurt but still alive, he posed to be dead using an enchantment he invented, and went for his ghost pass.

For reasons unknown, he was granted his ghost pass, although he was not actually dead. Now an apparition, Roger ran away from his sister's igloo, into the forest, which became his permanent home. There, he conserved his body in a igloo, which he would enter when necessary, and haunted to death any visitor he would find for fun, or make them angry. There, in the forest, he found a female dragon he called Gyc, and kept her as a pet.

At age 23, he met his biological father, and discovered his origins from a Khanz Penguin mother, and knew his father was the Demon Penguin from where he got his Demon Penguin blood. The reconcile was short-lived, however, since his father, even 22 years after having Roger, was still chased by the Demon Penguins (at least some of them, since most of them gave up or forgot about him). His father left, and that would be the last time he would see his father.

He formerly had a frienship with the original Darktan, but not much is known about it, except that he was defeated in battle after an argument between the two of which pie is better: apple or cherry. Not exactly confirmed if it's because he is good or because he wants revenge on Darktan (probably the latter), he and his army of clones started fighting Darktan II on June 17, 2010 (his birthday).

He wants to befriend Flywish, since he has a strong hate for Mwa Mwa Penguins too. They work together in the Mwa Mwa Attackers.


After days and months of haunting as a ghost in the forest, he finally revealed his identity as alive and as a Half Demon, which made him even more fearful. No, not because he is alive, because he is half demon. Seriously, why would you think that? In some moment of his life, he built a weapons shop out of an abandoned tool cabinet, and started creating his very own weapons (mostly out of Ditto) and sold them to the public.

He accidentaly ate a weapon created by him, a Ditto Bomb, Sloppy Joe model, thinking it was his lunch (Who models a weapon after a Sloppy Joe? For a weapon genius, he is no genius), and was infected with Ditto for days, until he cured himself, since he has a small resistance to Ditto because of EXTREMELY frequent exposure to Ditto. During this time he started to obey a Mwa Mwa Penguin (a thing he would never do sanely in his life, but he wasn't sane at the moment... Hey, obeying a Mwa Mwa is very serious. Imagine the power a Mwa Mwa could have with a slave! Not much but... Let's get back to the article). When he was cured, and aware that he obeyed a Mwa Mwa, he decided to pretend to still be infected and punch the Mwa Mwa in the face, kicked his butt, smashed his head, and a lot of other thing no one would be able to list. And still the Mwa Mwa lived.

Roger's father was killed a few years later he met him. The death was similar to Mectrixctic's father's death, by the fact that all events of the death we're the contrary. Roger's father was killed by a Demon Penguin. Mectricxtic's father was killed by a penguin. Roger's father was good. Mectrixctic's father was evil. Roger vowed revenge on all Demon Penguins. Mectrixctic vowed revenge on all penguinkind. Mainly it was all inverse. After a fierce battle between his father and the attacker in the sewers, both killed themselves and crumbled to dust. They're dust is somewhere in the sewers, intact, but nor Roger nor the Demon Penguins know where the dust is, so reviving them is impossible.



Roger is a really vindictive penguin, planning revenge on people for the most stupid of reasons, such as pie, and attacks at the minimum offense against him. Although he is a good guy, he enjoys seeing people mad or scaring them, laughing at they're anger. He even enjoys being chased after, considering it "fun". He hates Mwa Mwa penguins intensely.



  • Gyc- His pet dragon.
  • Bobby- His best friend in collage, they never see each other anymore.
  • Paying customers


  • Manny Peng- For being a Mwa Mwa.
  • Darktan II- The clone of the original one, which Roger hated for reasons discussed above.
  • Mabel- Actually he is scared of her.
  • Justin Beaver- He hates him for many reasons. The list is too long for being put here.
  • Cutiekins- Again, for being a Mwa Mwa.
  • Demon Penguins- One of them killed his father, and he vowed revenge against all.
  • Mectrixctic- Although he never met her, she is a Demon Penguin.
  • Any Mwa Mwa he sees
  • Customers that don't pay (if they don't, they get fried)


  • Penny, a girl from his collage.


Weapons owned[edit]


  • Mwa mwa pranker.
  • Singer in the "Ice Penguins".
  • Owner of a weapon shop.
  • Video game producer.


The demon sealed inside Roger gives him a variety of powers he can use, even when he is not in full demon form:

  • Soul Separating: Roger is able to separate his soul from his body without dying, but his soulless body is vulnerable to possession.
  • Underworld Contact: Roger can contact with the fallen penguins of the world.
  • Necromancing: Roger has necromancing powers as a demon.
  • Fire Powers: He has control of fire, and only when holding his trident.
  • Teleportation: When holding his trident, he can teleport.
  • Demon Powers: Roger has slightly heat-resistance and enhanced strength.


Roger has a whole set of weaknesses, including his and those inheritated by his Demon Penguin father. The weaknesses inheritated by his father are less painful and effective to him, because of the Khanz Penguin part of him:

  • He is slightly weakened when he comes in contact with silver, but not with iron.
  • P.O.P.E speeches give him a SERIOUS headache... He has been tortured to near unconciousness with this.
  • Fish pot pie also weakens him severely.
  • Unlike Mectrixctic and Demon Penguins, salt does not affect him. He actually loves salt.
  • He is SERIOUSLY scared of cockroaches. He has bad experiences with them.


As many penguins have, Roger has his own modes too:

  • Normal Mode: His normal form, he appears as a normal penguin.
  • Ghost Mode: Using a enchantment invented by him, Roger can separate his spirit from his body, without dying, giving him the form of a ghost. In this mode, he can reduce his visibility, pass through walls, and posses others bodies.
  • Full Demon: Roger normally takes form of a normal penguin, but in this form, he takes the appearance of a Demon Penguin.

Theory of deletion[edit]

Roger recently formulated a theory about what would happened if one is deleted in the CyberVoid, being deleted before. Four possibilities could happen, Roger says: The target in the CyberVoid could be deleted, and teleported to a new CyberVoid created that instant to hold the deleted target somewhere; the target would be deleted from the CyberVoid and would dissapear from existence, being impossible to retrieve the target, the target being teleported again to the CyberVoid, or maybe nothing would happen, the deletion being ineffective.

Roger says the most probable is the first possibility mentioned. Although it would be impossible to know which possibility is correct, since first, for someone to delete something in the CyberVoid, one would need to get out of suspended animation, and second, who's willing to go optionally to the CyberVoid just to know if something a crazy Demon Penguin said is true?



  • Eat elements!
  • Lets rock out!
  • Its axe time! (Slash)

  • Penguin: No way! This is my mojito!
  • (Full Demon mode activated)->=(
  • On second thought, I hate mojito... You can have it.

(On Ramses' Cooking Underworld)

  • Ramses: What kind of cooking is this? It is horrible as you!
  • Roger: Let's not talk about you...
  • You know I am holding a knife, don't you? Hey, where did he go?
  • (Roger runs for his life).

  • Hey, hey Mwa Mwa! Hey Mwa Mwa hey!
  • Bwat?
  • Axe! (slash)


  • He hates every Mwa Mwa Penguin.
  • He hates almost everyone.
    • He also hates you.
  • The only things he is afraid of are cockroaches, Swiss cheese, and especially, MABEL. The Swiss cheese part is unusual, since Demon Penguin are revived with cheese. According to him, he prefers to stay a pile of dust than reviving with a piece of Swiss cheese.
  • Director Benny's impartial secretary actually rejected Roger's ghost pass.
  • He is a Ditto manipulating expert, making weapons of all kind involving Ditto.
  • He is secretly a double agent (or triple) for ACP, Nachos and Ice Warriors, but he mainly works for ACP, given them information of the other armies.
  • He hates Justin Beaver, as much as Darktan II, and even as much as he hates the Darktonian Realm, he always assits the Anti-Justin Beaver Convention.
  • He is AWESOME! (In his own mind.)
  • He is obsessive about Penguin Kart, which he plays most of his free time (while he is not selling weapons or annoying Mwa Mwas). He also produces video games. He stars in his own video game, Roger Lopez: Destroyer of Mwa Mwa's.
  • He is widely thought to be a villain, but actually he fights for good, only he likes to annoy, haunt and destroy stuff, and is mean to most people until he know them better. So he is more or less neutral.
  • Roger can't be frozen with a freeze ray, since he is a Demon Penguin.
  • His personality is vary varied: he is good, scary, geeky, destructive, intelligent, mean, all at the same time.
  • He has appeared on Gordon Ramses' show, Ramses Cooking Underworld, and failed to cook. And he really thought he would succeed, since he IS a Demon Penguin from Diss....
  • Roger flips for mojito. If he sees you with mojito, he will ask you for some. If you don't give him, he will destroy you. NEVER drink mojito in front of him.
  • Roger Lopez is three times world champion in Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.
  • He could be classified as a Necromancer/Entertainer Demon Penguin.
  • Unlike Mectrixctic, his birth as a Half Demon wasn't celebrated for two reasons: One: His father was in hiding, his hatching was not acknowledged by the Demon Penguins and thus, he was not recognized as a Half Demon. Two: He is a good Demon Penguin (which is rare), and when it was discovered he is Half Demon, it was not happy for the Demon Penguins.
  • He is a fan of FC Varcelono.
  • He hates people from Puffle'and for some reason.
  • His name is a slight parody of Roger Leloup.

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