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The current logo
Type Army
Location base
Head Falcon Xaldi
Job to kill enemies
Members see below
Headquarters Falcon's Nest

STINC is one of the worst armies in Antarctica. Originally created as a local militia for the Ruscan occupied Khanzem territory, it transformed into a hard-core Communist revolutionary group bent on taking over Antarctica after Rusca withdrew from the Mainland. It is now a group that is commanded by Falcon Xaldi. Their main target is Flywish.



STINC was originally founded as a local Militia in 1918 by the Ruscan Government during their occupation of Antarctica after the Khanzem War. It originally contained groups of former Naughtzee Soldiers and Viking Penguins, but it soon gained popularity with penguins who hated the Snowman Empire. Members of the original STINC became supporters of Communism and Socialism due to the Ruscan occupation. The Ruscans offered high salaries for soldiers who would join, and STINC kept Ruscan Antarctica from rebelling and joining the Snowman Empire or the Grand Ol' Land. The STINC became viewed as the Snowman as "Barbarians" since it consisted of mostly Vikings and penguins in their normal clothing.

Early Wars[edit]

Due to their hatred for each other, STINC and the Snowman Empire clashed in 1932, when the Snowman Empire was experiencing internal political and economical collapse. STINC and other bands of "Barbarians" invaded the Snowman Empire, murdering their emperor and leaving the capital of Snowme in ruins. STINC claimed the destroyed Snowman Empire for Rusca, but the Ruscan Army refused to advance into the territory, thus leading to three years of anarchy and more clashes against STINC and the Snowman Empire remnant armies and peasant revolts.

The Anarchy ended when the Grand Ol' Land, Poleland, and Rusca signed an agreement to establish Olde Antarctica as the new government to re-establish social and political order. Thus, the Ruscan Army withdrew from the Antarctic Mainland permanently. A small portion of STINC went with them back to the Ruscan Mainland, though the majority of the group and their leaders were left behind. The leaders of STINC did not like Olde Antarctica because of its monarchy based government. Thus, STINC was transformed into a silent revolutionary group. They started out by peacefully protesting at each of the capital of the four Olde Antarctica kingdoms, but many were driven away by force due to the fact that they were communists. STINC then was promoted to create the Communist Party of Olde Antarctica, which existed unofficially in each kingdom. STINC members often went from igloo to igloo trying to convince penguins in the ideals of Communism, though at first they gained few supporters.

STINC was repetitively oppressed by the Olde Antarctican governments, and they began stockpiling weaponry that were smuggled from the Ruscan Government, who still supported them secretly. On New Years Day, 1953, STINC made their first revolutionary attack in one of the Air Kingdom's cities. The Olde Antarctican military quickly responded, and it resulted in a nasty battle that left casualties on both sides, and STINC was the first to retreat.

The Revolutionary Army attempted an attack again in 1955 against the Fire Kingdom. This time, STINC was badly outnumbered by the Fire Kingdom's strong army, and many soldiers from the STINC side were massacred, even during their retreat. At the time of the battle, a Ruscan journalist had been there, and took powerful pictures of the aftermath that shocked the whole Antarctic. The Ruscan Government used the depressing photos of the defeated STINC soldiers as Anti Capitalism and Anti Olde Antarctica propaganda. Many penguins and puffles began to feel sympathy for the STINC and their communist ideals, which made the Olde Antarctican kingdoms uneasy. Thus, on May 14th, 1955, the South Pole Summit approved the Amendment to the Quadrants of 1955 that allowed the creation of "legislative units" to handle various affairs, as well as alterations to issues discussed in Summits, in hopes of promoting more power to the citizens. The amendments proved successful for the time, and STINC stayed quiet as they began to train more recruits and stockpiled more weapons from Rusca and North Alemania.

War of Olde Antarctica[edit]

Finally, Rusca decided to help STINC more by declaring itself an enemy to Olde Antarctica in 1984. By the 1980's, the Fire Kingdom had been crippled due to attempts of reunifying Antarctica, and the South Pole Summit failed to crush the STINC when they revived and heavily advertised the Communist Party of Antarctica. The STINC eventually held several rallies in major city streets as they began to criticize Olde Antarctica's deteriorating and unorganized political system that began to fall apart internally. In the December of 1989, the head Generals of STINC declared a Revolutionary War on Olde Antarctica. STINC also organized it's communist allies, Rusca, Zhou, North Alemania, and ESPECIALLY Opacus's Army to take part in the revolution. The Revolution caused a crisis among the democratic communities in Antarctica, especially Puffle'and and Calada, who were the second most powerful nations at the time. STINC and its allies raged the Antarctic Mainland at the cost of many soldiers' deaths on both sides. Several cities were racked and terrorism was always feared. In the end, Olde Antarctica was officially destroyed in 1990, when almost all of the South Pole Summit was captured and publicly hanged. (With the exception of King Scarface and Sensei Hung).


STINC-zachal became the name of the short-lived Communist government that STINC, Opacus, Rusca, Zhou, and North Alemania immediately enforced after the fall of Olde Antarctica. However, several soldiers of STINC, mostly from untrained backgrounds, became rebellious and selfish, and many of them began to disband from their posts and began raiding normal penguins' igloos for goods. In combination with the corrupt STINC soldiers were the resistance groups that fought against the communist government, which eventually disintegrated after one month and led to complete total Anarchy. Home raids and civilian gunfights were common across the continent, and it brought great fear to both the communist and democratic nations in the Ninja Archipelago and the Asiapelago. Puffle'and and Calada agreed to join in a coalition and invaded the whole Antarctic mainland successfully, creating a massive war that crippled STINC and it's communist allies, which in turn led to the collapse of Rusca's communist government a month later due to the fact that many Ruscan soldiers were being killed by Puffish forces and the communist government refused to withdraw from the war. The Puffish allowed the mainlanders to choose their own government, and they agreed on a Monarchy. Thus, Puffle'and crowned their own monarch as the ruler of Colonial Antarctica, bringing an end to STINC control.

Post STINC-zachal[edit]

Main article: ACP

Puffle'and and Calada's parliaments passed a "Zero Tolerance" Policy for STINC, and they were labeled as a terrorist group. STINC members found themselves public executed for their affiliation to the terrorist group, and Colonial Antarctica used their extermination to promote the Monarchy and to prevent the return of Anarchy. Thus, STINC became very discreet and silent, and several offshoots were created, such as ACP, which is based on Club Penguin Island.


Disbanding and Xaldi era[edit]

Xaldi's Death[edit]





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  • It is no longer allied with DTA.
  • It uses WHAT?!? as a torture device.

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