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The main difference between EPF and military is that your enemies don't wear uniforms.
— Rogue Tvarkov to her students in the Academy
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Rogue Tvarkov

Tvarkov, 2015
Born [UNKNOWN] Ivanovna Tvarkova
May 15, 1992 (1992-05-15) (age 26)
Taiga, Russia
Died August 20, 2032 (age 40)
Basel, Snowzerland
Cause of death Declared death in absentia
Body discovered Never discovered
Residence Altitude Street, Club Penguin, USA
Nationality Ruscan
Other names Roguester
Rogue Ivanovna
Dunya Kuznetsova
Ethnicity Northern Penguin
Citizenship USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Ruscan
Education Bachelor of Science in Criminology
Alma mater The Academy on the Art of Espionage
Club Penguin Middle School
Years active 2009 - 2040
Notable works Assisting in the war efforts against terrorism across Antarctica
Home town Fyodor, Rusca
Height 1.76 m
Title Commander of the Anti-Terrorism Division
Spouse(s) Jason Antonio Laurenson (m. 2022)
Children Natalia Tvariench-Tvarkov (adopted)
Viktor Laurenson
Valkyrie Laurenson
Parents Ivan Tvarkov
Irina Trotskaya-Tvarkova
Relatives Ezra Tvarkova (older sister)
Joshua Tvarkov (twin)
Military service
Allegiance USA flag.PNG USA
Service/branch FlagEPF.png EPF (2010 - present)
PSAFlag.png PSA (2008 - 2010)
Years of service 2008 - present
Rank Commander
Unit Anti-Terrorism Division
Commands Entirety of the Anti-Terrorism Division
Battles/wars Operation: Blackout
Project Infinite: The Beginning
Project Infinite: This is War
Project Infinite: The Legacy
Antarctic War on Terror
The Theta Contingency
The Tightrope Act
Awards Force Star

Not to be confused with the user.

Rogue Alyssa Tvarkov, alternatively named as Rogue Ivanovna Tvarkova, is known to many as the Commander of the Elite Penguin Force's Anti-Terrorism Division. She is a Northern Penguin hailing from Rusca who currently works under the USA due to migration. Rogue is known for her exceptional strength and teleportation, a result of genetic tampering made by those before her. Besides her reputation as a prominent Tvarkov in a foreign country, she is also known as the controversial missing daughter of NRR Director Irina Trotskaya and General Ivan Tvarkov, who resurfaced after genetic testings pointed to her legitimacy as their daughter. Beyond the presumptions made with her name, she is often described by many to be down to earth in her leadership skills and much prefers to work with her own agency rather than step into the international limelight. Besides this, she is a remarkable operative for her high success rates and absolute efficiency.


Rogue has faced things that have turned her into the efficient officer that she currently is. She has fought for her life in the early years of her existence, which would later make itself useful when she enters the intelligence community.

Early Childhood[edit]

Rogue was born in the Russian Taiga, in a remote cave within the forest. There is no sure location as to where this cave is due to the spontaneity of her hatching, but it is known that it was isolated from any humans who would be camping nearby. She is the twin sister of Nikita (later named Joshua) and younger sister of Ezra. Her parents were Irina and Ivan Tvarkov. She, along with her twin, enjoyed the first few months of their lives in the forest, often secluding themselves up in the trees or in caves far away from human life. They preferred to play around in the night when there are little chances of humans ever finding them in the forests. This would be a headache for their older sister, seeing as it was not exactly a good thing for them to expose themselves in such a vulnerable place. Despite this, neither twin paid heed to these warnings.

Things changed when a pack of Huskies found their way to their cave. This would mean that humans were near their home, and the family refused to be caught. In the scuffle, they rushed to create a portal and teleport to Rusca, which was on the opposite end of the globe. Chaos would unfold when Rogue and Nikita are pushed in too early by the rush of movements, sending them spiraling into a forest in Rusca. When the portal closed behind them, there was no way for the twins to be able to find their parents. This would lead to them making their way back to civilization by wandering around the forest, trying and failing to find friendly penguins who would help them rather than shoo them off. They would have to resort to stealing from campsites and climbing up trees for food, which is proven to be difficult for two little chicks.

Wild puffles found their campsite and tried to make it their own, causing the twins to flee. While escaping, they somehow managed to separate from each other. Without knowing where she was going, Rogue stumbled and smacked her head on a tree, rendering herself unconscious. This caused her to lose her memories.

Blip of Domesticity[edit]

As a wandering amnesiac, it didn't help her the slightest that she had no idea who she was and what she was looking for. She would eventually find herself in a little town (named Fyodor) at the border of the forest, where she would beg for food and ask for help. Many would turn their heads away from her, except an old widow who took her in. The widow was delighted to have a little child to care for, and she took care of Rogue as if she were her own kin. Given that she could not remember her own name, she had been named as Dunya. Rogue (named as Dunya) quickly grew attached to this widow, who she lovingly called Babushka (grandmother). She was more than willing to help the woman in her day to day tasks, doing so much as carrying firewood whenever her Babushka felt too tired or was too busy to do it herself. It felt good to finally have someone who would care for her, and Rogue adored every second of affection that was given to her. In return, she would reciprocate these feelings tenfold, acting as an anchor for the woman whenever she felt grievous.

Things would change when the Ruscan Syndicate raids the little town. Rogue had tried her best to protect her Babushka, using mostly her strength to push away the henchmen and keep her Babushka behind her. This would be fruitless when one of them raises their gun and fire at the woman behind her, grazing Rogue's flipper and killing her Babushka. Rogue would be dragged away from the little house she called home screaming for her dead Babushka and placed with the other children in a truck that would bring them to Muscovgrad.

With the lack of surname, Rogue was forced to choose what surname she is to keep for herself. In honor of her Babushka, she called herself Kuznetsova.

The Ruscan Syndicate[edit]

At the age of 5, Rogue was thrust into the criminal underworld without much ceremony. She was used mostly to do the chores that the henchmen needed someone else to do, like cleaning clothes and dusting shelves. Food was sparse for children like her, and she grew to be thin and weak. Despite this, Rogue had to persevere, otherwise, she would be traded off to trafficking groups. She kept herself as mediocre as possible, even if it seemed unnatural for her to be a little bit stronger than the other children or a bit more faster and nimbler. Sometimes, she would be brought along as an "accessory" in kill missions, used by whatever operative needed to look as inconspicuous in a crowd. This would be the only glimpses of normal life that Rogue would see, which she often daydreamed about in her bunk whenever she was sent back to the syndicate.

Syndicate members took notice of her strength and speed, despite the efforts she makes to keep them hidden. A glimpse at her back would reveal that she was more than what they thought she was, finding the tiny mark of a Tvarkov coat of arms fading on it. This would prompt them to use her as an operative for high-stakes missions, much to the chagrin of the girl. It would be a waste to use Tvarkov blood on mere chores and accessory duty, and they were quick to train her and make her an efficient killer. Rogue would be greatly bothered with working for the very penguins who took her peace away, but she would much rather be outside doing their dirty work than rotting in their basements.

Rogue would grow to be excellent in her field, becoming unhesitant and unbothered by what she has to do.

Refuge to Club Penguin[edit]

Throughout the course of her life working for the Ruscan Syndicate, she was offered a bunk of her own as well as a steady salary. She would store a large amount of her salary under her mattress in hopes of accumulating enough money to run away from the country, though lacking a proper plan as to where she would go. Besides this, she would also use her money to buy herself textbooks to study English and basic subjects, often staying awake all night just to read and take note of what she's learning. When in the field, she tried to get the job done as quick as possible, just so that she wouldn't think too hard about what had happened or lament too much about what she's done. Things would change when she is tasked to wipe out a journalist and his family, with the specific instructions to make sure she had no witnesses. This would greatly bother her when she sits back to wait for extraction in the journalist's living room, looking at the mess that she has made of the home.

Rogue disappeared from the compound at the early hours of dawn, carrying nothing but a duffle bag full of clothes and money. She would use the money to get into a boat to mainland Antarctica, where she remained in South Pole City to ponder on her next move. She finds out about the PSA while she's hiding out in bar alleyways, where she decided to make a run for it to Club Penguin. When the Syndicate found out about what her plans were, they quickly scrambled sleeper agents to get to her and delete her. Rogue was forced to take down all of them or escape from them before hopping into the boat that will take her to the island. Following her arrival, she surrendered herself to the PSA and allowed herself to be questioned about her motives in going into the island.

In exchange for information about the Ruscan Syndicate and their positions within the Antarctic region, she only requested to be granted a peaceful life within the Island. Seeing as she refused to go through the system of foster care and that she was deemed a bit too dangerous in the flippers of civilians, she was sent to live with Agent Mike Prisma. Their relationship would be most pleasant, with Rogue going to a nearby public school for the first few months of her life in Club Penguin. Prisma was helpful in improving her English, even encouraging her to try learning new languages by handing her textbooks. She began to grow an interest in Prisma's job, often questioning the man about the scope and grounds of his work. This would lead her to ask if she may apply under the Heracles program, despite the likely hesitance of the agency.

Academy Cadet[edit]

Rogue was part of Batch 207 of The Academy, best known for its high statistics of Heracles cadets. Within the school, she was constantly monitored by faculty and stationed PSA agents, and would regularly be sent to the satellite station in order to discuss what she's been studying and what additional classes she needs to take. While she was a natural in most tradecraft classes, she needed more focus in academic subjects. When she wasn't running laps around the oval or doing target practice in the indoor shooting range, she was reading up on geometry and criminal theory. Due to this, she often kept to herself and did not really interact with the rest of the batch unless she wanted to.

She graduated from the Heracles program a year later with flying colors.

PSA Analyst of the Alpha Corps[edit]

While leadership saw the potential of using her near-perfect tradecraft skills in the field, they also took into consideration her value as an asset to the agency. There was no way they could simply let her loose without the Ruscan government finding out, hence why they were forced to figure out an alternative position for her. With consideration of her calculating personality, she was put as a field analyst who was mostly tapped for cases that need delicate handling and investigation before someone can point a team to break down a door. Rogue was stationed in Club Penguin, where she mostly worked with Special Agent Laurenson's squad. Within the PSA, she showed a positive attitude towards work and dedication to her craft, with extreme accuracy with her analysis and investigations. When she wasn't crunching numbers or studying data, she was also part of raids, clearing operations, and party security. She would also be sent on missions that the agency needed to be done by a single agent with her skill set.

Rogue was in Eastshield along with a squad when the Popcorn Explosion occurred, investigating an illegal arms smuggling ring.

Chief Analyst of Division Beta[edit]

Upon returning to the Island, she took part in trying to retrieve any data from the PSA servers after the explosion that destroyed the main headquarters. It did not take long before she was approached by the EPF, who offered her a position as the chief analyst of their international division, the Beta Division. Rogue was sent back to the Academy to take additional courses and special training for her new position, before she was sent to Rusca to focus on cases within the Ninja Archipelago region. She was constantly sent to stations within the area for various cases, hardly returning to the Island unless special cases required her to personally report to headquarters. In many instances that this happens, she is often paired with Jason for missions assigned to them by the Director themselves. As an EPF agent, she found herself experiencing a balanced combination of field and office work.

At some point in her tenure as an analyst, questions arose on her seemingly enhanced being. EPF Ruscan scientists illegally drew blood from Rogue after a botched mission for analysis, and signs pointed to potential Tvarkov heritage. Operation: Blackout occurred before any of these findings could be reported.

Commander of the Anti-Terrorism Division[edit]

It was high time for the agency to establish a specialist division that puts anti-terrorism as its main advocacy. After displaying clear leadership skills after Blackout that would suit the new division, the Director appointed Rogue as the first commander of the Anti-Terrorism Division.

A peaked cap was gifted to her by her parents when she swore into position. Rogue introduced herself to the world as a Tvarkov for the first time upon her appointment, which caused ripples of shock from both the Antarctican and Ruscan communities. She was there to oversee construction of the Anti-Terrorism Main Office along with the several satellite offices stretched out across the various branches. She made herself prominent as the brains behind every successful ATD operation that helped in stomping out terrorism from the continent. Her shrewd personality combined with her military-like approach towards operations made her a respected image as the leading intelligence officer against terrorism.

Rollback in the RTF[edit]

Little is known about her involvement with the Bureau of Fiction besides that she was part of the Department of Rollbacks. It's unknown when Rogue began to work under the department, why she entered the organization, and for how long she's stayed with them. Due to her ethnicity and the manner of how she got to Antarctica, she has long since been in the Bureau's radar and henceforth a viable candidate for its ranks. It's presumed that she was approached for assistance in reversing hacking and vandalism due to the wide scope of territories she keeps watch over, especially since she's well-versed with these experiences as commander of the ATD.

Rogue accepted these responsibilities as part of her EPF workload, mostly relaying information to the department whenever necessary. During her tenure in the BoF, she was at best a Level 6 RTF officer who preferred using Rollback weapons rather than the Rollback Spell.


At the age of 35, Rogue disembarked on a series of routine missions as a way to step out of the office every once in a while. She brought with her a special team of agents she's picked herself, with notable figures being Adrian Hepson and Bridgett Castro. During these missions, she followed leads of cases that have gone cold and were interesting enough to investigate. The team was responsible for taking down numerous terrorist cells in the Ninja Archipelago, as well as tracking down weapons smuggling rings in Slumolia. Her doubled efforts were received well by the UAN, especially since they believed her work was beneficial as the USA's foremost officer against terrorism.

Later on in the missions, when they were tracking down the last few terrorist cells, Tvarkov and her team were brought to the borders of Snowzerland. Intel suggested that there were extremist rebels who camped in its borders, and they had been given the go signal by the agency to swoop in and take down the cell. The following conclusions have been made based on evidence found after the incident. It is presumed that well into the midnight of that mission along the border, Rogue and her team was attacked by terrorists. The team had sustained heavy gunfire in their part as they struggled to break through the field between them to get to the terrorists. Rogue was allegedly taken along with Hepson and Castro, while the rest of the team was deleted. This was all found when a distress signal was found activated at around the location of the attack.

John "Jack" Reyes assumed her position as commander of the division as per instructions in her final instructions before entering the missions. As commander, he had sent out search parties in search of the missing commander but eventually called them back after searches were deemed fruitless.

Personal Life[edit]

In her early years as Commander, Rogue adopted Natalia Tvariench after the death of the girl's biological mother, Catherine. It's believed that she had to face legal opposition since many questioned her validity to adopt the child. Armed with the final letter and will of the agent at the time of her death, she proved herself to be the designated guardian of the daughter. It's reported that the presence of a little girl prompted her to better care for herself and learn how to properly take care of another penguin.

Rogue and Jason Laurenson got married in the fall of 2022. This was met with positive praise despite the initial repercussions stemmed from anti-fraternization laws in the EPF. Due to their ranks within the agency, it was necessary to seemingly "earn the approval" of the Director before making any moves concerning marriage. Since they were from two very different divisions that hardly intersect unless necessary, however, the two were allowed to wed. It's said that their wedding was a small affair that consisted of close friends and family.

Many would describe the couple's relationship to be distanced and detached, as Jason has to remain in Gemini while Rogue has to stay with her main office in the Island. They both took absolute care of Natalia, who was more than happy to have two parents once more. By then, they've remodeled Rogue's home to something both of them would agree with, with all of Jason's stuff included into the mix. It's rumored that either would leave little gifts around the house from missions they were on as an apology to the other for being gone for so long.

In 2024, they had twins named Vladimir and Valkyrie Laurenson. This would prompt Jason to transfer his base of operations to the Island so he can spend time with his children, where he was often seen to be a bright and supportive father. They managed to be a complete and wholesome family until Rogue's death in 2040, which would make Jason reluctantly return to Gemini with his twins and adoptive daughter in tow.


Rogue is best described as a yellow feathered penguin with a tall, athletic frame. Her black hair is always pulled back into a small ponytail and paired with equally black eyes. She keeps up an office attire of a white dress shirt with a black necktie, a black dress skirt, and heels or flats whenever she feels like it. She can often be seen wearing a black and white military cap with golden olive leaves and the EPF badge.


  • EPF Phone
  • Headset - Her headset is a thin, black thing that hardly ever gets off of her person. It is often used for her to communicate with different personnel and control communications traffic in the ATD Main Office. She may also use it to consult Lynx for anything that requires their assistance.
  • Smart watch - Rogue keeps a customized smart watch designed by the Weaponry Development Division on her right wrist. It's mainly there to monitor her vital signs, project holograms from her phone, or summon Lynx with the flick of her wrist. And, of course, it tells the time in military time.
  • Standard-issue baton
  • Standard-issue pistol


The following are Rogue's aliases:

  • Bloodshedder - Rogue earned this codename after a particularly bloody PSA mission.
  • CRT - This is a known acronym for Commander Rogue Tvarkov.
  • Redline - This is a codename she received during her time in The Academy, in which she often pushed herself to her own "redline" to keep up with the rest of the cadets.
  • Tina Frostnight - This is an alias she uses in the USA. It is known that there are 2 bank accounts under this name.
  • Veronica Willows - This is an alias she uses in Puffle'and. It is known that there are an apartment and 3 bank accounts under this name.


Rogue can very easily be described as someone with a no-nonsense personality, often frowning upon jokes during work hours. She tends to keep herself away from others while working, as she wants to concentrate on what she is doing in order to do it right. Due to this, many have mistaken her to be isolated and hostile towards social interaction. Although not that false, it is still an inaccurate description of the young general. Many could consider her to be strict and domineering, as her temper often makes an appearance during stressful times. Despite these rather negative descriptives, Rogue can be seen as approachable especially in times when her opinion is needed. On lighter days, Rogue can often be seen trying to converse with regular agents to get personal insight on recent endeavors her division look into. These insights often help her in ways to further manage her division, as well as care for the agents within it.

Many can agree on the fact that Rogue is an excellent leader. Her quick thinking and open-mindedness have been the key to many successful operations, as well as her efficiency in conducting them. Her broad thinking often helps in finding a solution to problems, and it almost seems that she blossoms under pressure. Although seemingly authoritative, her way of commandeering an entire division in one of the best agencies in Antarctica can only be remarked as relentlessly harsh. She can be seen as persistent in getting what she wants, and is more than willing to fight for it until her last breath. Often her harsh leadership skills depict her as an intimidating woman, but that is not always the case. To her division, she is seen as a mother figure: strict with her children but only for good reason.

As an operative, Rogue is cold and efficient. She can be seen to be willing to fight tooth and dagger to finish a mission, her hell-bent attitude often leaving destroyed property at her wake. Although her methods are questionable, Rogue often gets the job done no matter what it takes. She has been seen to use persuasion as excellently as she uses assassination and finds torture as her go-to way of obtaining information during desperate times.

In the private confines of home and tight social circles, though, outsiders would be surprised to find that the general is a very happy woman. With a little girl under her wing, Rogue often finds herself smiling at her adoptive daughter's antics. In the presence of family and friends, she would appear lax and care-free, often keeping up with a conversation with ease. Her sarcastic jokes and pleasant conversation has made her a darling to those who know her personally. Often, she would be giving penguins advice when they want it.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Extreme strength
  • Accelerated healing


  • Abandoned puffles - She has a soft spot for abandoned critters.
  • Cheese - Rogue likes a good cheese platter every now and then, and would often spend time appreciating all of the cheeses.
  • Silver - It is known that she has an allergic reaction to silver, and she exhibits slower healing time with injuries caused by the metal.
  • Verium - No known reason is given as to why she has a severe reaction to Verium exposure. This is usually exhibited by faintness and lacking ability to concentrate.

Tvarkov Genetics[edit]

When a distant ancestor tampered with the genetic code of the Tvarkov bloodline, it affected his family for generations. Rogue exhibits the ability to shift her appearance, teleport an undisclosed distance, and carry heavy objects without so much as breaking a sweat. Additionally, she exhibits enhanced senses and healing, often taking hours to heal what would take a normal penguin a month or so. All of these make her a formidable opponent in the field and in the sparring mat while also making her a respectable agent of the agency.

In recent years, however, Rogue has been decreasing her usage of her special abilities. She's reasoned that this could easily drain her of her energy, also citing pain in manipulating her body into tapping into these abilities.



Let's Turn the Lights Out[edit]

She is the first character in the story. Although she is the character mostly focused on, she doesn't seem to do much in the first chapters. She was proclaimed the temporary agent-in-charge here. In the middle of the story is where her participation and skills are shown. Like in the chapter wherein Herbert had a fancy party, she was able to sneak in as a guest. In the end, she knew the Director's identity but paid the price for it. She ended up with a scratch on her right cheek and a cut on her left eye, unfortunately, a small amount of Herbert's claws were stuck on the scratch and the cut, making it nearly impossible for her to heal unless she gets an operation. But the operation would cause her left eye never to see again, so she declined the offer. It did heal, strangely, but a dark mark remains. A raid occurs and it requires her to climb a mountain in Rusca along with a team of agents. In the end, a new division called the Anti-Terrorism Division was created, and the Director gives Rogue the division, making her agent-general. Her name is now prolonged, now Agent General Rogue Alyssa T. Tvarkov.

Operation Anti-Terrorism[edit]

Now the head of the Anti-Terrorism division of the EPF, a case thrown at her nearly killed her. As ordered to kill or capture terrorists from the group TTNM, one of the most wanted in her division's wanted list, she is challenged. A sudden order to move from country to another, leaving a trail of dead terrorists, cleansing to the last terrorist from each country, she is worried about how everything will be cleaned up. To assist her, the Director sends her some agents to assist her, ranging from agents like her, leaders of divisions, to top agents from the different agencies Antarctica has, to generals from the local military. Will she do this? Or will she end up killed herself?

Project Infinite: The Beginning[edit]

As the technical mother of the disastrous experiment, she is challenged to kill her technical kids. When she heads to Rusca because of the sudden population of Infinitists in the area, she is soon under the custody of her family. As she explores her family and the country, her mission makes her blow her cover and soon, the public knows about this accident. In the attempts to erase all of this from the media, the sudden ambushes strike the heart of the Tvarkovs. She is soon running for her life as she is chased by Infinitists in their attempt to kill her back. It ends with her in the safe house (aka Tvarkov Base) in the hands of her family.

Project Infinite: This is War[edit]

After the turn of events in Rusca, Rogue finally returns to Club Penguin only to find out when she lands that another hacking is taking place. Later she learns that an Infinitist mole is within the ranks of the EPF which sends her suspicious on every agent she sees. Attack after attack did the Infinitists land on them and was always one step ahead. As the agency wages into a war with the Infinitists, a fellow agent gets kidnapped and she is sent to rescue them. When she sneaks into a rebel lair, she finds out that they are reproducing the serum and enlarging their army. In the end her agent who she was supposed to extract from the lair was killed, leaving her with the agent's child. She, in pain with the loss of the agent, ordered to look for the mole and to kill them. When she later learns who was the mole, she tells Jet who was with the mole, but he didn't reply to her. She in return went to the area and killed the mole, thus the Infinitst rebels didn't know what would happen. The EPF launched air raids on the base until the rebels were driven out. In the funeral of the agent, she sees the girl and somehow imprints on the girl. She promises to protect her and carries her off to her house, where the story ends.

Project Infinite: The Legacy[edit]

Following the events that happened in the Toughest Mountain, Rogue finds herself traumatized by the death of Catherine Tvariench. This has been the subject of EPF psychologist Agent Cory Millers' attention, who has been adamant in getting Rogue to converse with her regarding what she felt during Tvariench's death. Despite it, Rogue has been stubborn and refused to tell Millers.

EPF Agents III[edit]

Rogue was the main suspect of the 2015 South Pole City train attacks after strands of her DNA were found on the backpacks used to blow up the train stations. Clovis and Leonardo had been sent to Rusca to confront her about it. She was at her office in the NRR when they landed and had gone to an exhibition after her shift. She then went on vacation in her family's rest house on Krym Island, where she would later be confronted by the said agents. After confirmation that she was indeed framed, Rogue began to assist Clovis and Leonardo in hunting down for the true suspects of the terrorist attack.

Antarctic War on Terror[edit]

While it remains rather vague how she was involved in the war on terror, Rogue is known to be an avid supporter of it. She appears regularly for EPF conferences concerning terrorist activities and is known for her strong views on raiding suspected terrorist locations. Under the banner of the United States of Antarctica, she supports the international community's methods of stopping terrorism and often assists in orchestrating takedown operations all over the continent. Additionally, she is said to have been providing involved countries intelligence regarding local and international terrorist cells that may be in the country's borders. As a result, Tvarkov has received various criticism for her views and actions, especially her rather unorthodox manner of capturing terrorists. Nevertheless, the high success rate of her operations keep these criticisms from overtaking her.

It remains unknown if Tvarkov has ever personally been in any of these missions.

The Theta Contingency[edit]

Rogue was in the Academy Island when the hackings had begun. When it became clear that the hacking was meant to paralyze the island, Rogue had been sent back to handle damage control as well as standby for any orders coming from the Director themselves. After the hacking was pushed to become a high priority case, she along with Delta Division leader Jason Laurenson took on the task of looking for the hacker. It did not take long for the hunt to become heated as the hacker began hacking other countries, with their own intelligence agencies taking up interesting in taking the hacker for themselves. After ardent search and clashing of national interests, the UAN had called for a joint taskforce in which all agencies collaborated with the common goal of finding the hacker. Rogue and Jason were easily pushed to take the lead.

Not long after the call for a taskforce to be created, the leaks began to occur. The online world found itself being flooded with sensitive government information that caused protests, scandals, and uprisings. With the urgency increased, the duo had worked harder to find answers and apprehend the hacker. When no answers were coming through, Rogue had sought the help of Nickolas Tang and Dr. Kowalski to assist in the investigation.

The Tightrope Act[edit]

When trouble brews on the horizon in the form of kidnapping statistics running high all over the continent, Rogue is sent to the UAN headquarters in South Pole City per the activation of the Security Council. She along with agents Piri Perez and John Reyes find themselves with a team of agents from the various intelligence agencies, tasked to finding out what happened to those who disappeared, who The Public is, and what can be done to stop them.

The investigations would lead them to learn that The Public has three major strongholds in three different locations: Rusca, United Provinces, and [REDACTED]. It's presumed that to effectively dismantle the Public it would be best to attack these three strongholds through militaristic raids that would eliminate terrorists as well as liberate hostages. As Rogue continues to study and research about her assignment, however, she finds herself conflicted when she realizes that this is an indirect consequence to her previous case involving Theta.

Allies, Enemies and Family[edit]





The following are her pets:

  • Frost - a white puffle, Frost is an Anti-Terrorism Elite Puffle, and serves her master at times of distress.
  • Rock - a black puffle, Rock is close friends with Flare, the black Elite Puffle. He serves his master in cooking when she wants to. He is also an Elite Puffle.
  • Snap - a yellow puffle, Snap is a close friend of Chirp, and both are mischievous. Both like pranking the other agents. She often serves Rogue as her disguise artist.
  • Fire - a red puffle, he is friends with both Yarr and Blast. He often helps Rogue in navigation.
  • Flyby - a green puffle, he is friends with Flit. He helps his master in aviation.
  • Terrence - a brown puffle, he likes fixing Rogue's phone whenever she breaks it during a mission.
  • Carey - a pink puffle, she is the athletics expert for Rogue. She is in charge of her eating habits and exercise periods.
  • Dulce - a blue puffle, she is Rouge's baker at times.
  • Jazz - her purple puffle, Jazz is Rogue's dancing puffle who entertains her.
  • Cornelius - her orange puffle, he likes chewing nearly all of Rogue's boots (except her electronic shock boots).
  • Tackler - her rainbow puffle, she called him 'Tackler' because she was only guarding the Cloud Forest when the puffle who chooses her tackles her to the ground (or in the cloud's case, cloud).
  • Ethan - her crimson puffle, Ethan helps her layout plans at her igloo, and he accompanies Rogue in her work. He is an Anti-Terrorism Elite Puffle and is by technical the leader of the whole ATEP.
  • Honor - her golden puffle, Honor is a very quick puffle who is often the pride and honor of Rogue.


  • She rarely uses an accent for talking. She usually uses an accent when it's for a mission cover.
  • She occasionally visits Rusca, since it is her homeland.
  • Rogue is left-handed.
  • In Ruscan records, her name is officially Rogue Ivanovna Tvarkova, but mainly for security reasons, she redacts Ivanovna and uses Tvarkov.
    • In addition to this, Rogue does not follow common Ruscan naming conventions due to her migration to the USA. However, her birth name, [UNKNOWN] Ivanovna Tvarkova, follows this standard naming method. Her first name remains unknown, but many theorize that it would share similar etymology with Nikita, her twin brother's birth name.
  • She likes treating Mike Prisma as her second father, since he was the one who brought her to the agency.
  • Don't ever give her Mysterious Pork. Ever. And don't ask.
  • Criminals often call her "The EPF's Golden Girl" due to her feather color and high success rate.
  • She is very fluent in English, Russian, German and Spanish.
    • She speaks in Russian when disappointed or tensed.
  • As mentioned in Project Infinite: The Beginning, Rogue accidentally placed five tablespoons of salt into her coffee at one point.
  • Rogue initially found mathematics as something frustrating and confusing, but eventually learned to appreciate it.
  • A majority of Rogue's puffles were stray puffles before they were adopted.

Rumors About Rogue Tvarkov[edit]

  • She and Jet Pack Guy have a secret affair.
This is false. Both generals do not have a secret affair nor romantic feelings for each other. They only label each other as very friendly co-workers (for Rogue, she says comrade) and that they just work with each other a lot, which explains how they know each other so much.
  • Rogue's involvement in Operation: Takedown is a myth.
This is false. Although she was not in any of the briefings or meetings, she was "Teresita Alovita", the deep cover agent who was acting as a mole for the EPF. She wasn't mentioned by her real name but was mentioned as Agent Elise Sereno, an agent from Castilla. She wasn't ever mentioned by real name because it can cause an uproar in the agency because she is one of the most invaluable agents in the agency and her loss will cause a major impact in the force. Her reason when she was asked where she was during the operation?
That's easy. The NRR requested for my assistance in an operation like Takedown except in Beru, you know how they always need me in things like that.

The reason how the rumor spread was that a high ranking officer accidentally revealed that she was there. But knowing the mission so well, many agents thought that her involvement was a myth and soon everyone believed it was false. Rogue was actually pleased they didn't pry information from her.

  • She was the assassin who was codenamed "The Red Scarf" during Operation: Man-hunt.
This is false. She wasn't the assassin of the EPF during Operation: Man-hunt who killed the target, Alverich Dobrynin. She was working far away from the op when the rumors were circulated. Her only known involvement would be in providing input regarding the target.
  • Rogue is not her real name.
This is true, though her actual name remains a mystery. Given that both she and her twin had forgotten their own memories before the events that lead to their separation, it is possible that both of them may have taken up a different name for the time being. Suspicions on her name arose with the reveal that her twin's name, Joshua, is not his birth name, seeing as it was Nikita. The Commander since then has been absolutely casual with mentioning that Rogue is not her real name, and reasons that she picked it up as her new name while reading a fantasy novel. Until now, speculations are being made as to what exactly her name really is since neither the Ruscan nor Antarctican government would reveal what it is. The parents of Rogue themselves — Irina and Ivan Tvarkov — have not given straight answers about her name. No member of the Tvarkov family has given a clear answer to any questions concerning the rumors regarding her name.

Relations with Other Penguins[edit]

  • The Director
    • "They are a very skilled penguin, da? They can manage the EPF and at the same time go on with their lives, not knowing the grave danger they are at. I know them in reality, want to know? *chuckles* well, join the EPF."
  • Gary
    • "The gadget guy? *laughs* Ah, G. He mentored me back in the Academy, and couldn't resist yelling out equation after equation to test me. He has been my favorite mentor back then... now, a nice comrade. Even though he pisses me off after destroying his own lab several times, he's friend. "
  • Dot
    • "The disguise gal never ceases to amaze me. Although I met her after the popcorn explosion, she is extremely nice and very secretive. Do you know how many times I caught her eavesdropping in my room? Countless times!"
  • Jet Pack Guy
    • "Ah, Jet. Although he's a pain to work with sometimes, he's a strategic guy and I often find him PWNing some new agents in the gym."
  • Rookie
    • "Heh. The little twerp pranks me in the least expected times. He's troublesome, I tell you. But he is nice and friendly most of the time. But I don't guarantee he'll be like that on April Fools. He's merciless at those times. Pranks everyone and anyone, even the Director. So watch your back during the first of April..."
  • Amigopen
    • "Heh, that's the problem. I do have family ties with him and I see him on weekends. That freaking engineer is a genius at the same time not so sane. He likes me even though I'm in the EPF and most of us know that he's in the Most Wanted List in the force. The problem in daily life is that agents keep on nagging me, and if I'm reported to be seen with him, I'd be interrogated the next day. Sure, it's pain, but hey, that's the way the cookie crumbled. And speaking of cookies... I want a cookie!"
  • Agent Jason Crash
    • "Crash? *chuckles* The guy is nice. I met him back in the Academy and he actually had the guts to ask for my name. He's a good comrade, very trustworthy, I tell you. But do keep peanut butter away from him, he goes into Phreaker Mode when you do show or give him peanut butter."


Solo Quotes[edit]

  • "Okay, who took my cocoa?"
  • "Rusca, ahh. Why do you ask?"
  • "I don't know what that is, but for all I know, it ain't pretty."
  • "No sacrifices when you work with me."
  • "The main difference between EPF and military is that your enemies don't wear uniforms."
  • "We just lost 60 seconds thanks to someone who can't tie their shoelaces."
    • "Okay, 120 seconds."
  • "I'm a Tvarkov. That's all there is to it."
    • This is a common saying she says to excuse virtually anything she does.
  • "No one asked for your opinion, Joshua."

Teacher:" Ms. Tvarkov!"

(Rogue falls off her chair in the Academy, she was asleep.)

Rogue: "What is it, Madame?"

Teacher: "Answer the math problem on the board!"

(Rogue stares at the board. Written on it is 44 x 44 = ?)

Rogue: "Eh uh... I'll pass."

As A RTF Member[edit]

Amigopen: "Hey Rogue, can you please cover for me while I'm gone?"

Rogue: "Uh... sure, comrade..."

(Amigopen leaves the room, Rogue stares at the computer before her and looks through some wiki articles)

Rogue: "Wait a minute! I wanna see my own article!"

(Rogue looks up her name and finds her own article. She snickers and adds in more info that is a bit OOC)

Rogue: "Oh yeah I'm done!"

(Rogue submits, but five minutes later finds out that Director Benny reverted her edit.)


Amigopen: "Hey Rogue look at this."

(Amigopen shows her a little bit OOC info in a certain article)

Rogue: "Hey, wait a minute. Give me that!"

(Rogue tackles Amigopen to the ground and rollbacks the edit on the tablet.)

To Family Members[edit]

(Amigopen realizes why Ezra ran off)

Amigopen: "OH NO YOU DON'T!!!"

(Amigopen panics while Rogue is left confused.)

Rogue: "Pardon?"

(Amigopen runs out of the place, Rogue runs after him)

Rogue: "Amigo! Amigo wait! Come back; you don't understand!"

(Rogue leaves the room, chasing Amigopen.)

Nat: "Why do you call yourself Tvarkov and not Tvarkova?"

Rogue: "Penguins always assume that I'm male. Just want to have an element of surprise when they see me."

Nat: "Oh, no wonder you're called rogue Tvarkov."

Rogue: "Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif"

Rogue: "I can't believe Katya Tvarkova saved 2017."

Katya: "Oh, you're flattering me."

Rogue: "I say it again. I can't believe Katya Tvarkova saved 2017."

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