Royal Exquisitely Stinky Dump

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The Royal Exquisitely Stinky Dump
It smells even worse than Director Penny after eating an OxiPie!
Key details
Type Large Garbage Dump
Level It's over 9,00!
Location Bean City, Waffleland
Inhabitants Wild Teddy Bears, skuas

The Royal Exquisitely Stinky Dump, more commonly known as The Big Dump, is a large garbage dump in Bean City, Waffleland.


On July 25th, 2010, Waffleland was finished.

Everything had been built, the laws had been made, the borders set and the polluting factories finished.

It appeared that everything was finished.

Or was it?

Suddenly the builders remembered that the city needed a garbage dump, and instead of making several small dumps, they decided to make one huge one.

To make it they simply bulldozed 20 square kilometres of the city and filled it with junk.

The country was finished!

Now all they needed was a name.

After several weeks of heated discussion, they decided to vote.

"The Royal Exquisitely Stinky Dump" came in first, with the plain "Big Dump" occupying just %0.001 less of the votes.

After this they made a gigantic sign with the dump's name on it and opened it to the public.


  • Garbage
While garbage is well, boring, there is still some stuff in the dump that may be considered interesting.
  • Waffliean EPF Base:Located under the surface, this top-secret base is classified even to most USA EPF agents, and contains many dangerous objects, such as nukes and death rays. There's also the rumored genetically-modified monster or two...
  • The great big tractor tire with bananas drawn on it.
  • 20 copies of WHAT?!?, stuffed into a Mabel statue's mouth. Donated by the government of Snowzerland, who had nowhere else to put it.
  • A pink oversized umbrella that smells like uranium. Used to be an ordinarily-sized umbrella, this one was experimented on by Xary, who made it gigantic and have superpowers. Was taken from him after The Great Darktonian Pie War by Waffliean troops (who were dispatched to retrieve the mystical artifact) and put in the dump, as they could find no other use for it besides turning turtles into stools and whatnot.
  • Uranium:Unknown the the public, the soil is filled with this strategic resource, and this is why the underground bunkers are heavily shielded in case their troops start turning into gigantic, superpenguin monsters.
  • Doodad's Urinal. Just a urinal made famous because Justin Beaver autographed it while visiting the dump.


Not too many creatures appear live here, besides Wild Teddy Bears and skuas. However underground there are tons of Waffliean EPF agents and nukes.


  • Skuas

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