Rutger Globin

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Rutger Globin
Him in his best clothes, without a cape
Born Rutger
1992, October, 13
Sub-Antarctic Islands
Nationality Antarctican
Other names "Smoothie Guy"
Education None
Alma mater None
Occupation Smoothie Maker
Years active 3
Notable works None
Home town Club Penguin Island
Height 3 feet
Weight 80 pounds
Known for Making the best smoothies
Title Smoothie Guy
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Bogdan Globin and Doina Globin
Relatives None

Rutger Globin (1990-) is an Emperor Penguin with WRPV Vampenguism. He is currently the penguin who makes the smoothies in the Pizza Parlor.


Rutger was born to Bogdan Globin and Doina Globin in their igloo, after several months of waiting for him to hatch. His feathers were a natural pure white color, and his beak was pale. His parents were worried he may some sort of disease or defect, but were told he was simply a rare pure white penguin. He also got his accent from his parents.

He lived happily with his two parents until he was five, where his mother died unexpectedly of a rare disease contracted from undercooked squid. Him and his father also caught the disease, and his father died shortly after, but Rutger managed to hold on and made a full recovery.

When he turned 7, he had his blood sucked by a Vampenguin, and managed to get WRPV from him. His eyes turned red and he developed a fear of tomatoes and pumpkins. He gained a curious resistance to sunlight, as it did not hurt him, but instead made him very uncomfortable. He went through lots of thereapy and eventually lived on like normal.

When he turned 15, he had secured a job in the Pizza Parlor serving smoothies, which has since became his prime source of income to pay for furniture and food, and satisfied his craving for blood by getting some from blood banks.


  • His accent messes up his conversations almost all the time, and annoys most of the customers, which explains why he is not a cashier.
  • He has a large hatred of the game Find Four, as he is horrible at it.
  • He tends to wear a black suit, black bow tie, and a red shirt, along with a wig of shiny black hair. (He is actually bald.)
  • He has not figured out how to turn into a Focci, so many consider him being very bad at being a Vampenguin.
  • He likes to spend his days off fishing.