Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland

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  • Austin8310 Devechter - The first of the current members to be one, Austin is a talker and sometimes less serious, and always opens his beak. Java is the polar opposite. Austin is the only one of this who isn't with the RDA. Austin is the general leader of the group.
  • Java Ghent - A RDA bounty hunter, he is the polar opposite of Austin. He takes everything seriously and only says things that need to be said.
  • Django Ghent - The father of Java Ghent, Django was one of the original members of the Royal Bounty Hunters before Austin. He was good friends with Der Exterminator and donated his genes to create the RDA Trooper Clones on Terninia. Django was killed when Java was a young boy, but years later in 2011, Swiss Ninja was able to revive him the same way XTUX was. Django has been considered to be the best bounty hunter Antarctica has ever seen.
  • Rex Devechter -Rex is the most serious of the group. He is Austin's twin. However, he doesn't fit in as well, because he's completely serious. He's friends with Java Ghent, and doesn't mind Vincent. Rex is mainly the brawn-he's tough, but not real bright.
  • Johnathan Wolfhunter - A RDA mercenary, Johnathan is a mix between Austin and Java. He is the fastest and fittest in the group.
  • XTUX Hun - XTUX isn't directly hired by SN, but generally Austin hires him. He's probably the smartest in the group-but he's more of an honorary member then a full one.
  • Ben 100022 - That's right, it's true. Swiss Ninja hired him after hearing that he was a colleage of Django Ghent.

Ex Members[edit]

  • Der Exterminator - Swiss Ninja's bounty hunter before Austin. He retired and Austin was meant to replace him. Austin did replace him, but he has ended up with an elite team. He was never part of the RDA, since SARP was the organization that existed at the time.
  • Vincent Terrasini - Another RDA mercenary, Vincent was an Antarctician Siecilian wanted in the USA. He didn't have a Snoss citizenship but a Ligurian one. Previously, he was hired by the UPM and was being chased by the EPF. Vincent was a master at poker and other card games, and used to get along with the rest of the group. He was also an ex assassin. After Swiss Ninja fired him, Vincent defected to the Hochstadt Gang and nearly stabbed Swiss to death but Swiss was pretending to die and the Emperor stabbed him in the heart. His body is located in Castle Bugzy. His only known family member Marcos is seeking revenge.

Honour Members[edit]

  • Lian Lapooh - Unlike Fudd, who is an honour member of the Hochstadt Gang, the arch enemy of this group, Lian joined Swiss Ninja because her owner, Johnathan Wolfhunter, joined. She is yet to appear in a story.


Thier HQ is in a secret meeting room in the Snowzerland Government Building in Geneva, Snowzerland.



The Royal Bounty Hunters are provided with many choices of travel. Their air travel has been criticized due to the total cost. Swiss Ninja provided them with a Boeing Business Jet. However the cost was expensive and it was intended to carry more passengers but it really does have a price tag of 47 million fishes. The capacity not needed fits several automated cannons, lasers and missile wholes instead. The Snoss Luffwaffle have provided it with cannons and lasers which confuse missiles. When they want to keep a low profile, the group go for the slower but smaller Gulfstream V. Despite this, it cost 59 million fishes, 12 million fishes more then the BBJ. The total cost so far is 104 million. Finally comes the interceptors they used when they want to take down an airbourne target. They use F/A-18 Hornets, one of each costs 57 million fishes. Since all four main members need one, the cost comes 332,000,000. The good news is that the only people who have criticized the cost is SN's financial advisors. The public doesn't know about the transactions.


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