Ryan Crosby

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Vice President Ryan Crosby of the Republic of Acadia

In office
January 15, 2015 – Incumbent
President Brant
Preceded by John Archer

Member of Parliament
In office
January 15, 2010 – January 14, 2015
Preceded by Gavin Thomas
Succeeded by Justin Miller

Ryan Crosby (1988 - ) is the current Vice President of Acadia. Like his President, Brant, he fought in the Colonial Antarctica War and helped write Acadia's constitution. He also has a younger brother, Joseph, who is running for President of the USA.


Ryan Crosby was born on May 1, 1988 in Club Penguin to William and Sarah Crosby. As a child, he played with Brant, and they were the best of friends. Eventually, they went to the dojo to practice together, and they became ninjas quickly, although Swiss Ninja beat them by five days, much to their annoyance.

However, his peaceful life was disrupted in 1995 when the Colonial Antarctica War started. Ryan, like Brant, looking for adventure, joined the Revolutionists along with Brant. He participated in the early battles of Ski Hill and the Siege of Club Penguin. Like Brant, he joined the Acadian Patriots. He then participated in the Battles of Rockhopper Island, Cream Soda Creek, and Alemaniantown, in which he was captured.

For the next two years, Ryan spent time in a Puffish prison ship, which was dirty and crowded. He caught pneumonia, and almost died. This would weaken him for the rest of his life. However, his friend Brant eventually arranged a prisoner exchange for him the be released. By the time he was released, he was severely weakened.

For the next year, he was resting and gaining his strength and health. To keep him from being bored, he read law books, which would later help him in his political career. He also planned to be a lawyer when the war was over.

After a month of resting, Ryan rejoined the army, just in time for the Battle of York Street. The Battle was a decisive victory for the Revolutionists, and helped win the war. The Treaty of Parie was written a year later, and the USA and Acadia was formed.

After the war, Ryan returned to Acadia, where he became a lawyer. He also got married in 2005, and had a daughter named Kate in 2008. He was a very successful lawyer for ten years, until 2010, when he decided to do something bigger, he decided to run for Member of Parliament. He won, and served as Member of Parliament for 5 years until 2015.

In late 2014, he and Brant planned to run for the Executive Office, with him as Vice President and Brant as President. Many campaigners joked at them for being too young. However, many in Acadia believed in the two, and they won the election in 2015.


  • He is a High Penguin, like many other Acadians.