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A sailor of the SIA's navy.
See Also: Shopper Nautical Commission

The SIA Navy is a division of the SIA Armed Forces, acting alongside the army, air force and coast guard. The navy is responsible for any and all operations on the waters or below the waves, that includes duties such as guarding Shopper territory and trade routes. All Shopper naval craft don the prefix SV with them. The SIA Navy is Antarctica's largest navy by fleet size and firepower.


The Navy sprouted late, with Shops Island's first vessels coming into service in March 2013 after the first major military expansion. The naval forces were slow to expand at all, with only a limited number of ships and crew members for a long time. After the Fall of Nexon, it became very apparent that it would be difficult for the Shoppers to assert their dominance any further without a formidable navy. So, in November 2013, the navy got a major expansion with many new vessels and troop transport units. During the Frosian War, the navy greatly expanded, with the introduction of 200 new dreadnoughts, over 1000 new ships, thirty new corvettes, ten new aircraft carriers, 100 new submarines, and much more. Though it is still weaker than the army and air force, the navy is a force to be reckoned with on the naval stage.


The SIA Navy is actively involved in protecting Shopper territorial waters, islands, and important trade routes such as the Frosian Islands. Ships are always scattered around Shops' territories throughout Antarctica, ready to fight off any willing opponent.

They first flaunted their power in the run-up to the Great Yowien War, when the navy helped blockade the Yowien Sea in response to Yow's interest in pursuing the development of nuclear weapons, and also in accord with the April 2013 UAN Resolutions. The navy helped in major troop deployments during the invasion of the Yow Kingdom Island, and later helped minorly in the invasion of Hontana. During the Fall of Nexon, the navy was the only connection between Shops Island and their strongholds on Nexon island. The navy suffered horribly during many devastating battles, heavily due in thanks to the Nexonans' tactics. During the Plague War, Shopper dreadnoughts were responsible for lots of destruction and artillery fire in helping of the destruction of the Melodeeves. The Navy greatly expanded and became a force to be reckoned with during the Frosian War, although most of this came at a devastating cost.



Shopper warships come in two classes: Standard Warships and the Dreadnoughts. Standard ships are commonly used for civilian purposes, and to enforce Shopper policy on things like trade or naval blockades. Dreadnoughts are used for battle; they're equipped with heavy arsenals of guns to mercilessly attack any enemy targets. Dreadnoughts are also, unlike warships, decked in the SIA's infamous "Shopper Camo". The dreadnoughts are also well-known for their superior firepower.


The SIA has a total of around 1520 warships and dreadnoughts all together. However, only some dreadnoughts are listed, as not many warships or dreadnoughts retain names, most only retain numbers.

List of Dreadnoughts

  • SV Beleaguer
  • SV Determination
  • SV Frosian Islands
  • SV Hardened Spirit
  • 'SV Enduring Freedom
  • SV Victory
  • SV Ocean Triumph
  • SV Winter Drift
  • SV Flaming Dart
  • SV Iron Resolve
  • SV Northern Watch
  • SV Vigilant Warrior
  • SV Empire
  • SV Odyssey Dawn
  • SV Imperial Might
  • SV Credible Force
  • SV Pillar of Defense
  • SV Hornet
  • SV Juniper Shield
  • SV Axle Ranger
  • SV Unified Protector

Aircraft Carriers[edit]

Shops Island possesses Antarctica's largest fleet of aircraft carriers, currently totaling at 20 vessels. In spite of the massive fleet size, however, Shopper aircraft carriers are considered low quality compared to those in the likes of the Antarctican and Puffish navies, and as such are much more susceptible to airstrikes, torpedoing and mechanical failure than many other classes of aircraft carrier. Shopper aircraft carriers are also quite small in comparison to other countries' aircraft carriers, with each vessel only being able to house between 20 and 25 fighter planes, many of which require STOL technology to operate. Shops Island prefers to use their landing craft to hasten invasion processes instead of aircraft carriers, of which they deem inefficient.

Shops Island also owns ten Hovercraft Carriers, which are giant hovercrafts that are larger than normal aircraft carriers. They can operate on both land and water. They have two runways, and double the capacity of normal aircraft carriers. They are considered to be portable air force bases by the Shopper Air Force.


This is a total list of all Shopper aircraft carriers.

List of Aircraft Carriers

  • SV North Star
  • SV Ocean Rock
  • SV Enlightenment
  • SV Luna
  • SV Payload
  • SV Armament
  • SV Sea Spirit
  • SV Paradise
  • SV Megaton
  • SV Guardian
  • SV Determinator
  • SV Hazard
  • SV Jackpot
  • SV Titan
  • SV Lancer
  • SV Seer
  • SV Exodus
  • SV Unthinkable
  • SV Vigilance
  • SV Mercenary

Hovercraft Carriers

  • SV Minuteman
  • SV Berserker
  • SV Persistence
  • SV Raven
  • SV Allegiance
  • SV Solace
  • SV Quantum

Landing Craft[edit]

The Landing Craft are designed for carrying large amounts of troops or equipment via the water. They can be docked in ports, or can be landed on beaches for a quick invasion. They are very much like the naval version of the LATTU. Landing Craft are meant to be numerous and disposable. The craft are anything but advanced, with only the most basic of technology built into the systems. The hulls of the landing crafts are usually made out of scrap metal or poor-quality sheet iron. They are often referred to as "Rusties", due to most of the craft accumulating a lot of rust over time. They are very efficient in transporting troops and/or equipment when these vehicles are used in large numbers.


SIA submarines have a very different design in comparison to other submarines of other nations' possession. Shopper submarines are driven by an air turbine in the back, which makes it look very unconventional from an angle. Many other countries' navies have teased this design, dubbing Shopper submarines as "pencils".


  • Shops Sea Fleet
  • Antarctic Ocean Fleet
  • Yowien Sea Fleet
  • 1st Marine Division
  • 2nd Marine Division
  • 3rd Marine Division
  • 4th Marine Division
  • 5th Marine Division
  • 1st Naval Fleet
  • 2nd Naval Fleet
  • 3rd Naval Fleet
  • Ocean Legion
  • Waters Legion
  • Sea Legion


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