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Type Comics
Genre varies
Founded 1981 (Clock Tower Comics)
2002 (SHAZAM)
Headquarters South Pole City, United States of Antarctica
Number of locations 20+
Area served All of Antarctica
Products Comic strips, comic books, etc.
Owner(s) Stan PengLee
Employees 200+
Parent SHAZAM Entertainment

SHAZAM Comics (usually known as just SHAZAM) is a comic book company that produces toys, games, and illustrated works based on their characters, who are mostly "Superheroes". They founded and became a subsidiary of SHAZAM Entertainment in 2008, once they became interested in producing movies. SHAZAM Studios was founded in 2010, and is responsible for the SHAZAM Cinematic Universe, which links together all of SHAZAM's cinematic creations. SHAZAM was founded back in 1981 as Clock Tower Comics by a relative of Stan PengLee who wanted to make Superhero comics.


Superheros became popular for a time in the late 1970s and early 1980s. A relative of Stan PengLee wanted to be a part of the craze- so he started Clock Tower Comics in 1981. He asked Stan to create some superheroes for the company, so Stan came up with Clock Tower's first superhero- Penguin Man. Though he was quite simple compared to superheroes of today, Penguin Man was a massive hit, and the comic became popular with fans all over Olde Antarctica. Stan later made the superhero "Super Penguin", though he was much less popular. In the early 1990s Stan made movies for each of these heros via Penguin Productions, sparking up popularity for the characters once again. However, this didn't last and both comics were cancelled in 1994, and Clock Tower Comics was left bankrupt and abandoned until 2002.

Clock Tower was revived under the name SHAZAM Comics in 2002, with Stan PengLee acting as CEO. Under the new SHAZAM name, the company became one of the most well known and popular comic book companies in Antarctica, releasing popular titles such as Captain Antarctica: Hero of Khanzem! and The Adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.


Here is a list of known comics produced by SHAZAM since they were founded in 2002. Although most are based on real superheroes, some characters were created by SHAZAM writers. Italics indicates current comic series.

A comic series about Captain Antarctica's real and fictitious adventures during the Khanzem War. In the comics, he is often aided by the Seal Commandos, and his (possibly fictional) sidekick. The comic was ended in 2009, a few months after Captain Antarctica was found.
  • The Adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal (2008-)
This comic debuted shortly after the massive success of the play Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, and has remained a fan favorite comic since then as the titular heroes battle numerous monsters and foes, from Squidzoid to Space Squids and beyond. In the May 2015 issue, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal got new costumes, which upset many long-time fans.
  • Captain Antarctica (2009-)
A reboot of the Captain Antarctica comic, created after the Captain Antarctica was found in 2009. Over the years it has went through many name changes, including: Captain Antarctica: The Hero Returns!, and Captain Antarctica: The First Defender.
  • The Bat-tective (2010)
A comic starring the fictional "Bat-tective", a character suspiciously similar to Detective Focci created after he refused to give them the license to run a comic featuring him. It was poorly received and cancelled after only two issues.
  • The Defenders (2010-)
  • Penguin Man (2012-)
A reboot of the classic "Adventures of Penguin Man" series, this series aimed to revive and modernize Penguin Man for modern comic book readers, and has currently succeeded. Though the two series don't share the same canon, the reboot often throws in references from the original series.
  • League of Super Penguins (2012-)
A comic series about the League of Super Penguins' adventures, most of them based on the real adventures of the League. One of the top 20 bestselling comic series that SHAZAM Comics has sold.

SHAZAM Cinematic Universe[edit]

The poster for Iron Penguin.

In 2012, SHAZAM started making superhero movies about their comics that would all be intertwined into one movie-universe. Iron Penguin was the first film, and received fantastic reviews but also criticism from a lot of fans due to it being Iron Penguin instead of Iron Walrus like the actual superhero. Since then, they've released numerous films that led up to a Defenders crossover movie, and continue to release movies on an semi-annual basis (minimum two a year since 2015). They have also made a few smaller TV shows for certain characters instead of full movies, but the shows are still considered a part of the SCU. The largest complaint with the SCU is from fans who dislike that the movies often deviate from their comic book origins, often drastically changing comic-inspired storylines, character backgrounds and appearances.


  • It is a parody of MARVEL.
  • Mabel is surprisingly a fan of it. However, she still won't attend their panel at Penguin Con.