Shadow Guy II

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Shadow Guy II
Full S2.png
That's Him.
Title Shadow Guy II, S2
Gender Male
Race Cloned Super Penguin
Faction Experiment
Health Better than his twin brother.
Level Super.
Status Active.
Birth date Terninia
Occupation Super Hero
Interests Safety, Super Powers, Crime Fighting, Adventure
Friends Hochstadt Gang, "Friends" are Swiss Ninja, S1, and the RDA Troopers.
Enemies Darktan and his minions, the UPM
Archetype Good Guy.

Shadow Guy II, or originally known as S2, is the second Clone of the original Shadow Guy. He and his older twin S1 happen to be a bit more powerful than the original Shadow Guy, as they are actually Jerdi.


S2, or Shadow Guy II, his only designated names, was born on Terninia with his brother S1. S2 and S1 where clones of the famed super hero Shadow Guy, who did not agree to have himself cloned, but Django Ghent was able to get a DNA sample. His job is to lead the RDA Trooper Clones in battle with his brother S1, but he later found out his real purpose, and had sworn in secret to help the good. For now, however, S2 lives on Terninia and helps clones and his brother.


In the Future, (in 2030), when Swiss Ninja Hochstadt becomes Emperor Pengvintine, S2 makes his move by joining the good side, and finally meets his "Father" Shadow Guy in the secret Viking Base in Freezeland.


S2 first came into involvement in Travelling All of Antarctica when he flew Akbaboy to Gottfried and Piper in Freezeland. S2 at a time led the travelling all of Antarctica mission after Gottfried was badly hurt in Torona, Calada. Eventually, He too took the blow from Snoss attacks, and S2 was captured and taken to Terninia again while Clovis led the mission. Gottfried recovered and Piper was rescued (twice), and with Clovis they went to Terninia and saved S2 from nearly being killed.


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