Roman de Konrinski

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Roman de Konrinski
Title PLVP Vampenguin Agent, Ally
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Mectrixctic's Army (Present time), Darktan's Army (Past time), High Penguin Army
Health Evil
Level Very high
Status Doing something evil
Location Underworld, Darktonian Realm

Roman de Konrinski is a High Penguin. He was born just 100 years after Triskelle, and a good Penguin he was, until he became a mercenery, and later, when he was infected with PLVP Vampenguinism, evil. He works for Mectrixctic, but he was forced to.


Roman was born in modern East Pengolia, 100 years after Triskelle. He spent most of his life growing there, until the era of Khazham, where he escaped The Khanz. He decided not to enlist, and he joined a gang of pickpockets. However, he was captured by High Penguins, who forced him to enlist in the spy corps of the High Penguins. He was sent to Poleland, to assist freedom fighters there. He was nearly turned over by colaberators, though he escaped. At the time, his surname was Sinus, and once again, he became wanted. He changed his name to de Konrinski, which was a eastern normal penguin name. After the Naughtzee's reign of terror, he became a mercenery. He was hired by many villains, and it was until Olde Antarctica, where he joined the Ice Kingdom's army. During STINC-zachal, he was wanted, by... erm... everyone. He knew he couldn't fight them. He decided that he would get infected by a PLVP Vampenguin, so he could escape. He befriended one who at first refused to infect him, until he decided to. The virus spread like wildfire, and within a day, he was a full PLVP Vampenguin. He was able to change into a focci, which he did until he met Darktan. Darktan knew fully that he was infected, and he wanted to use this to his advantage. He ordered him to be trained into a Abyss Knight, so he could get more powers then the ones vampenguins already have. Roman's training finished within six mounths and Darktan sent him to spread the PLVP virus. One day, he was in the Darktonian Realm. He was with a Lava Puffle. He soon met Mectrixctic, and found out her secret plan to overthrow Darktan. The Lava Puffle recorded what happened...

Roman: Ok, whoever you are, Darktan will know.

Mect: Darktan isn't that powerful.

Roman: I'll show you whose powerful (changes into Focci).

Mect: Perfect. I'm the say, just more powerful.

Roman: What do you mean?

Mect: I'm infected with Vampenguinism. I'm a half Vampenguin- and also a Demon Penguin.

Roman: Whoa. And I'm so scared.

Mect: I have no choice- I must manipulate you.

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