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The SIA Coast Guard is the coast guard of Shops Island. They are the smallest branch of the military, and work independently of the army, navy and air force. Their most common operations involve search and rescue procedures.


After the Frosian War, the Shopper Government saw that they needed a branch of the military specifically for protecting domestic sea traffic and security in home waters. Proposals for an extension to the navy were made, but it was eventually decided that it would be better to open up a new branch altogether. While they were at it, they decided to turn the coast guard into a search and rescue operations command as well.


The SIA Coast Guard is mainly responsible for the protection of Shopper sea cargo and transport. They are also responsible for search and rescue missions both on land and at sea, often cooperating with Shopper police forces. In some cases, the Coast Guard will help in relief efforts after natural disasters. They use many specially designed and powerful ships, as well as giant helicopters to get to places in need of assistance. They also use many Troop Transport Units from the army. The Coast Guard has never had an active role in any wars as they aren't oriented for combat. The Coast Guard is the only branch of the military that doesn't go to fight in a war.


  • 1st Naval Defense Squadron
  • 2nd Naval Defense Squadron
  • 3rd Naval Defense Squadron
  • 4th Naval Defense Squadron
  • 5th Naval Defense Squadron
  • 1st Naval Rescue Squadron
  • 2nd Naval Rescue Squadron
  • 1st Aerial Rescue Squadron
  • 2nd Aerial Rescue Squadron
  • 3rd Aerial Rescue Squadron
  • 4th Aerial Rescue Squadron
  • 5th Aerial Rescue Squadron
  • 1st Disaster Squadron
  • 2nd Disaster Squadron
  • 3rd Disaster Squadron



  • During peacetime, many sailors from the Navy are relocated to the Coast Guard.

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