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The Super Puffle Bros.
Let's GO!
Name The Super Puffle Bros.
Type A group of Puffle siblings.
Location Doing something to save the world (or they think)
Head Snow
Job Being cute.
Members Keep scrolling...
Headquarters Puffleville

The SPB is a group of Puffles, each having a different personality and interest. However, they all go for the same goal, whatever it may be. They've tackled 10 foes in just 2 days. Thanks a lot, Glob. (He's been punished, alright.) They've had adventures since forming.

SPB Theme Song[edit]

When you're in the scene of battle

Enemies you can't escape.

Don't worry though, my pal,

There is still hope!

Coming in the form of ten

Heroes we behold,

A group of ten you can't deny

Finishes the job!

A set of colorful workers

They're coming in red, green,

Blue, pink, black, brown,

orange, yellow, purple, and white!

A group of ten you cant deny (oh oh oh oh oh)

They may not look very strong,

but they can do a ton!

Snow is the leader, a puffle you can trust!

Dude has the dares, he's also got the guts!

Glob is super hungry, he's always got a bite!

Jekyl is creative, and always giving light!

Foolz is a friendly fool, always joking 'round,

Syler's got the groovy moves, and wallops the foe around!

Colors of all kind!

Bluebal is a basic friend, loyal to the crew!

Lee is the sweetest of the gang, making everyone's day for you.

Blair is the pessimist, storming all the way (HEY!)

And let's not forget Inven, the technician of the gang!


Colorful heroes they are,

And they are here to stay.

The trust they have built

goes a LONG way! (Hey, hey!)

A bunch of fuzz they may be,

but in a good way!

The SPB is coming through,

Here to stay!

Cute and cuddly,

It's always gonna be

The colorful fuzzballs

that solve the mystery!

The evil they fight,

The good guys gonna win.

The SPB is on their way

They're heroes all the same!


"Yay, adventure! Let's go, SPB!"

Let's GO!

As the oldest of the group, Snow is a clever yet crazy (at times). Usually comes with one of his other 4 siblings (not including FrostByte). He is very calm, and the SPB relies on him, or it would collapse... in a way. You can count on him, although prepare for cuteness! He's always alert, keeping an eye on the enemy, whether it be AquaPuffle or SnoX. His leadership skills are excellent, although his tasks interfere with his leadership, therefore, he isn't the SPB's Director (who is it, anyways?), and nobody knows who the Director of the SPB is... His very powerful, Rapto, also is commonly used, but mostly isn't needed due to the easy time he has defeating foes, combined with the fact he can't spend much time fending off evil, which is why he reschedules when possible.


  • Despite being oldest, he acts like an 11-year-old.

Snow's calm theme (Let's GO!!!)[edit]


"Please, give me a minute. I'm kinda busy. *eats*"

Not now, I'm eating.

Glob is a big eater. A VERY BIG EATER. He likes doing things with his food. Such as using a cookie as a frisbee. But, he's actually quite effective with far-away combat. It's pretty simple, but he is pretty good at his job. Unlike many orange puffles, he doesn't drool in his sleep. He also uses many foods instead of everyday objects, for example, his TV is an extra-large bag of potato chips (it's empty, you know). Because of his habit of eating, the food items can be a nuisance, causing him struggles. Because of this, he's sprayed Anti-Eater 3000 (made by Inven) so his hunger doesn't get the better of him or his values.


Theme Songs
Super Pie Throwing Theme (Here I go!) Eating Theme (Chow down time? Yay!)


"Ooh, why are we exploring a cave today?"

There's something fishy here.

The odd one out, Bluebal is the one who tries to keep things (mostly Blair) from being heated up. He attempts to "make the rain storm vanish". It's not all that hard to see why he's always optimistic. It's his personality. His view of everyday places is very unusual, so he questions everyday choices. Instead of silence as he enters the supermarket, he says "Why are we headed to the store EVERY WEEK?". Because of his questioning, it is a nuisance to many. This makes Bluebal upset when he hears puffles telling him to 'zip his lips' or 'be silent'.


  • He was once a sad guy. No one's sure why.

Bluebal's calm down music (DON'T BURN UP YET.)[edit]


"Brainstormer? Where's the storm?"

Life is just a maze, navigate through to the end, but don't get lost!

Jekyl may be one of the most creative puffles in the bunch. Despite his ideas, he takes time to do such. He's well known for his "I'm smaller, yet more clever" joke, and his random jokes. He enjoys the idea of peace, and laughs in the face of evil. His lack of a weapon makes him weakest of the SPB, yet he can slam himself on enemies harder than almost anyone out there. It's currently unknown as to why, however. He's not as 'heroic' as he seems, as he still sleeps with a teddy bear.


  • He sleeps with his cape as sheets.

Jekyl's Idea theme (AHA!)[edit]


"Go away."


Blair is extremely angered at almost everything. Except being part of the SPB. That's cool. He's cool and collected, but if you annoy him (it's easy), be warned. He gets VERY angry. You'd expect he's a "99.9% sadness, error% anger, and .0000000000001% happy" kinda guy. His liking of double spaces makes him easy to gain control of, but he soon realizes what he's doing and 'roasts' his enemy. Talk about burning!


  • He's not as grouchy as he seems.
  • He also strangely likes double spaces.

Blair's Anger theme (NO MORE.)[edit]


"We are Moschomicrotherium Pufflei in the kingdom Animalia, in the domain of Eukarya."

Let's investigate.

He is the smartest of the bunch with an IQ of 165. He also works great with gadgets. Snow looks up to him for several good ideas! However, most inventions of his don't work first-shot. He thinks he's a professor, and he's pretty good. His mistakes in gadgets are usually "too small to notice". Most prototypes of his gadgets end up exploding, which is why he does LOTS of calculations to get his inventions perfectly adjusted. Because of these calculations, he normally can't reveal an invention on the spot, as he needs to do the hard work to get it working just right, or it'll end just like most of Herbert's inventions: an explosion. Reports have shown he comes from a family of time-travelers, but still doesn't travel through time.


  • Snow's IQ is just 32 shy of his IQ.

Inven's suggestion theme (Tried this yet?)[edit]


"Heh. Pie is a funny word."

Hey, look! It's a PIE in the SKY!

Despite his foolish looks, Foolz is quite emotional. It's in his DNA. But although he has a short fuse, he's quite a cutie once you get to know him. He's also a huge pie fan, using pie as his weapon-of-choice. He finds pies amusing and therefore uses them as his weapon of choice for that reason. Due to this, if he runs out of pie, he gets saddened, so he always has a large amount of pies handy... but he runs out at a crucial moment.


  • He prefers not to be confused with Foolz Propel.

Foolz' prank theme (GOTCHA.)[edit]


"Please, no arguing. You'll ruin the fun!"

Onwards, SPB!

Syler LOVES dancing. Either that or hanging with his brothers. Yes, he's a guy. And don't call him a girl. He's just a bit silly, but 85% serious. In fact, he's able to compete with several of the best dancers in PuffleVille, including the famous Dancer Duo, a top-class group of twins: Dancer and Disco. What we're trying to say is that Syler's able to compete with them and possibly win!


  • He is a cutie.

Syler's dance theme (1, 2, 1, 2, GO GO GO GO!)[edit]

Syler's Fashion Theme (Check this out!)[edit]


"Stop. Burning. My. Rope. Blair."

Peace. It's a 5-letter word, and it means a LOT.

Lee is a sweet, loving puffle, who prefers peace over war. Lee will fight at times, so don't make her angrier! It's quite an easy choice choosing her. She is always scolding Blair for random reasons.


She is the only female member of the SPB.

Lee's Sweet Theme (I can help you?)[edit]


"Woohoo! I'm up for it!"


Dude is the youngest of the bunch, as recent studies confirm. He's also very happy and likes to do stuff. He usually is seen assisting Snow with tasks. He's actually pretty smart for his age.


He likes cookies. Just don't let Glob know that.

He rarely takes off his helmet, so very few know what he looks like without it, but that's not always the case (see above image)

Dude's adventure theme (It's adventure time!)[edit]

Dude's Sporty Theme (Watch out. I am a hard hitter.)[edit]

Battle Themes[edit]

(Main Battle Theme)

(Battle Theme With Rapto)

(Battle Theme With Rapto EX)



  • It has been rumored that Inven is a robot, although Inven claims these are FALSE.
  • Out of all the games of Truth Or Dare Dude's played, 99.99999% of the time, he'll choose a dare. This could cause havoc if you make the dare dangerous, like going in the mirror and 'playing Khosta', summoning a spooky ghost.