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Don't touch it
Type Large laser
Effects Toasted target
Source Unknown
Location Destroyed - Club Penguin mountains
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

The SUP-R LAZ-R is a giant laser generator that shoots and emits lasers. In conjunction with the use of large mirrors in space, the laser could obliterate anything, almost anywhere in the world.


The SUP-R LAZ-R is a weapon surrounded in a veil of mystery. Not much is known about it and no one knows who first invented and built it. The only one ever (known to be) created was used in the Club Penguin Super Villain Crisis by Herbert and Chub 667X. It was used to try and destroy South Pole City via mirrors in space. However, the origin of the mirrors themselves are a mystery. PASA scientists have another hypothesis concerning the mirrors. A report was issued in early 2011:

...the ray produced by an unknown weapon was reflected off said "mirrors" and headed towards the capital. The "mirrors" are placed at an exactly 500km by 500km orbit and has an inclination of approximately 89 degrees. Every few minutes, the "mirror" satellite constellation orbits above Antarctica, within firing range. The "mirrors" may not be mirrors at all but space junk.
— PASA Write-Up Unknown Laser Weapon

The SUP-R LAZ-R now lies deep in an unknown valley near the Tallest Mountain in Club Penguin. The EPF are currently attempting to retrieve it for research. The mirrors in space, however, fell from outer space in 2018.

Artist's impression on the end result.


The SUP-R LAZ-R is a really power hungry weapon. An efficient way to power it up is by hooking it to a ROFLCOPTER and running it for a while. This, however, took several hours at best and had to be re-charged after each use. This made it hard to shoot in rapid succession, as a full "recharge and fire" cycle took hours just for one shot.

The structure consists of a Mabel-like purple metal base and a laser generator above it. The generator is attached to the base with a swiveling gear, from which it can be aimed. The base can also be spun around 360° on the spot, allowing better aiming. The laser can be tilted to accurately hit the orbital mirrors and bounce off towards the target.

The generator is painted in a red color. At the back of the generator is a computer interface from which the laser can be aimed and fired. Four transparent discs are located on the ray as well as a dish. They all help the ray charge up the laser and shoot it accurately. When firing, a loud boom is heard followed by a large ring of dust created by the sound and laser boom. A yellow flash appears and a steady beam is shot out into the sky. It is believed that the ray burns the target to a crisp.


  • It is unknown how the mirror system was launched into space. Some think that the mirrors are actually space junk and others think it was launched by an "alien" company.
  • The SUP-R LAZ-R is really heavy and bulky. It had to be transported via ROFLCOPTER and stored inside separate crates.
  • Some say that the SUP-R LAZ-R can be powered with Porcyals.
    • Some even say that a Porcyal is inside the machine, resulting in the purple ray.

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