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In the Fanon Universe, there are some humorous events that occur repeatedly, and in many different ways. This page is a compilation of the known running gags in the CPFW's context.


  • Refrences to internent memes are common. VERY common.
  • Whenever something falls on or hits someone, a bunch of random penguins pop out of nowhere and sing, "GAME OVER, YEAH!"
  • The phrase "YOU CANNOT DELAY YOUR DEMISE!" is spoken by many characters, but whoever they are talking to manages to delay their demise or avoid it entirely.
  • South Pole City gets destroyed or nearly destroyed.
  • When in need for a location, it is commonly specified that your own toilet is one of those locations.
  • Commercials for fast-food restaurants sometimes appear to hide crucial information to the viewers in a Special.
  • Whenever someone says "WHAT?!?", everyone nearby thinks of WHAT?!?. This is why you'll usually see WHAT?!? being linked.
  • If anyone uses a single Binch Cookie in battle, the invincibility will stop at a crucial moment.
  • Somebody screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!".


Bureau of Fiction[edit]

  • Whenever Director Benny chases anyone, humorous chase music plays.
  • Mayor McFlapp always ends up going through the wrong corridor when going to a meeting.
  • Illustrator Keith freaks out at something and DJ X has to play a random song to calm him down.
  • Random characters are injured during a suspenseful event.
  • Sometimes, when a character enters the room, the wrong theme song is played.
  • Director Benny appears at meetings unexpectedly by "mysteriously rising to power" (a smoke cloud flashes out of nowhere and Benny rises out of the floor). Mayor McFlapp always facepalms wings himself shortly after.

Redlink Abbey[edit]

  • The same nerd always gets tangled up in the Chimetower's electronic mechanisms.
  • Big Balls appear in extremely awkward places and at extremely awkward times in the forest. Someone WILL get crushed.

Von Injoface Family[edit]

  • Characters (namely Mabel) are generally exploited for their big egos.
  • Charles gets drenched in some manner in every ATI episode.
  • There WILL be a reference to Benny in most stories.

Terrain Spy Union[edit]

  • There are always penguins holding mugs of coffee.
  • Administrator Kai always uses the same entrance sequence when entering the HQ.
  • The receptionist penguin always talks in the same, weird way.
  • The same theme song is played whenever an agent breaks through the HQ via the ceiling or floor.
  • An agent always falls while coming down the stairs to the HQ.

Hochstadt Gang[edit]

  • The Gang tries to ask the BOF for helping them solve hard problems.
  • The Hochstadt Gang seems to always defeat Swiss Ninja.
  • Akbaboy constantly mocks Aviation in front of Piper.

South Pole Council[edit]

  • The delegates are frequently distracted and tend to not get things done.
  • Judge Xavier routinely talks to his chair, Jonesworth.
  • Judge Xavier will randomly bang his gavel and shout "ORDUUUHH!", even when the court is totally composed.
  • Judge Xavier has been known to suck on his gavel in times of boredom.
  • Sometimes, Explorer will mysteriously vanish and XeXeXe will appear. XeXeXe goes crazy and attempts to knock a random pink puffle out of the courthouse with his gavel.
  • By the time the session is adjourned, something will be broken, damaged, decimated, toppled, or otherwise misplaced.
  • Delegates often fall asleep.
  • Someone always forgets to wear their judicial robe, and must return home to get it. By the time he or she gets back, the session is nearly done.
  • Delegates have been known to eat Judgies. A lot.

Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes[edit]

  • Chenny is asked a question and responds by saying something like "WHY DA WANT TO KNOW?"
  • A random Wannabe Master startles Zenny and he hides behind a random object, not like Keith though.
  • Pianos fall on Yzabtech at random times.
  • Since Yzabtech has a typewriter, some random worker of the bureau always comes up to him and says "What is this, the 1950's?"

Fragile Things Inc[edit]

  • Somebody or something will crash into it, and break everything. Before it happens, this will cause somebody to pop up and scream "OH NO! THE CAR/PENGUIN/WHATEVER IS GOING TO CRASH RIGHT INTO...FRAGILE THINGS INC!".
  • An employee dropping a customer's order, causing it to shatter to pieces and the employee to say "Sorry for being X-Treme!".
  • Add more!



Antics Brothers[edit]

  • Explorer always remarks that he will be on the porch if anyone needs him.
  • Fred, whenever searching for his precious right triangle, throws out tons of irrelevant and idiosyncratic stuff out of the closet (for example, a scared nerd hiding in the closet, a Magma Puffle, a refrigerator, a Big Ball, and a helium tank).
  • When one of the brothers faints, the other one catches him and throws him into an ambulance that mysteriously appears out of nowhere.
  • Fred often gets caught in one of the booby traps Explorer sets for Perry the Puffle.

Midas and Herb[edit]

  • Explorer's anti-Mabel schemes always end up destroying or hiding Midas and Herb's projects.
  • Midas drools in the presence of gold.
  • Herb is fluent in flag signalling and somehow has a flag of every country, state, nation, organization, letter, and symbol, in addition to tropical warning flags and advisory banners. He always knows which one to use.
  • Midas epically fails to acknowledge Olivia when she tries to flirt with him.
  • Canren's best friend, Macy McGuffin, will be hired by something related to Midas and Herb's plan of the day. By the end of the day, she will lose her job when the plan disappears.


  • Doctor Surray's wrenches always break in some way. Usually, Penelope does it.
  • Anvils tend to fall behind Xorai.
  • Dara routinely attacks Corai's girlfriends when he turns away. When he turns back, only Dara is there.
  • Xorai trips over his cape and falls into a random river.
  • When all else fails and everyone's upset, Corai will break into some cheesy dance to cheer someone up.
  • Corai follows up a prank by announcing the obvious. He will shout "PRANKED!" while pointing an accusing flipper at whoever fell victim to him.

Willy the Penguin[edit]

  • He often gets chased by Director Benny and then proceeds to steal his hat.
  • Since he is the comic relief of many serious character's adventures, often a heavy object will fall on top of him, to brighten up the mood.
  • Sometimes his hat catches on fire. (Don't worry, he's never gotten burned. Well, at least not yet.)

Fudd Lapooh[edit]

  • Often when he tries to use his staff he gets electrocuted instead.
  • Whenever he tries to go to the ice cream store, he always gets eaten by something and spends a week in it's stomach.
  • Every time after a failed break-in to the BOF, he starts whacking himself on the head with a baseball bat and yelling "CURSE YOU DIRECTOR BENNY!".
  • When he is plumbing, he usually finds copies of What?! stuck in the pipe.
  • Fudd always pulls out the wrong size wrench when he needs one, and the difference is massive (such as getting a huge wrench bigger then You when he needs a small one, and getting a microscopic one that can only be seen through a microscope when he needs a big one).
  • He will take every oppurtunity to slap Salina with his staff.


  • Tails often hits a random object when running off-screen.
  • Whenever Tails falls in the water, electronic music plays after 25 seconds has passed and has 5 seconds to get air. He can't swim very well because of this.
  • Whenever Tails senses that Kaylee is close by, he just bursts off, as she pretty much wants him to marry her.
  • Some people OFTEN mistake speeddasher or another penguin for tails if some examine only for a short bit...
  • Tails often stops if he sees a fish dog vendor and wishes to have some..which often stops a mission..but not every mission..
  • Whenever wanting to do other methods of attack rther than his buster or hadouken, he refers his hot sauce gun and slingshot as his 2nd deadliest and 3rd deadliest method of attack respectively

Icmer In Nyc[edit]

  • His fax machine is always destroyed via chain reaction.

Shroomsky, Turtleheimer, TurtleShroom (penguin), TurtleShroom's Family[edit]

  • Explorer, when aggravated at Shroomsky, notes that he is a clone of "Jo Momma".
  • Expect TurtleShroom to reference that time he shot his brother while hunting for Walruses sometime or another.
  • Turtleheimer quotes law in his sleep. He never quotes the same thing twice in a row.
  • Shroomsky will always act on a whim in panic, and that'll screw something up.
  • Members of the Jones Family will sometimes wish that "they had invested in that oilfield".
  • People always tend to remark that Tortugadesetas smells like gasoline.
  • When the Professor and TurtleShroom meet, expect them to vanish for a few hours as they talk about something or another. They'll always come out happier because they have so much in common.
  • TurtleShroom (penguin) is a very dramatic penguin and prefers very harsh punishments over what he calls "a slap on the wrist", or the "weak, touchy-feely punishments of prison". He will stumble on his words as he references punishment, quickly replacing any punishment of his with "jail".
  • The Jones Family is gullible. This gullibility always lands them in hot water and helps with many a story.
  • Dara has TS in her flipper and can manipulate him like clay. When she is present, expect a series of misery to come with TS as her pawn.
  • TammyShroom screams at the thought of Dan.
  • The Professor will always talk about his proudest achievement: PWNing Bugzy for those few glorious weeks.
  • TS pops out of nowhere.
  • Expect looks of shock and assorted mumbling when asked about other Joneses that aren't made public.


  • Black helicopters are seen around the alleged headquarters, and these helicopters are sent off to find villains.
  • Expect a remark on oil every now and then.


  • Ninjinian often talks to the nearest cookie as if it were his friend.


  • TaliBEANs randomly appear and blow Gaston's things up. They also follow him everywhere.

Sancho Monte Captio[edit]

  • His chandelier always breaks, and shatters on the floor
  • A weird tune always plays when he and someone run towards each other.
  • He always compares the happening situation to something that happened (It's like when...)
    • Expect it to end with some sort of insult to "THOSE NO-GOOD CONSERVATIVES!".
  • Whenever something great happens, a 70s song plays

George of the Jungle[edit]

  • Funny Music always starts playing whenever he shows up.
  • He always hits a pole whenever he swings on a cable.
  • He always forgets that he lives in a pole-house, and falls out every time he tries to exit.

XTUX Hun[edit]

  • Often when yelling or when banged on the head XTUX's brain freezes and plays scenes from the Opera of Doom!


  • Whenever he goes diving, he belly flops.
  • When doing nothing at all EDFan will bring out A Keysaber and throw it upward and normally miss by a few feet.

Hat Pop[edit]

  • She always can be caught humming her theme song in times of happiness, loneliness, and boredom; basically any time possible.
  • Any character, one way or another, manages to steal her favorite bunny ears; some penguins try to eat them.
    When her bunny ears do get stolen, everyone in the room puts up the "surprised face" emoticon, and someone screams, "ZOMG HAT POP WITH NO BUNNY EARS!!!".
  • Nobody can recognize her when she is not wearing her bunny ears or ninja mask. This drives her nuts.

Quote: Hey you, strangely familiar penguin, have you seen Hat Pop?


  • He often appears out of nowhere whenever somebody needs help. He always introduces himself shortly afterwards, and helps said person. When the person needs no more help, he says goodbye and walks off.

Iron Walrus[edit]

  • When he thinks he's alone, he often takes out a picture of his bunny and talks to it, as if its real. Then, a member of the Defenders comes in and says, "So this is what Walri do when they think penguins aren't around...".
  • Iron Walrus usually takes Timid Corvus with him, because she carries his stuff.

Detective Focci[edit]

  • DF, on some days, ends his sentences he says with Because I'm Detective Focci, in a dark voice. Arachnid Boy usually gets annoyed, and webs his mouth shut.

Ronald Preventable[edit]

  • No villain can ever remember his name.
  • At a key moment, Ronald's pants will embarassingly fall down.
  • Ronald will gorge on food, often eating four or five helpings. Yet, he never gets fat.
  • When Kim gives him a kiss (or what counts as a kiss for a penguin), he will either blush or faint.
  • At times, he will take off his hat and wring its brim with his flippers.
  • Ronald will inevitably do something stupid on a mission, like drinking a potion ('cause I was thirsty!) or pressing a button (it was shiny!) that shouldn't have been pressed.
  • The fact that bathrooms in most parts of the world are directly connected to houses and igloos never ceases to amaze him.
  • When rejoicing, he will always shout "Booyah!".
  • If Ronald takes off his black coat, the chances are high that some Noob will remark about his suspenders.
  • Sometimes, when bragging, Ronald will grab and pull on his suspenders, only to have them snap him embarassingly.

Dark Lorgas[edit]

  • He thinks that all the cake in the universe is a lie.
  • When defeated, he yells "curse you BOF!".
  • If he gives an order and someone says "Roger", he will reply with "I’M NOT ROGER!"

King Carlos Goberna of Castilla[edit]

  • He always seems to have at least two guards with him wherever he goes.

Slugster-Meltissimo Family[edit]

  • Whenever somebody says a strange, exotic word, they get slapped.
    • In addition, the members of the family slap each other routinely.
  • RS tends to rickroll people randomly.
  • RS sings the doom song to annoy Agent Meltie.
  • Whenever Phineas34720 finds a rubber band, a penguin behind him bursts into flames.
  • Rocket Slug, when nervous, will unnecessarily smooth out her hair, straighten her clothes, adjust a skirt if she's wearing one, etc. etc.
  • Keziah will talk about something horribly dark and then laugh hysterically as if she had just told the funniest joke ever.
  • If RS' family is involved, something will go HORRIBLY WRONG.
  • Maria will do something strange, even for CPFW standards.
  • The family's X-Antibodies all go bowling on Thursday night.
  • When Keziah walks into a room, somebody will always scream "IGNORANCE IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND!"
    • Even if there's nobody in the room. Always.
  • Irvins consistently pesters Rocket Slug, school day in and school day out.
  • When something tragic happens, Rocket Slug is always to blame.
  • When Agent Meltie plays Vii, then gets sidetracked by either a phone call or a text, she turns away from the console and it bursts into flames.

Grimom Family[edit]

  • Sye usually points out the obvious fact that he's legally blind. "I CAN SEE THE ALIEN AND I'M BLIND, BUT YOU CAN'T?!"
    • Which also leads to cheesy remarks: "I guess it's time for the blind to lead the sighted!"
  • Do NOT take Veranda's Snowtendo console from her, or one will end up "in a nightmare world from which there is no waking".
    • Most penguins that are offered Veranda's ultimatum of giving her back her rightful item/claim or enter the "nightmare world" don't bail out when they get the chance. They regret that for the rest of their lives.
      • She'll tell them: "Okay. I hope you like nightmare worlds."
  • Sometimes, when Doctor Layer wants to praise his chicks, he'll accidently say something about bagels instead.
  • Doctor Layer resorts to talking about bagels when he's out of things to say.
  • If someone tells Doctor Layer that they need him, he'll usually reply with "The WORLD needs me.".
  • He calls Sye "Son" or "my son" more than by name. Most likely, this is because he's proud of Sye being his son.
  • All of them seem to dress the same day in and day out.
    • When they go out in public, there's always goth jokes involved.
  • Ever since Keziah showed up on the family's laundry hamper one day, the entire family is on edge, expecting her to show up anywhere and everywhere. Even Veranda is a bit wigged out by this. Expect them to "check for Keziahs" before getting comfortable.
  • Veranda is a very stoic and apathetic penguin. Don't expect her to even flinch when in pain.
  • When Veranda is angry at someone or wants to get their attention, she'll reach up and grab them by the shirt collar. This is an impresssive feat, because as an Adelie penguin, she's only about three feet tall.
  • No one knows how Sye gets his hair to do that seven/scythe-shape thing. Sye refuses to disclose the name of his barber.
  • After she learns the rules, Veranda can beat anyone at any game at any time, easily.


  • Whenever something important happens, Lavender is usually either sleeping or being lazy in his office.
  • Assistants are almost always the ones who inform Lavender on what's going on.
  • He makes questionable remarks during formal occasions.

Star Kirby12[edit]

  • Several times, Star arrives at just the right moment to save someone/something from imminent destruction.
  • Star yells all of his special moves when using them.
  • Overkill is part of his life.
  • Whenever something explodes in his sight, Star rushes to the crime scene and starts shooting everything.
    • Whenever this happens, the only penguins that are there are antagonists.
  • Every time DaiBouken is knocked down with Star at the controls, someone screams "MY CAR!"


  • When he has intention to have someone shot, he, or the penguin he commanded to fire misses them.

The Propellor Cap Trio and the Flipplings[edit]

  • Each time Fooly announces he has done something wrong, someone mentions the Explosive New Year, saying something along the lines of "Did you cause another nuclear spread?"
  • Fuzzle mentions how whatever he, Fooly and Folly are doing would be dangerous if it was real life, followed by Fooly saying "Remember Kids!" and a random "safety" message.
  • Fooly, Fuzzle and Folly's love for pie, tacos, fruitcake and Sea Cheese.
  • Fooly randomly appearing from the underground, stating that he was searching for the Pizza Parlor.
  • If a group of 4 or more things has to be named, Fuzzle will always forget to name the last thing.
  • Fooly exclaiming "PUFFLE FIGHT!!"
  • Nobody remembers Folly's name.
  • Whenever the Trio accomplishes something, they dance and a random thing explodes in the background.
  • "What could possibly go wrong?" and then something goes wrong.
  • The team getting bribed by food.
  • Folly sneaking into the EPF Command Room to get Gary's prototype gadgets, which usually cause chaos.
  • The Trio turning the most simple of tasks into complete chaos.
  • Fuzzle dying at one point or the other, followed by Fooly turning serious and avenge him. Everything returns to normal a few minutes later.
  • Fooly not realizing a painfully obvious mistake until the last second.
  • Fooey sleeping all the time.
  • Fooey ironically not sleeping while everyone else is asleep.
  • Foddy getting angry, followed by an explosion.
  • Foddy writing her guilty pleasure in her noteboook, often interrupted by some nosy character or her siblings.
  • Foopy crying for anything.
  • Foopy eating spicy food, which causes him to spit fire.
  • Folly having something she "prepared if an event exactly like this occurred".
  • "I told you so!"
  • Foomy's attemps to stop the latest scheme backfire.
  • Foomy tries to get out of a contraption, but gets entangled in ropes while the contraption pulls him.
  • "Welp, this was going to happen anyways. Weeeeeee!"
  • Fobby taking everything as a compliment.
  • "Does this dress make me look fat?"
  • "Has anyone else realize we aren't wearing anything but hats?"
  • Foolz running out of batteries for his propeller cap, usually resulting in him falling and knocking the enemy on the head. The enemy then says "Ouch, my head!" promptly.
  • Foolz always running out of pie at a crucial moment.

Snow, FrostByte, and the SPB[edit]

Snow crashing into headphones.
  • On Snow's computer, entering Fuzznote and turning Fuzzy Friend on causes Digipuffle to appear and assist with common mistakes. (This is a parody of Clippy.)
  • Snow mentions that you should not try his stunts at home.
  • Snow's love of Puffle O's.
  • Snow appearing on his Snow Kart, asking for directions to the Pet Shop. He states he was lost and drove off.
  • If a group of 10 or more objects MUST be named, Snow names all of them Puffle names.
  • Snow says, "Hello!" when he bumps into another puffle in the Town.
  • Snow screaming if someone attempts to steal anything from his room.
  • Snow wearing his Royal Crown to sleep, forgetting he is wearing it.
  • Many people mix him up with his siblings.
  • Snow staring at Director Benny whenever he screams.
  • Any green puffle in the Snow And Pals series will mention it not being easy to be green.
  • Snow crashing into headphones.
  • Snow popping out of the blue, and saying hi.
  • Snow takes a running start whenever a race begins, but soon slows down.
  • "Hey you! You there! Take this thing!"
  • When Snow names 5 places, one of them will be where he is.
  • When a group of characters are running, Snow will trip and fall.
  • FrostByte constantly saying "Meow!"
  • Frostbyte threatens to do something if he is not fed, and then he never does it.
  • Dude always wears his helmet.
    • Only the other SPB members know what he looks like without it.
  • When Dude is shot from his cannon, he never hits his target. He then shouts, "SERIOUSLY?"
  • Glob eating a random food.
  • When Glob's Cookie Cutter is damaged, he says, "It's a Cookie Cutter, not a Cookie cut!"
  • Jekyl wearing his superhero costume 24/7/365.25
  • Syler using the wrong end of his bubble wand.
  • Bluebal acting sad, and when the enemy approaches, he jabs them.
  • Lee always having to knot her lasso together.
  • Blair always catching his breath at a important moment.
  • Inven assigning everyday items an invention-like name.
  • SnowBot always says he is NPC Snow and says to the first character who speaks by saying "The first step is to shut your trap."
    • Usually the other character responds with something like "Sheesh, that's a little harsh!" or something along those lines.
  • Dude's weapons, gadgets, and other doohickeys all begin with JR.
  • Glob using food as weapons.
  • Jekyl jumps from a high place, only to fall flat on his face. He then says "I'm okay!".
  • Syler treating the enemy to a dance, only to stab them as the dance ends.
  • Bluebal frowning upon SnoX.
  • Lee always acting harmless.
  • Blair's flames.
  • Inven's inventions always explode at the most useless time.
  • Snow tossing an item to someone off-screen (or focus) only for said character to scream "My head!" (or any other body part)

Mr Cow2[edit]

  • Many people mistake his fake superpenguin identity (Mr Moo2) as Mr Mewtwo.
  • If he wears a sombrero, he will often forget he put it on.
  • Mr Cow2 sometimes tries to drink from Captain B, forgetting he's alive.
  • Allergies are a huge problem for him.
  • Whenever Mr Cow2 makes a mistake, he says "Oopsies!", or if it's an academic error, "Doy!".


  • When he eats Mysterious Pork, he forgets he's alive
  • "Blah blah."
  • Ben Hun dozes off on his long speeches in meetings.

Hero Mechas[edit]

  • During specific Super Mode transformations, most notably Sentinel and the Tobots, someone will yell out some random Japanese words, resulting in stuff like "Shurikenjin", "Gigant Bragi-Oh", and "Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin". Every time this happens, someone somewhere in the world screams "WHAT THE HECK IS A SENTAI?!". This becomes really awkward when said character is nearby when the transformation occurs.
  • Usually when the opponent is defeated, they spontaneously explode. However, usually no one gets killed by it, and everyone who witnesses the battle asks "HOW AM I STILL ALIVE?!".
  • Every time Sentinel yells "Zubaan!" at an opponent, he/she/it will tell him to cut it out. Cue him turning up his volume dial and saying it over and over.


  • Usually, Nat gives off a warning that will most likely end up as a pun, and then say it, but no one ever expects the pun.
    • Most victims who fall for the pun will end up with this face Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif.
  • When characters are discussing serious business, Nat is usually slacking around in the backround either chewing bones, sleeping in unusual spots or just making weird noises.

Penguinpuffdude Series[edit]

  • Whenever Penguinpuffdude says a pun (for example, - Let's go and see those MATHS-ters!), X-Treme Penguin comes out of nowhere and smacks her.
  • Penguinpuffdude reading the Puffins and Valleys series.
  • Popcorn 3000 saying that he had good eyesight, but then doing something proving it wrong, such as tripping over a stone or misreading something.
  • Robert Winston getting so angry, he throws his onion pickle at somebody.
  • Waiting Walter suddenly speaking in a stream of "Finnish".
  • Grump smashing somebody.
  • Rockthemic getting PWNed by his own snowballs, or getting smashed by Grump.
  • Whenever somebody is hurt, Bellarocker will run to the scene carrying her First Aid Kit, and scream about the rules of Health and Safety™ which the poor penguin must have neglected.
  • Mugston Cupotea refusing to believe he is a cup.
  • Whenever Mugston Cupotea is described, the word "average" will be mentioned at least twice.
  • If somebody breaks the Fourth Wall, or something about the BoF is revealed, Wiki the Cat will say something off-screen between the lines of: "Oui told ya sho!!". Bad spelling is essential.


  • Someone keeps hiding Mysterious Pork in food he's about to eat every once in a while.
  • Whenever he tosses something that goes off-screen, shattering glass can be heard.
  • Snowballs always seem to hit him whenever someone throws it.
  • While something bad is happening, Wikipenguino is either usually goofing around, practicing tricks with Falco or reading Lord of the Onion Rings.
  • Dr. Infinity's inventions never seem to go right when he's around.
    • His inventions always fail when he asks Wikipenguino to test it.
  • He tends to whistle his theme song whenever he's bored, waddling down the street or happy.
  • "If .... I'll be a slab of smoked salmon."

Zeno Series Characters[edit]

  • Zeno124 deliberately stating how bad a situation is without realizing how bad it is.
    • For example, "Alright. I'm only strapped up in a bunch of ropes in a tiny, claustrophobia-inducing shack owned by my evil clone. I think I can survive." from Operation Improbable.
  • Dev66 getting hit by something Apple throws whenever they are near each other.
  • Apple growling at an apple whenever he sees one.
  • GhostieGhost referring to himself as Willy despite everyone else calling him GhostieGhost.
  • Drop murmuring something under his breath.
  • Xeno124 entering the room whenever someone says "ow".
  • Zena124 saying "yay".
  • Yeno124 saying something other than "yee".
  • A sound clip from SnowBob CirclePants playing almost every time Zeno124 watches TV.