Roller Chain

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Roller Chain
Gender Male
Race Red Puffle
Health Good
Status Alive
Birth date 1992
Place of birth Rockhopper Island
Friends Matthew von Injoface, Kwiksilver, Sprocket, Willy the Penguin
Enemies Mabel XVIII, Tars O’vian, Chuck von Injoface, other bigots

Roller Chain is a red puffle who currently lives in Antarctica. He is the brother of Sprocket and the two are very close and talk with each other a lot. He is also Matthew von Injoface’s boyfriend since late 2014. He used to hide his relationship since Matthew's family didn't approve him dating a red puffle, but they moved on from them and everyone they met knows they're a couple


Roller Chain was the middle of three brothers. Like most red puffles, he loved adventures, and activities, but was a little shy and didn’t take as much risks as his other brothers. His older brother, Gear Train often teased him for not being adventurous enough, and pushed him into doing more dangerous stunts. To prove himself, he took some driftwood and tried to sail the tides. However, he failed, but noticed that the driftwood made a good boat. His younger brother Sprocket liked the idea, and made driftwood boats of his own, and played with his cousin Yarr with them.

One day, when paying with driftwood boats, Yarr was swept away by the tide. Roller Chain felt guilty for being the cause of this, since he started making Driftwood boats in the first place. Roller Chain and his brothers looked frantically for his cousin, but had no avail. Gear Train also blamed himself for pushing Roller Chain to be more active. The brothers decided to share the blame, but that didn’t make them feel any better.

Sprocket was adopted by Kwiksilver, and Roller Chain kept in contact with him when he was in mainland Antarctica. Roller Chan didn’t get why puffles would like owners, but he respected his decision. He kept in contact with Roller Chain, and loved hearing about is adventure with Kwiksilver and was proud of his achievements in events like the Darktonian Pie War. Roller Chain discussed with Gear Train moving to mainland Antarctica to spend more time with Sprocket, and they agreed to do so. Since he was good with woodwork, Roller Chain worked as a carpenter making furniture and decoration with his brother at his own shop.

The shop was successful and had several costumers, but, Roller Chain was shy, and had a hard time making new friends in Antarctica, so he asked Sprocket for help. Lucky for him, Sprocket was a member of the Goody-Two Shows, a community of folks who want to spread kindness and friendship all over Antarctica. They introduced themselves to Roller Chain, and he made good friends with them.

A particular member of the Goody-Two Shoes Roller Chain liked was Matthew von Injoface. He and Matthew spent time together, and they eventually fell in love. However, Matthew’s family was prejudiced against Red Puffles. They did not want Matthew to be dating red puffles, including Matthew’s Aunt Susan. Matthew still wanted to introduce Roller Chain to his family at a reunion, so Roller painted himself purple. They went to the reunion but

Susan told Matthew that dating a red puffle was an abomination, and that he shouldn’t see Roller Chain anymore. Rollerchain and Matthew decided to keep their relationship secret for the next couple of months, which put a strain on it, since they couldn’t tell anyone. However, they were eventually found kissing by Tars O’vian, who gathered some of his other family members. They agreed to beat up Matthew for disobeying them.

Tars, Chuck, and Mabel XVIII got a bat and a shovel and were prepared to beat up Matthew. However, Roller Chain interviened, and put up a fight. He managed to keep them from hurthing Matthew, but Tars, Chuck, and Mabel XVIII used their tools to beat Roller. They were satisfied at their results and left, while Matthew called an ambulance and the police.

Roller Chain was badly beaten and hospitalized. Matthew was incredibly distraught at his condition and how his own family hurt the one he loved. In a rage, he called out his Aunt Susan, saying that she truly hasn’t changed since Foamy left and is still the selfish, arrogant, puffle that drove Foamy away. Susan felt bad, and realized that Roller Chain truly loved Matthew and gave them their blessing.

After Roller Chain recovered from his injuries, he testified against Mabel, Tars, and Chuck. Susan agreed to be his lawyer with no charge. His victimizers were found guilty on charges of aggravated assault and put into prison.


Roller Chain and Matthew will get married in 2018, three and a half years after dating Matthew. He will have “von Injoface” as his surname as he doesn’t have his own surname.

In 2019, his brother Sprocket will die due to organ failure. He went to Sprocket’s funeral and mourned for his brother.


  • Sprocket
  • Matthew von Injoface
  • Susan von Injoface
  • Kwiksilver
  • Willy the Penguin
  • Gear Train


  • He knows that Yarr is in the custody of Rockhopper and is doing well, which relieved him greatly.
  • It amuses him that his relationship with Matthew makes the bloods of several of the Von Injoface family boil
  • He currently gets along with Susan, even if not before.

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