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Title none
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Darktan's Army
Health good
Status Assassinating
Location Could be your neighborhood rooftop
Birth date January 5, 1993
Occupation Assassin
Color Shady Gray
Interests assassinating, parkour
Friends his associates, DTA, Ivan Williams
Enemies his victims/targets, Flywish
Archetype Evil
Weapon of choice A rusty tomahawk

Rusty (Real Name Unknown) is a top secret assassin who keeps his face covered most of the time. He earned the nickname "Rusty" from his assassin weapon of choice; a rusty tomahawk. He works a full time assassin job for Darktan's Army. He also works alone when paid.


Early Life[edit]

Rusty was born on January 5th, 1993 to his parents who we don't know the names of in the town of Froston. Growing up, he would often watch some local penguins perform parkour, the activity of jumping from one structure to another. Then, when he was 10, he began training with the parkour group. Within the first few weeks, he broke his foot after a bad landing. When it healed, he ended up improving his parkour skill. By the time he was 13, he was as nimble, quick, and coordinated as the locals who had train him. He didn't do very well in school though, he was failing classes and always getting in trouble for fighting with other penguins due to his anger management issues. He had to drop out of school when he was 16. His parents were furious and kicked him out of their house. This left Rusty out on the street having to find a job suitable for a high school dropout.


After a month of fending for himself on the streets of Froston, Rusty needed to find a career and quickly. Parkour could only get him a circus gig which barely came around his town anyway. When waddling around town, he came across a rusty tomahawk that he picked up and kept with him for luck. Then one night, he waddled into an alleyway and overheard someone talking.

Penguin (On the phone): No he's not dead yet, I can't find someone to do the job... I'll find someone, I promise.

Rusty waddled up to him.

Rusty: Looking for an assassin sir?

Penguin: Yes, there's a penguin who me and my friend need to be eliminated.

Rusty: Interesting, how much does this job pay?

Penguin: If you're interested, I'll pay ya 8000 coins.

Rusty: You've got a deal sir, here's my number in case of a plan change.

Penguin: Excellent!

Atter recieving information from the shady penguin, Rusty was set to kill a penguin named Franklin Walker who lived two blocks away from the alley. He bought a mask and gloves with money he had stolen from a wallet. After that, he put on his black hoodie and climbed up a pipe. Using his parkour skills, he leapt rooftop-to-rooftop and found his target using some night vision binoculars he took from his room when his parents kicked him out. He took the rusty tomahawk out of his pocket which he named 'Lucky', and threw it at his target. The tomahawk fatally struck Walter in the head. With as much quickness at possible, Rusty climbed down from the rooftop he was on, grabbed the tomahawk, and ran in the shadows back to his client, surprisingly, he was still there.

Penguin: You're back, has the deed been done?

Rusty: Frank Walker is no more.

He was given a handkercheif to wipe the blood from the tips of Lucky, and his reward. Luckily, the police never discovered Rusty. The 8000 coins he recieved were enough to get him his own apartment. He moved into the apartment and word spread that he was still doing assassin jobs. Eventually, by 2003, Darktan had caught wind of him and invited him to join his army as an assassin. Of course, Rusty accepted and now had a place to stay. He moved into the Darktonian Realm. While in the realm, he met Ivan Williams, another assassin for Darktan. They would always talk about how their assassination careers would go. Then one day in 2009, after Manny Peng recieved a threat letter from Flywish, Darktan ordered Rusty into his office.

Darktan: Rusty, I have a big job for you, it regards the letter Manny Peng recieved from Flywish.

Rusty: I'm killing Flywish?

Darktan: We'll save that for if he goes too far, but for now, we need to send him a message.

Rusty: Sounds fun, what's the job?

Darktan: You will take this cookie, do not eat it though, for it is poisoned. His wife, Rose goes for a walk at 4:00 pm everyday and absolutely loves cookies. Drop a cookie on the path she walks, and then sit back and watch the fun happen. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Rusty: You've got yourself a deal sir.

After this, Rusty was off to Flywish Island. He camped in a bush soemwhere behind the mansion that Flywish lived in. He placed the cookie in the path as requested by Darktan. Rose went on the walk as promised and the inevitable happened. Rusty had done his job and left a note from Darktan, which he also requested Rusty to do, next to Rose's body, using his gloves of course. He fled the country without being seen. He got back to the Darktonian Realm and has been doing lots of more jobs ever since.

Notable Victims[edit]

  • Franklin Walker


  • He grieves over the death of Ivan a lot.
  • He's never been caught by Flywish, but it's rumored that Flywish got wind of him during the War of Vengeance
  • He's only been discovered once.
    • This got him a 1 year sentence.
  • He is allergic to Knicicles

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