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The Ruscan Federation
Руска (Rusca)
Flag of Rusca
AnthemGlory to you, Motherland
Location of Rusca
(and )
Muscovgrad (Мусковград)
Official languages Russian
Recognised regional languages Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Armenian, Karelian, Georgian, Kazak
Species  Viking Penguins, Puffles, High Penguin Minority
Demonym Ruscoe, Ruscan
Government Military State under influence of Mafia
 -  Commander in Chief Dmitri Smirnof
Legislature Duma
 -  Upper House House of Generals
 -  Lower House House of Sargeant Generals
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right

The Ruscan Federation, or better known as Rusca, is located at the Eastern Corner of the Ninja Archipelago. Formerly known as the Snowviet Union when under Communism, it is a successful nation that is friendly to mafia and home to a strong and growing military. The country is known for having a lot of conservative sentiment socially and politically.


The Ruscan Federation's history goes way back to about 20 AD, when the first Vikings from modern day Ucrying began to settle the mainland. There, they extendened their empire known as the Kievask Rus (Swedish: Kievska Rys), which was about half of mainland Rusca. The Vikings, who spoke Old Swedish, called the land "Rys", and the Slavic language that was developed on the island from the peasant servants of the Vikings was known as "Ryska", which later became the name of the island itself. Eventually, the capital of the Kievask Rus was shifted to the newly built city of Muskovgrad in 1000 AD. Then, Vikings began to colonize the whole mainland, and all the other islands nearby except for Armesha and Gregorya, which were inhabited already by non Viking tribes. The new kingdom was given the name, the Ruscan Empire, and the ruler of this new empire was an emperor called the Tsar. The Tsars (or Tsarinas if it was an Empress) ruled Rusca for several centuries. During the reign of the Tsar, several grand cities, towns, and villages were built on the mainland. Meanwhile, the Tsar began building a large army that eventually ended up conquering several islands. Many revolts occurred in these colonies, but the strong hold of the military crushed all the rebellions. In 1812, Frankterre conquered Rusca, and kept it under it's occupation for two years before they were driven out.

In the year 1910, the last Tsar of the Ruscan Empire, known as Alexander IV, was killed during a large revolution that began with many angry farmers who demanded lower taxes and lower prices on goods. Eventually, once the Tsar and his whole family was murdered, the Ruscans banned and prohibited nobility permanently, and the Military was put into power. However, Rusca, being a country home to a lot of Mafia, had it's military influenced by mafia heavily. Not only that, but the Military created a of Communist State by putting all private and publicly owned businesses under Military (Government) control. At the time, it was known as the Snowviet Union. The Ruscan Socialist Republic played a key part in the Khanzem War by siding with the Good Guys during the war. They had some very hard times, since the Khanz had cut off the Ruscan Federation from the rest of Antarctica which led to food shortages. Eventually, Khanzem attempted to seize the Ruscan mainland, and were able to bomb many of the major cities, but the cold winter forced the Khanz to retreat. This caused the Ruscans to retaliate violently, and under the command of President Stallin, they soon invaded the Khanzem Controlled Mainland Antarctica. They eventually were able to storm the capital of Khanzem, SmackemsillyTon, formerly known as Capital City during the HPC. After the war, the Snowviet Union was able to confiscate the Alemanian territory of East Prusca, which later was renamed to the Kaitlyngrad Oblast after Snowviet General Sergei Kaitlyn.

Throughout the remaining 20th century, the Snowviet Union was locked in a military buildup known as the False War against the nationalist forces of the Bridgestadt Pact. Allied with its fellow Communist states of Zhou and North Alemania, Rusca supported the STINC militia in an effort to overthrow the kingdoms making up Olde Antarctica, successfully doing so in 1990 in what was known as the War of Olde Antarctica. STINC-zachal was established for a short while until the STINC War was declared by the Allies, consisting of members of the Bridgestadt Pact and the Puffish Commonwealth. Doing this war, the shortcomings of much of the Snowviet Armed Forces became distinct as the vast majority of the Snowviet Surface Fleets were either sunk or captured. The Snowviet Air Forces and Red Army had moderate successes on the ground, but were ultimately defeated by better trained, if equally equipped, counterparts.

The Snowviet Union collapsed in 1991 as a direct result of the STINC War and end of the False War, and capitalism took over Rusca once more. The new president was Boorish Seltzin, an irresponsible Cream Soda addict who cared less about politics. Seltzin allowed the nation to face huge economic depression that lasted until 2000, when he resigned. After his resignation, there were attempts to revitalize the nation that had fallen to corruption under Seltzin's administration, and a strong pro-Communist sentiment was revived. These revolts were crushed by Today, the Ruscan Federation continues to be a Mafia influenced capitalist Military State that is now building several Nuclear power plants and is experiencing a resurgence of patriotism and national identity after the suppression of their ethnic identity under the Snowviet Administration.


Here are a list of the territories, original and conquered, of the Federation.


Mainland Ruscan Federation is the largest of all the territories; it is home to most of the cities and factories of the nation. About 80% of the citizens live here. It is very spacious, and it's cities are very well known for having a lot of apartments that were once free to live in back in the days of East Pengolia and the Snowviet Union. Nevertheless, the cities still have several older buildings from the glory of the old days. Most smaller towns and villages only have houses as tall as two stories, and some buildings are made of wood, still. Every Ruscoe city, town, and village has a telenacle. The mainland, just called Rusca, is only home to Russian speaking citizens, and it is the hub of the Ruscan culture.

Kaitlyngrad Oblast[edit]

The Oblast was originally a colony from Alemania for many centuries, where it used to be home to the legendary city of Kaisersberg. Later on, when Alemania joined Khanzem, Rusca invaded the Oblast and sacked the city of Kaisersberg, renaming it to Kaytlinsgrad. Ever since, Rusca has maintained it's influence on the Oblast. Because of the invasion, Snowzerland has threatened Rusca that they would retake the Oblast by force, which is ruining the tensions between Snowzerland and Rusca.

Republic of Krym[edit]

Created in 2014, is an island located right off the southwestern coast of Rusca. It was created by Director Benny, who was paid by the Ruscan government to do so, much to the international community's disapproval. Surprisingly enough, Benny had also created a new group of penguins related to Khanz Penguins living there known as the Krymine Tatares, who claim the island as their own, though the Ruscans took them over against their wishes. The island is well known for it's beautiful beaches and numerous resorts and spas. Currently, large resort cities and development is underway so that the island can be suitable for Ruscan tourists in the coming years.


Ruscan Military Star.png

The Ruscan Army, nicknamed the Grand Red Army, consists of soldiers from all over the Federation, mostly from the Mainland. The Ruscan Army is known for being well disciplined and very, very dedicated. Unlike the Snoss, the Ruscoe Soldiers are hard working when on duty, and would do anything for their country. The soldiers are also very friendly and are very casual when they are off duty. However, the Ruscan Army's favorite pastime is drinking a lot of Cream Soda, usually resulting in them getting intoxicated. Unfortunately, research shows that 25% of these soldiers have addiction issues with Cream Soda, and many of them continue to drink the delicious stuff anyways. Despite their weaknesses, the Ruscan Army is very big, have the latest modern technology available (All Manufactured in the Nation and it's Territories), and do not dress old fashioned like the Castillan Army. The Ruscan Army also has a good air force with aircraft all manufactured inside the nation with care. They have a decent Navy, with a regular fleet of ships. However, the Ruscan Sailors are known to be very lazy, and do not get into action until they actually see it. On the contrary, the Submarine division of the Navy is pretty good. Rusca's secret agency is known as the NRR, which is also classified as a paramilitary group whose purpose is to hunt down any wanted criminals, terrorists, and SSS spies.


Although the cultures differ from each island, all the cultures reflect a Slavic background.


The Mainland is known for making a lot of different types of soups, ranging from red cabbage soup to dumplings. Besides soup, Fish is the most abundant food available. Ruscans enjoy eating different types of fish, but their most favorite tend to be the Salmon, the Sturgeon, and the Herring. Other dishes may include Kapusta, a type of Slavic saurkraut, Fish Stroganoff, and Pilmeni, a type of dumpling served in broth. For dessert, Ruscans enjoy eating marshmallow sweets called Zephyr and enjoy eating delicacies like chocolates from candy wrappers and ice cream. Recently, salty black licorice has become more popular, although still disliked by the general public. For Drinks, Ruscans love Ruscan Cream Soda, which is a higher concentrated version of Cream Soda and is much more stronger in taste and carbonation than other Cream Sodas. Other drinks include Kefir, a yogurt like beverage that can come in different flavors, and Carbonated Water, which can also be given taste.


Ruscan Architecture.png

The Ruscan Federation is home to many colorful buildings in it's cities that typically are either orange, yellow, or a reddish-pink color. Ruscan buildings are prominent and have been influenced by other nations from the Ninja Archipelago, such as Alemania and Frankterre, although the Ruscans always add their own special touch to it. These buildings are also found in some towns and villages, but they tend to be two to three stories high while the city buildings range from three to six stories. Remove villages could still have wooden, one story houses that are painted and have some wooden engravings done. Since the 1960's, the Communist Rusca reinstated that the country would provide free housing for all it's citizens, therefore many regular large apartment buildings were made for the citizens, some replaced older rotting buildings while others replaced the long abandoned ruins of buildings that were destroyed during the Khanzem War. Because the federation is no longer communist, Ruscan apartments are no longer free. Ruscan telenacles are very famous for their unique structures that completely contrast with typical telenacles in the rest of Antarctica, since many of their cathedral telenacles are famous for having multiple onion shaped domes made of brightly colored tiles and/or sometimes gold.


Previously, Rusca used to be a communist run country, meaning that all businesses used to be owned by the government. However, Rusca had separated from East Pengolia in 2010 after a brief one year union, and capitalism was re-established. Rusca is theoretically a capitalist country, but in reality displays mixed market elements. Rusca is home to many multi-million companies and therefore very wealthy oligarchs that are free to run their own businesses and use their economic power to invest on local infrastructure and public services. It is noted that privately owned public services such as hospitals are of better quality than those run by the state. The nation also has a Petroleum and Natural Gas monopoly, and the government owns approximately 50% of its stocks. Rusca is now a popular trading partner with the rest of the AU and East Pengolia since it is a popular manufacturer or aircraft, weaponry, and foreign cars, particularly Renno, which originated in Frankterre. Rusca also produces high amounts of grain and fruits as well. Rusca is the Ninja Archipelago's largest producer of the liquorice root, and Batavia is one of their biggest exporters since the Batavians famously use the root for their liquorice candies.

Government and Politics[edit]

Rusca is a democracy that is ruled as a Republic. It contains the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. Their national legislature is known as the Duma. The leader of the Executive branch is the president, who is elected every four years and can be re-elected as many times as he wants, since the Ruscan constitution does not limit a president from having a limited amount of terms. However, the president can only have two consecutive terms, so usually a new president can come in before the old one starts his next pair of terms. The country is highly conservative in politics, though with some communist inspired undertones in order to keep big business at bay. Communism is not frowned upon here by the General Public but few really want to fully go back to communist rule. The Communist party is the second largest political party in the country, after the Ruscan Conservative Party.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • Snowzerland/Alemania - Poor. Bitter rivalry. They are said to have nukes pointing at each other in case if one of them dares to attack.
  • Castilla - Decent. They get along quite well and help each other out quite a bit.
  • Batavia - Good. They also get along and sometimes have summits together.
  • Snowprus - Excellent. Rusca's most favorite ally who are considered "sister" nations since the Ruscan Cyrillic language derived from the Snowpriot Greek language.
  • East Pengolia - Good. They are still strong allies and good trading partners.
  • West Pengolia - Bad. Though West Pengolia acknowledges its independence, they still don't like them for siding with East Pengolia to begin with. A reason why relations are harsh.
  • USA - OK. They don't communicate much eather, but like most AU nations, Rusca wishes to conquer it.
  • Freezeland - Good. They are fair trading partners.
  • Lisboagal - Excellent. Since the separation from East Pengolia, political and economical ties with Lisboagal has increased since Lisboagal is one of Rusca's largest weaponry buyer.
  • Margate - Fair. Margate and Rusca are trade partners. However, they are competitors for the title of energy superpower.


  • Mwa Mwa Penguins are frowned upon in Rusca, and the promotion of them is illegal.
    • There are some militant group of Mwa Mwas and Str00dels in the South West area of the country that want to secede.
  • The Ruscan city of Socha hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • The Ruscans created a new island province off its southwestern coast known as Krym. Director Benny put it into existence after the Ruscan Government paid him a bribe, and hence created a popular island resort with beautiful beaches and excellent ports for docking Navy ships.
  • There is a controversial law in Rusca stating a ban in memes.

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