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Rose Fourtyfour Kanter Wish
Before her untimely passing and infection
Title Mrs. Rose Wish
Gender Female
Race High Penguin
Faction Skeletal
Status Previously deceased; Now infected with the Skeleton Virus
Location Constantly travels around the world spreading the Skeleton Virus
Birth date July 17, 1977
Place of birth Brawltimore, Garyland
Death date July 17, 2009
Death place Flywish Island
Cause of death Poison
Favourite color Blue
Archetype Evil; Formerly good when alive

Rose44 Wish (1977-2009) is the deceased wife of Flywish and the deceased mother of Flywish II.


Rose Fourtyfour Kanter was born July 17, 1977 to Diamond and Dallas Kanter. She had an older sister named Paige whom she never got along with. Her parents thought it was because they were young, however, Rose turned out to be a positive, bright penguin as Paige was an Emoguin. As Rose grew up, she began to obsess over her looks. At first, she was ridiculed for using too much make-up, but she began to become noticed once she got into High School. She joined the cheerleading team and more guys began hitting on her. One of those guys was Flywish, who at the time was shy, nervous, and had low self-esteem. During Sophomore year, a dance was scheduled and Flywish wanted to ask Rose to the dance. He approached her.

Flywish:"Hey, Rose is it?"


Flywish:"I was wondering... oh boy!"


Flywish:"Sorry, I jumble my words a lot."

Rose laughed

Flywish:"So, I think you're beautiful, I really like you, and I was wondering, would you like to... go to the dance with me?"

Rose:"To be honest, no, I would not like to go to the dance with you, uhh Flywheel is it?"

Flywish:"Flywish, and why not?"

Rose:"I don't know you, you look like you're goth, and it would be pretty awkward to introduce you to my friends."

Flywish:"Ok, I'm sorry to waste your time."

With that, Flywish walked away and was never seen again for the rest of Sophomore year. He would become a Mwa Mwa Penguin at that time, and Rose would end up going out with Marty Reigns, the star player on the basketball team. After three months of dating, Marty dumped Rose for another girl. Rose was heartbroken and miserable for that summer. As Junior year rolled around, she was still stressed about her perfect world crashing down on her, when suddenly, she saw a familiar aqua penguin. He walked up to her and she was shocked. It was Flywish, who had snapped out of his Mwa Mwaism and improved his looks and social skills. He approached Rose with the intention to confront her for the mental anguish she caused him.

Flywish:"Hey, remember me?"

Rose:"Yeah, Flywish right?"

Flywish:"That's right, Flywish, the guy you turned down for being different, the guy you sent into a depression so horrible, he became a Mwa Mwa Penguin."

Rose:"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Flywish, I was wrong about you."

Flywish:"Yeah, you wer- what?"

Rose:"I said I was wrong about you, you look so... dashing right now."

Flywish:"You're not just saying that to make yourself look better?"

She pulled Flywish's face near her's.

Rose:"No, I mean it!"

She kissed him.

Flywish:"You really think I'm good enough to be with you?"

Rose:"You're not just good enough, you're great enough."

They kissed once again as Flywish secretly did a silent cheer pose. After that, it was official, Flywish and Rose became a couple. They would stay that way throughout the rest of High School. After graduation, she and Flywish scraped together some money to buy an apartment together. Things weren't easy for Flywish at first, as he would work at a convenience store that constantly was robbed. One night, he bought a lottery ticket on his way out of work. While at home, he and Rose were arguing about their financial issues when suddenly, the numbers from his lottery ticket came up. Flywish had hit the grand prize of $2,000,000,000. With that, he and Rose were able to settle down in a mansion on a remote island that would later be named Flywish Island. On August 12, 1998, Flywish proposed to Rose and they were to be married on the 7th of September.

They were married in the backyard of the mansion. A lot of their friends came and celebrated. They would later end up being the parents of Flywish II and Metalmanager, even though the latter ended up running away. They lived on the island with little turmoil. Then on July 17, 2009 on her 32nd birthday, She went for a walk when she spotted a chocolate-chip cookie placed by Rusty upon request of Darktan II. However, when she ate the cookie she began coughing and her face turned green. After 5 minutes of struggling to breathe, she finally collapsed, and there she lay, slain on the ground. Flywish found her a half hour later, also discovering a note next to her corpse. The note read;

Flywish, you shouldn't have messed with Manny Peng, I warn you, do not mess with us, or else next time, it will be twice as tragic. - Darktan Anator II

Flywish swore revenge and did what he could to stop Darktan II, up until he couped Liguria in 2011. He and his two sons still miss Rose to this day, but he knows that they will all be reunited one day.

However, unbeknownst to Flywish, Skeletal came to Rose's grave and infected her body with the Skeleton Virus. After rising from the grave, a bony skeleton, Rose began to work with Skeletal, becoming a close friend of his.


She became a ghost of strong advice after she died. She has also made ghostly appearences in the stories War of Vengeance, and Great Wishing Hun Conflict. Her body is now a skeleton and resides with Skeletal. Skele-Rose44 is a high ranking within the Skeleton creatures as she actively works with Skeletal to spread his virus.


  • She is the reason Flywish was fighting Darktan II.
  • She was always traveling around the world
  • Xorai saids "Wow, Darktan is evil but seriously, thats just....just.......I need a new word to describe how heartless............" whenever he remembers that she died.
  • Her favorite food was Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Her parents are still in mourning for her and will never talk to Flywish again because "it was technically his fault."
  • Paige, her sister, regrets any rudeness she showed Rose her entire life and misses her deeply, she wants to see Darktan II die before her eyes.

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