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A soldier of the SIA Special Forces.

The SIA Special Forces are an elite tactical division of the SIA military and espionage bureaus. The special forces are composed of the SIA's most elite troops, who operate in dangerous situations. They work independently from the army, navy, air force and coast guard, although the special forces borrow equipment from all branches. The SIA Special Forces are considered to be Shops Island's "marines" in comparison to special divisions from other international militaries.


The SIA Special Forces were formed during the height of the Frosian War after Malesia had fallen to Puffalia and Zhou. The forces were assembled as a rag-tag group of elite Shopper soldiers and other elite agents from the SIA who were exceptionally good at killing. They were trained to fight alongside the army at most times, but have also fought in many other fields.


The SIA Special Forces are responsible for Shops' most daring and dangerous operations, many of which occur deep in enemy territory. These operations include intelligence gathering, assassinations, and acts of destruction against opponents. SIA Special Forces agents are all equipped with high-tech weapons. Many of these agents and troops are stationed all across Antarctica, be it undercover or operating among Shopper comrades. Many of these agents living abroad are nowhere close to SIA military bases and work completely independently, with only their objectives guiding them. Some of these agents are more open and more-or-less armed depending on which country they're in. Agents in allied countries such as Castilla or the USA are quite overt and lightly armed, while those in enemy countries are much more covert and heavily armed.


Red = Enemy Country – Heavily Armed; Covert

Orange = Neutral Country – Lightly Armed; Covert

Green = Friendly Country – Lightly Armed; Overt

  • Homeland Division 1
    • Presidential Protection Program (PPP)
  • Homeland Division 2
    • Red Herring Division
  • Asiapelago Division 1
    • Zhouese Division
    • Honk Gong Division
  • Asiapelago Division 2
    • South Joseonean Division
    • Japalandese Division
  • Asiapelago Division 3
    • Hindonesian Division
  • Asiapelago Division 4
    • Hindian Division
  • Asiapelago Division 5
    • Malesian Division
  • Ninja Archipelago Division 1
    • Snoss Division
    • Alemanian Division
    • Osterreachean Division
  • Ninja Archipelago Division 2
    • Ruscan Division
    • Magyarian Division
    • Snowpriot Division
  • Ninja Archipelago Division 3
    • Castillan Division
    • Lisboaguese Division
    • Ligurian Division
  • Ninja Archipelago Division 4
    • Frankterran Division
    • Batavian Division
  • Ninja Archipelago Division 5
    • Puffish Division
  • Antarctic Division 1
    • Antarctican (USA) Division
  • Antarctic Division 2
    • East Pengolian Division
    • Acadian Division
  • Antarctic Division 3
    • Freezelandian Division
    • Polarian Division
  • Sub-Antarctic Division 1
    • Margatian Division
    • Ed Islandian Division
  • Sub-Antarctic Division 2
    • Culldrom Division
  • Sub-Antarctic Division 3
    • Snowinian Division
  • International Division 1
    • Caladian Division
    • Munian Division
  • International Division 2
    • UnitedTerran Division
    • Slumolian Division
  • International Division 3
    • Sealien Division
    • Austiceian Division
  • WALRUS Team 1
  • WALRUS Team 2
  • WALRUS Team 3
  • WALRUS Team 4
  • WALRUS Team 5
  • WALRUS Team 6


  • The Red Herring Division is a part of the SIA Special Forces designed specifically to deny or to give false information to enemy spies within Shops Island.
  • Although this has not been confirmed by the Shopper government, the SIA Special Forces once allegedly performed an illegal raid of the Penstubal Post under Lavender's orders.

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