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A Shopper soldier aiming his machine gun.

The SIA Army the branch of the SIA's military responsible for ground and elite operations. It is one of the SIA's four military divisions, along with the navy, air force and coast guard.


The SIA Army has always been the largest division of Shops' armed forces ever since they were founded under a weak basis in 2010. Through much expansion and heavy funding, it has quickly become the largest division of the armed forces. It also employs the majority of SIA armed personnel. They have fought hardest in most of Shops' battles.


A Shopper soldier fighting in the deserts of Malabar during the Liberation of Planet 1984.

The SIA's army has been best known for its harsh fighting against their enemies in the Great Yowien War, the Fall of Nexon, and to a lesser extent, the Plague War. Tanks have always played an important role, as both troop transport and the brunt of Shops' firepower up until November 2013. The SIA's army also encompasses the 9001st Legion, the most popular military squadron in the entire SIA. Also, above others, the army is known for its brutal tactics in its strategy in comparison to the air force or navy.



The army's tanks weigh 50 tons a piece, and are the largest in Antarctica. two-foot thick bombproof armor made out of iron and reinforced concrete make the tank almost impenetrable to bullet fire. The only weak spots are the sides of the tracks, which are covered in armor, and the gun. The tank can employ four or five penguins each and is able to fire shells with ease, but with little precision. However, new technology is helping with accuracy.

As of October 2013, Shops also has a small army of around 250 amphibious tanks, which can operate underwater. They can be secured on the bottom of a ship's hull, then dropped in the middle of the ocean. The giant tracks make it able to crawl along the seabed. They can launch missiles from underwater, and are able to emerge almost completely undetected.


Wheeled transport vehicles are lackluster and not very unique in the army. They were generally only used for on-ground troop and weapons transport. Medical aid, food supplies, and other amenities are often transported from ports to the front via these vehicles. Many of these vehicles are also equipped to transport large amounts of gasoline to the front for the tanks to use. Tanks are often more-so relied on to move heavy equipment and troops.



Shops employs many different types of normal guns in their service. Most SIA soldiers carry a standard sub-machine gun, or two 9-Millimeter pistols. Shopper guns are generally low-grade, due to the SIA's dependence on heavy weaponry as an alternative. The SIA has an arsenal of well over one million guns in total.


As of recently, large heavy artillery cannons have become commonplace in Shops' military. It has proven to be effective when Shopper forces have to dig in to defend themselves. Artillery Cannons are usually towed behind trucks or tanks when they need to be moved. The cannons are huge, with twelve-foot long guns that can fire shells about one thousand feet ahead.



Offensive army divisions are often responsible for taking leading roles in battles where Shops Island is the aggressor. These divisions are often the first on the battlefield, and can often be seen leading the charge into enemy territory. Offensive squadrons are heavily-armored and operate the largest proportion of tanks in the army. The offensive squadrons are also usually flanked by significant air support in more tricky conditions.

  • Shopper Elite Squadron 1
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 2
  • 9001st Legion
  • 48th Legion
  • 1st Legion
  • 2nd Legion
  • Shopper Attack Legion 1
  • Shopper Attack Legion 2
  • Shopper Armed Assault Legion


Combative divisions deal with the more tactical and precise elements of warfare. Whenever the offensive divisions have finished their job of clearing away the bulk of the enemy resistance, combative squadrons are tasked with securing the conquered territory and quashing any remaining rebellion. Soldiers in the combative divisions carry many weapons such as grenades, sidearms, knicicles and communications devices on their person at all times. These soldiers are also well-trained, as they are expected to meet and beat the most elite fighters from other countries. The combative divisions work very closely with the SIA Special Forces at all times when war plans are involved, as the special forces are key to providing intelligence to the army.

  • Shopper Elite Squadron 3
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 4
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 5
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 6
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 7
  • 96th Legion
  • 43rd Legion
  • Shopper Assault Marines
  • Shopper Special Armored Division 1
  • Shopper Special Armored Division 2


Shopper Defensive Squadrons are often tasked with overseeing the successful defense of particularly vulnerable areas in wartime. In most cases, these troops are used as backup in case something goes awry with the aforementioned squadrons. Defensive divisions can often be seen patrolling civilian areas after the other two divisions have rolled out. They can also be seen patrolling Shopper territory in peacetime when the threat level is high.

  • Shopper Elite Squadron 8
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 9
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 10
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 11
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 12
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 13
  • Shopper Elite Squadron 14
  • 27th Legion
  • 1st Hussar Group
  • 2nd Hussar Group
  • 3rd Hussar Group

Allegations of War Crimes[edit]

The Shopper Army has been accused of committing war crimes on multiple occasions, notably in the death-rows of the Frosian War and during the Fall of Nexon, both cases in which many innocent civilians of enemy nations were killed. International amnesty groups have criticized the military of their treatment of POW's held in Fort Celatum, not including what happens behind closed doors in Level X. These amnesty groups attack the maltreatment of POW's held in the prison at Fort Celatum, notably Zhouese prisoners from the GSWVI, Nexonan prisoners from the Fall of Nexon, and Puffalian and Pufforuscan prisoners from the Frosian War. Shops Island, the SIA, and the Shopper Army have all denied such allegations.



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