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I never fail. I'm just that awesome.
Full Name Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt
Alias Frödel Pengvintine
Born Swiss Ninja Hochstadt
July 10, 1988
Swiss Alps, Switzerland
Died 2045
Darth Cube, Outer Space
Cause of Death Crushed by anvil
Resting Place Swiss Alps, Switzerland
Species High Penguin
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Residence Snowzerland Flag.png Keukenhof Castle, Zürich, Snowzerland
Citizenship Snowzerland Flag.png Snoss
Nationality Snowzerland Flag.png Snoss
Parents Red River 2 and Tammyfeih
Spouse Maddieworld
Children Bellina, Griante, Litz, Ninja Wraith
Relatives Hochstadt Family
Emperor of Snowzerland
January 30, 2000 – January 1, 2030
December 23, 2030 – 2045
Position established
Litz Hochstadt
Political Career
Chancellor of the Ninja Archipelago Union
(as Frödel Pengvintine)

December 12, 2012 – January 3, 2030
Position established
Unidentified Lisboagal Representative
Chancellor of the Republic of Snowzerland
(as Frödel Pengvintine)

January 3, 2030 – December 23, 2030
Saint September 18, 2010
Keukenhof Castle
By Himself
Reason Founded the Telenacleship of Snowzerland
Celebration December 26: Swissmass
Education Degree in Political Science
Alma Mater Beacon University
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Are you looking for Emperor Pengvintine - the Future Swiss Ninja?

Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt (/ˈhoːxʃtat/, pronounced hoh-shtat) or simply Swiss Ninja is the Egotistical Emperor of Snowzerland, King of Puffle'and, and is a fantastic ninja (he claims to have mastered Card-Jitsu in two days). His Father is Red River 2, his Grandfather was Yilk, and his twin brother is Fisch. He is a renowned ego-maniac, sees himself as perfect, and cheats on his wife.


Red River 2, Swiss Ninja's father, knew how to break the Fourth wall. He moved to an obscure place called the Alps. He and his wife raised many spoiled children. One of those Children was Swiss Ninja. During this time, Sensei also went to there to have a vacation. He decided to train Swiss Ninja, and it only took two days and went back to Club Penguin. It wasn't until some time until their family moved back again.

A few days after their arrival in Club Penguin, "Swiss Ninja" joined the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) and received a Elite Puffle Training diploma. He is a very important agent. However, Swiss Ninja was ambitious, and claimed that in a mere 15 years, he would have an empire. Most laughed, but SN had the will and the inherited money to do it.

At some point, Swiss Ninja pursued a degree in politics at the former Beacon University and was able to team with wealthy benefactors to create his own socio-political organization, the United Cities of Swiss Ninja. Swiss was able to charter land on the Antarctic mainland to create four small city states that were scattered all around. However, regional governments at the time were not pleased with SN's cities because they saw them as outposts of anarchy and threats to their sovereignty. Hence, Swiss had to retreat all his cities from the Antarctic mainland except for Mojave, which is still around today. Swiss had to move his other three cities to a brand new location.

One day, he came upon a lost will that was from his great grandfather's brother. It said that Swiss Ninja would inherit Snowzerland Island. So when he found the three cities on an island he named "Snowzerland" to gain more land, he was then crowned as Lord Swiss Ninja. This was the first step in his master plan. SN, who was already ambitious, started hauling troops off to small islands, hauling off the people, and bringing them back to Snowzerland. He did this to repopulate Snowzerland. Once he had a base starting thing, he chose some of the greatest minds in the USA to start out with. Tourisim and scientific researched peaked in Snowzerland, and SN opened up lots of houses. However, the next generation did not have as many jobs as them. SN introduced the Military. The RDA, which used to be just a science organization, became an elite part of the military. After conquering lots of land, he was finally given the title of Emperor. Later, he met Maddieworld, and fell in love with her even though she was three years older then him. She felt the same way, and they got married (but he still dates his brains out, that cheater).

Then they had three chicks. Later on, He retitled himself as a "Kaiser", which is German for "Emperor". He is proud to be called this, and his full title name "Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt" has been heard by almost everyone in Antarctica, especially those who hate him.


Swiss Ninja first came into involvement when he founded the United Cities of Swiss Ninja, a bunch of city-states that were all under his control. He soon discovered and took control of Snowzerland Island, first naming it Maggiore, then finally to The Imperial Empire of Snowzerland. Swiss Ninja at first never had an ego until he became more and more powerful.

His new nation gathered many immigrants that settled in the UCSN cities that later formed Snowzerland. All this pride turned into selfishness and developed into an ego. By the time SN married and had children, his ego became well known, and he began to think that his country wasn't big enough.

He launched his first invasion in the southwest area of Slumolia, a helpless country home to TaliBEANs and poor penguins. This upset the nation of United Terra, who was the country that owned the area of Slumolia. Thus, United Terra allied with the Happyface State and launched Snowzerland's first war.....the Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War. It didn't last too long, and SN was drivin out. However, in a stupid move, he allied himself with Darktan and the Viking Empire and took over the USA in the GSWI...not. He merely stuck flags in the cities, kept about 10 troops in each city, and "conquered Antarctica." His "rule" was gone in mere days. The second Snoss War was a battle for the Sensei. SN lost again. In the third war...well, it was a commercial war. SN bombed all Hershee Choclate's factories. As for the fourth war begun with a defence, but SN conquered Freezeland...also briefly. He then gave it back for permission to look for "gold". (Idiot.)

After that, Swiss Ninja gave up on the big war thing because his country was becoming angry, and just tried to capture/kill the Hochstadt Gang, and take over smaller territories such as Flystonia and reconquer territories like Frankterre and Holyswissia.

However, his peace between the nations did not last long. In early 2011, the Imperialistic nation of Castilla claimed that they were the "original" Snowzerland, and that they were much better conquerers than the Snoss. This upset SN greatly, and this made him realize that he now had competition. Thus, he bombed one of Castilla's skyscrapers in the Castillan capital of Metido, which collapsed complelely into rubble. This strike was one of the most catastrophic disasters for Castilla, who immediately waged war on SN and the Snoss. In response, SN bombed the Castillan embassy in Snowzerland, for the Snoss-Castillan War officially began. This war soon became a race to conquer as many helpless islands as possible. Most of the islands fought over were completely destroyed and bombed, so that the winner of the island would have to rebuild. In the end, Liguria intervened and stopped the war, and during it, SN was able to take all of the South Shetland Islands and half of the Falkland Islands to keep.

Swiss currently owes the USA 500,000,000 Fish (and counting) in debt.


Swiss Ninja's Success began when he founded the cities of Zurich and Sankt Moritz on Snowzerland Island in an attempt to start his own country. He formed the UCSN as his first government, later renamed Maggiore, then finally Snowzerland in order to appease the Alemanian immigrant majority. Snowzerland also grew bigger as the cities of Luzern and Geneva sprang up. The Old UCSN city of Bern collapsed due to its awkward location on the Antarctic Mainland far from Snowzerland, so Geneva became the capital. However, the Egotistical Kaiser wasn't happy with controlling just one island. He planned to expand his empire.

He is also secretly Antarctica's greatest cheater.

Country Shopping Spree

In the beginning, Swiss Ninja was able to obtain the countries of Frankterre, Batavia, Osterreach, and Alemania via treaties, agreements, and bribes and annexed it into his empire, which became known as his "Country Shopping Spree". Although it appeared publicly that the acquisition of these territories were peaceful, the reality was that Swiss Ninja had dispatched the SSS to orchestrate political turmoil in the nations he wished to annex as a form of blackmail. He found that such tactics were widely successful. On the other hand, he bought Pen Chi Island, formerly an uninhabited territory informally claimed by Liguria, to use as a Jail. Then, a wave of independence movements occurred in his colonies, and Frankterre, Batavia, and Alemania gained independence after the locals realized that their governments had sold them out without their approval. Many of these countries decided to join the short-lived Viking Empire, hoping to create a strong alliance against Snowzerland's agression. However, the Viking Empire soon collapsed after it was revealed that it was a puppet state of Castilla, and the Alemanians decided to rejoin Snowzerland since they didn't like Castilla. Swiss had attempted to take Batavia and Frankterre back, but by then they had rebuilt their militaries (which were now funded and armed by Castilla) and had created an alliance strong enough to assert their sovereignty. Swiss Ninja always was able to keep Osterreach under his control since, as a Hochstadt, Swiss was seen as the successor to Osterreach's Medieval Hochstadt Royal Family. He later founded the island of Lichenstien, and together he called his united colonies the German States.


See The Snoss Army.


His Puffles

Kaiser Swiss Ninja has three puffles. Here they are:

  • Sparta the red puffle, the first to be adopted.

Former Pets

  • Leonardo di Tremezzo - ran away after being ignored by Swiss Ninja and not being cared for enough. Leonardo moved to Eastshield and lived there for a while with a different owner but eventually moved to the county of Castilla and lives there as a free puffle who is strongly involved in the anti-Swiss Ninja Castillan Government.



  • Swiss wants to conquer the whole world and rule it as its Supreme Leader.
  • Swiss Ninja thinks he should be Sensei's successor.
  • If Swiss Ninja was to play a certain instrument in a band, it would be the drums.
  • Swiss Ninja has a bad temper.
  • Swiss Ninja is very bad at rapping.
  • Swiss Ninja is bad at high jump.
  • Swiss Ninja is married to Maddieworld.
  • Swiss Ninja is one of Austin8310's few friends. He is also Austin's employer.
  • Speeddasher views Swiss Ninja as an ego maniac and every time someone asks him about Swiss, he simply tells them this. "He may be a Card-Jitsu expert, but when it comes to fighting he's out of his league." He all ways makes sure to say that he still likes Card-Jitsu.
  • Swiss also holds a deep grudge against Tails6000 for beating him in a fight, thus humiliating him in front of his many hot babes. It doesn't help that at the time Tails was only around 8 years old. Because of this Swiss has put a restraining order against him.
  • Swiss hates Raw Garlic.
  • Being slapped with any kind of fish. (This is ironic.)
  • Swiss Ninja has an infamous ego, this alone could destroy him.
  • Swiss Ninja collects figurines of himself. That's not really a weakness, but it's fun to mention.
  • Swiss Ninja is afraid of riding roller coasters.
  • At some point, he heard news of a cryptid called Storsjo, and when he heard that lives in Lake Zurich, he has claime a reward for anyone who could find the mighty Storsjo. At the time, the reward has not been rewarded yet.
  • His father nicknames him Schweizer Spion Krieger.
  • Most of his subjects refer to him as "Der Kaiser", regardless of their native language.
  • In Snowzerland, you like Swiss Ninja. In East Pengolia, Swiss Ninja likes YOU!
  • Swiss Ninja is slowly turning to the dark side; he murdered Vincent Terrasini, his former employee, which was his first "official" evil dark deed.
  • Swiss Ninja is the chancellor of the AU under the alias of Frödel Pengvintine.


  • "My weakness is having no weaknesses at all! Muahahaha!"

  • Do you like waffles?

Swiss Ninja: No I like pancakes.

Do you like pancakes?

Swiss Ninja: No I like French Toast.

Do you like French Toast?

Swiss Ninja: No I like waffles.


File:Keukenhof Castle.png
Swiss Ninja at the Keukenhof Castle
  • Kuss den Schweizer Führer!!!! (Kiss The Swiss Leader)

  • Where is my apple strudel?

  • "No, I'm a kaiser! You do what I say!"

  • "Only idiots listen to other peoples' advice!"

  • "Donating to charity? Oh, please. How does that benefit me?"

  • "I will do whatever it takes to get what I want. Even if it means executions."

  • "King Carlos? That old fart and his country can take a hike. Snowzerland will show him who is superior in every single way."

  • "My mother told me when I was young that I could be a superstar....and guess what? SHE WAS RIGHT! I'M THE GREATEST PENGUIN WHO EVER LIVED!"

  • "One time I looked in the mirror and I thought I saw a handsome burglar break into my castle, so I sent for the guards. It turned out that the handsome burglar was only me."

  • "You know a woman has good taste when she can clearly see how attractive I am."

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