SF Paranormal Division

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SF Paranormal Division
SF Paranormal Division insignia.png
SF Paranormal Division insignia
Military overview
Formed 1989
Jurisdiction Ed Island
Headquarters SF Central Command, Bridgestadt
Parent Military Ed Island Special Forces

The SF Paranormal Division is an organization within the Ed Island Special Forces specializing in uncovering historical and paranormal artifacts which could be used to further the goals of Ed Island. A main focus of the Paranormal Division is the gathering of magic High Penguin artifacts and weapons, officially to prevent them from being used against the 'lesser' penguins, but in reality to harness the magic abilities for the organization's own purposes. The SF paranormal division is the successor of the Stasi-VT Paranormal Division, disbanded after the entirety of the Stasi-VT was absorbed into the SF in 1984.



The Paranormal Division possesses a massive amount of resources compared to other SF divisions, from transport aircraft and U-boats to secret testing facilities.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designation Role Cartridge Description
Handguns and Sidearms
Assault Rifles and SMGs
StG-3T Assault Rifle 7.92x33mm A heavier variant of the standard StG-3, designed to have as little recoil as possible in addition to a longer service life . The StG-3T possesses a folding front grip that can be removed in favor of an underslung grenade launcher attachment.
Energy Weapons
Leichenfaust 99 Energy Weapon N/A Literally translating to corpse fist 99, the Leichenfaust99 is a rechargeable beam weapons capable of disintegrating enemy targets.



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