Royal Army of Snowzerland

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The Royal Army of Snowzerland
Snoss Army Insignia.png
The Army's Insignia.
Name The Royal Army of Snowzerland
Type National Army
Location Ninja Archipelago
Head Kaiser Swiss Ninja
Job Defend their Homeland from Invaders and To Invade other Countries.
Members Snowzerland.
Headquarters Geneva, Snowzerland Island

The Royal Army of Snowzerland is the National Military of The Imperial Empire of Snowzerland. It is the most active Military in all of Antarctica, as they have been in several wars.


The Royal Army of Snowzerland was formed after the UCSN and Maggiore was merged into Snowzerland. The first army where consisted from the Original UCSN Cities of Zurich and Sankt Moritz. Later, they conquered other Ninja Archipelago Islands such as Holyswissia, Osterreach, Batavia, and Frankterre. The Countries of Holyswissia and Osterreach helped the Snoss Army develop Snowzerland's Official Military Uniforms. Then, the RDA came along and gave the Military some War Bots, which greatly expanded the military. However, when the Snoss started their wars, they made the National Security Agency of Snowzerland to make more troops. However, the Snoss started needing more troops, so they started conscripting. This meant that the soldiers were less disciplined, so the army is not as effective as the RDA or NSAS. Eventually, as the number of wars fought decreased, conscription was abolished in 2013 and more taxpayer money was focused on training Snowzerland's regular forces to be more professional and technologically advanced.


The Royal Army of Snowzerland is an experienced military group that has been through many wars. They are very loyal to their Kaiser, and would do anything to protect him.


Here are the Ranks, from highest to lowest.

Rank Job Weapon(s) used and insignia description Picture of Rank Symbol Picture of Penguin
High General Commander (Kaiser Swiss Ninja) Commands the Whole Army Varies. Swiss Ninja prefers the Sword and/or Knicicle. Kaiser Army Insignia.png Kaiser Swiss Ninja.png
General Commands 10,000 Troops. Snowball Pistol, Knicicle. Four chevrons with two dots at the bottom and lined with gold lines. Snoss General Insignia.png Snossgeneral.png
Commander Commands 500 troops. Snowball Pistol, Knicicle, Snowbullet Gun. Four chevrons with dot at the bottom. Snoss Commmander Insignia.png Snosscommander.png
Sergeant Commands only 50. Fights Enemies. Snowbullet Gun, Snowball Pistol, Knicicle. Four chevrons. Sargeant Insignia.png Snosselite.png
Stormtrooper Fights enemies. They are a special branch founded in early 2013. Laser Snowball Blaster. Not applicable. None. Stormtrooper.png
Elite Snosstrooper Commands 50, usually. Snowbullet Gun, Snowball Pistol, Snowzer Cheese. Three chevrons. Snosstrooper Insignia.png Snosstrooper.png
War Bot Fights Enemies. They are the same rank of a Regular Snoss Soldier. Fruit Blaster. Snowzerland flag defaced with binary. War Bot Insignia.png War Bots.png
Snoss Soldier Fights Enemies. They are the same rank of a War Bot. Sword, Snowbullet Gun, Knicicle. One chevron with dot at the bottom. Snoss Soldier Insignia.png Normalsnosstrooper.png
Military Cadet Trains to become a Snoss Soldier in Military School. They usually don't fight unless if the Military needs more Soldiers. At youngest they can be 16 years old, though at the oldest 25. None. Maybe a Knicicle or Snowbullet Gun. One chevron. Snoss Cadet Insignia.png Snosscadet.png

Rank Uniforms[edit]

Here is the description for each rank's weapons, uniforms, and other. (except The Kaiser, of course, since he wears the same thing every day.)


The Snoss Generals are a very respected figure of Snowzerland, and they wear a tan colored uniform. They also wear a cap similar to those of the Elite Snosstrooper. The Generals also wear medals on their uniforms as well to commemorate their accomplishments. They use a variety of weapons.


The Commander is one of the rarest troops. The commander generally heads 10 sergeants, and usually has his own personal vehicle of choice. However, Commanders are some of the best fighters.


The Sergeant is like a normal Snosstrooper, but he has a red coat. This distinquishes him from his comrades. Not only that, but he has a sword, Snowball Gun, and ocassionaly a deletion gun.

Elite Snosstrooper[edit]

The Elite Snosstrooper wears a grey trench coat uniform with a Gray commanding cap with the flag of Snowzerland on it. The Elite Snosstrooper usually uses a Snowbullet Gun, a Knicicle, and Snowzer Cheese for their weapons.

War Bot[edit]

See War Bots.

Snoss Soldier[edit]

The Snoss Soldier wears a standard Green Uniform with a Green Helmet. They usually use swords, ditto snowball guns, and knicicles.


The Snoss Cadet is the lowest rank in the Snoss Army. The Cadet learns to become a Soldier so that he or she can fight for their country. The cadet wears a white beret with a plain white modern uniform (not a trench coat). The Cadet does not use any weapons since they do not fight.


The Snoss army is the largest single employer in Snowzerland, despite only recruiting a small fraction of the nation. This being said, there are hundreds of troops training. The first rank is Cadet. Cadets typically go through a military training academy that lasts six months. Depending on how well you do or how you are as a Cadet at the academy, you can either go to the RDA, the Snoss Army, or the National Security Agency of Snowzerland once you graduate. Most Cadets go to the Snoss Army, which is when they immediately become a Snoss soldier. Over every 50 soldiers is an officer or sergeant. Officers generally do not fight as much as sergeants. Then, there is the commanders, and the final rank is General.

National Enemies[edit]

  1. Castilla - One of SN's newest rivals, Castilla also seeks the domination of Antarctica as well and they are their biggest competitors.
  2. USA - Swiss Ninja wants to conquer it. This Includes the Happyface State and West Pengolia.
  3. TerraMount - Enemies with Snowzerland since the Giant Swiss Terrain Cookie War.
  4. Fisch Hochstadt - Fisch is accused of royal assault and Illegal Immigration.
  5. Hochstadt Gang - Fisch's (and Swiss Ninja's) relatives that oppose his rule of Snowzerland.
  6. HunEmpire - Ememies with Snowzerland since the GSWIII. They created Hershee Chocolate.


Here are a list of Wars the Royal Army has Encountered.

*Great Snowzerland War V - Snowzerland's least successful war. They waged war with the USA after the independance of Frankterre, but it resulted in the destruction of Lake Zurich- which then became a bay. 
  • Snoss-Castillan War - Snowzerland and Castilla's first heated military conflict for military supremacy in Antarctica's islands and the Falklands.


  • This army is nicknamed the "Swisses" after their leader.
  • War Bots can't move up or down any rank.
  • The RDA is a Major Sponsor and Provider to the Army.
  • They have a deep fear of Director Benny, for an unknown reason.
  • The Army also has its own choir of Elite Snosstroopers known as the Snoss National Military Choir.

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