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That's Him.
Title S1
Gender Male
Race Cloned Super Penguin
Faction Evil.
Health Evil.
Level Evil.
Status Evil.
Location Secret RDA Base
Birth date RDA Cloning Laboratory
Occupation Evil Super Villain
Interests World Domination, Serving the Kaiser.
Friends Swiss Ninja
Enemies Shadow Guy II, Shadow Guy
Archetype Evil, Villain

S1 is the first RDA Clone of Shadow Guy. Unlike his brother and "Father", he is an evil villain.


S1 was a successful clone made by the RDA who would become Evil and help Swiss Ninja take over Antarctica. Well, at first, S1 was good, but was later persuaded to Evil. His brother, however, was much more smarter than that. S1 was trained to be a very powerful Serth and super villain. Like his father, he can harness the power of the shadow......but can also use Serth powers, like shooting lighting from his flippers. He wishes to help SN take over the world and destroy his twin.


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