SIA Space Command Fleet

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SIA Space Command Fleet
The SIA Space Command Fleet emblem; more specifically that of the 9001st Legion, as stated at the bottom of the badge.
Strategic Attack and Defense Agency overview
Formed June 25, 2013
Dissolved Late 2013/Early 2014
Superseding agency SIA Air Force
Jurisdiction Shops Island, Space
Headquarters Shops City, Central Shops, Shops Island.
Employees 50,000
Annual budget None/Slashed
Strategic Attack and Defense Agency executive LMGT, Leader
Parent Strategic Attack and Defense Agency SIA
Key document Declaration of the Great Space Race of 2013
This was the most heavily funded Shopper government project ever.

The SIA Space Command Fleet is the official space fighting and development division for Shops Island, and is an off-branch of the SIA. Its purpose is to mass-produce all SIA-designed spacecraft. With the help of SIA Drones, Shops held an advantage over the USA and Snowzerland, considering it could use drones to perform free, but strenuous labor, and therefore produce massive amounts of spacecraft.

The agency once had a record-breaking budget of half a trillion WB$ (500 billion). For this, Shops had to make budget cuts to the SIA, the CIPF, and the WAB so they wouldn't dive into recession. Shops, however, has started easing the budget and slowly lowering it down from 500 billion WB$ as less and less vehicles were being handmade, and more were being cloned. This budget plateaued again after ships started being built on the moon base. The SIA Space Command Fleet was dissolved in January 2014, after a two month dismantlement period.


The SIA Space Command Fleet was created in haste in June 2013, once they officially joined the space race that had already been heating up between the USA and Snowzerland. When it was founded, the command fleet only had Shops' traditionally-powered spacecraft such as the Shopscovery and the Laurifer. However, on July 3 2013, the agency officially announced that it had successfully put its first space station in space, the Prosperity Space Station. It was currently the largest orbiting around earth, and was put in space with the help of the agency's newly-found way of propulsion.

The agency soon put their newly-designed fleets of space vehicles into mass-production. Plants were set up all along the coast of Western Shops. Uranium Island and Plutonium Bay were put back to work to create more SIA drones to do the factory work. The new spacecraft were coming out of the plants and being launched at record paces.


Around the time of the aftermath of the Fall of Nexon, reports stated that all funds for the SIA Space Command Fleet had been slashed, and they had been redirected to more Earth-bound measures. Officials went into the process of dissolving the agency and recycling or scrapping most of their craft. Only the Prosperity Space Stations, a few Nebula craft, and a couple hundred fighters remained in service under direct SIA jurisdiction after the command fleet wa dissolved. The dissolution process was completed in January 2014.


The SIA Space Command Fleet gained an advantage over the USA and Snowzerland when it became the first to successfully develop a new way of propulsion. It was tested with the Prosperity Space Station, which was completely built on the ground. The new style propulsion boosters were attached, and it rocketed into the sky. It reached earth orbit in a record two minutes.

The new propulsion system was powered by drawing massive amounts of heat into the engines, drawn in by powerful electromagnets. The ships then rise up on an invisible pillar of heat, which gives off no emissions, and requires no fuel whatsoever. It can lift almost anything into space, depending on the weight of it.

The agency, after this resounding success, decided to put the space stations and newly-designed spacecraft into mass-production. It didn't take long until Shops had assembled Antarctica's largest space fleet. However, it didn't last very long, when they soon met their match with Snowzerland and the USA.

It didn't take long after these developments that the agency filled the gap when they discovered how to travel through hyperspace, successfully outflanking both the USA and Snowzerland in space travel speed too, as hyperspace is much faster than light speed.

On July 4, the Space Command Fleet secretly began working on cloning objects, namely the SIA drones and spacecraft, so they could be pumped out much more effectively. This was kept secret from public knowledge. With this, Shops could maintain a monopoly over Antarctic space operations. However, the cloning was bad for the environment and took lots of energy, so it wasn't always recommended. It did, however, turn fighters and drones out fifteen times faster than traditional assembly when it was successfully tested for the first time on July 6th.

On July 12th, the Command Fleet announced that they had successfully been able to turn hyperspace routes into effective communication routes for easy communication between far away solar systems and Earth.

With the help of supplies delivered to the moon, on July 17 Shops started mining for metals outside their moon base, and started producing metal and a new type of spacecraft there. With the help of cheap SIA Drones, the mining and manufacturing was easy and cost-effective. With this, the cloning machine was slowed down and Shops planned to shut down the cloning machine completely due to the amount of pollution it produced, and its cost to keep running.

In early August, the cloning machine was shut down for the last time, and the space command fleet was finished with its assembly. It now rests idle with its fleet on designated moon bases, while SIA scientists continue to improve communications systems inside the spacecraft. With this, the budget for the command fleet was dramatically slashed from 500 Billion WB$, all the way down to 150 Million WB$ annually; this money is only spent on repairs and recruitment. The funds have since been completely cut off.


The SIA Space Command Fleet employs up to 50,000 penguins. However, most of these penguins stay on the ground and remotely control the SIA Drones that fly the space planes. About 1000 crew members of the agency live inside the Prosperity stations collectively.


Shops has often been criticized by many other countries throughout these astonishingly-fast scientific developments for using slave labor. Shops denies it, and says penguins are only used to remotely control the SIA Drones that do the work.

Environmental Concerns[edit]

With the expansions that came, the agency caused many factories to spring up in Western Shops. This created hundreds of thousands of space planes, but wreaked havoc from drone-run mining operations which collected countless amounts of iron ore and polyurethane, to the factories which gave out a record amount of pollution. The government let it slip, as this was for Shopper defense.


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SIA Space Command Fleet
The Lancer, the fleet's most common spacecraft with over 1,000,000 built.
Founded July 2013
Current form Military, Space
Service branches Space Division
Headquarters Shops City, Shops Island
Commander LMGT
Military age 18 - 60
Available for
military service
50,000, age 15–49
Fit for
military service
50,000, age 15–49
Active personnel 50,000
Deployed personnel All
Budget Slashed
Foreign suppliers Castilla
South Joseon
Seal Islands
Annual imports Technology
Annual exports Spacecraft
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