Sally Slithers

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Sally Slithers
Sally head.png
A stupid petguin
Title Sally
Gender Female
Race Petguin
Faction Petguins/Mectrixctic's Army
Health Good
Level Okay
Status alive
Location Mectrixctic's Army base

Sally Slithers (Birth Name: Sally Slithers, Born: October 6, 1979) is a Petguin. The animal she thinks she is, is a snake.


Her parents were very worried for her, when she started to hiss instead of talking and tried to swallow her food whole, when it was big. They took her to a doctor, but all he got from her was "Sssshhhh hisssssss hisssssss…'". Her parents then told her that she wasn't a snake for many reasons. Sally continued her act. She tried swallowing her pet turtle, when her parents decided that she went too far and sent her to a mental hospital. The doctors told her that she wasn't a snake because snakes were scaly. She shaved part of her feathers, and showed them her skin, which was mildly scaly. They then told her that snakes had no limbs. She put her arms and feet as close to her body as possible together and started to slither around. They then told her that snakes have a forked tongue. She could not argue with that one. She then denied that she was a snake and was let home.

When she got home, she took out a paperclip and a blowtorch. Using those two items, she gave herself a forked tongue. Well, that made it into the papers. Sally was sent back to the hospital. Lucky for her, one of the many citizens that read the paper was Mectrixctic who thought that was really cool of her to split her tongue. She freed Sally the same way she freed Luka. This can't go without saying she let loose a bunch of crazy penguins to wreck havoc on the streets. Sally joined the army, making her parents very sad.

Life in Mectrixctic's Army[edit]

Sally is usually used as the spy. She slithers into vents and other places and listens to whatever information Mectrixctic wants to hear. If she does good, she will be awarded a dead mouse for lunch. She, like Jake, is one of Luka's pets.

Personality, skills, & interests[edit]

Sally is a vary calm and cool penguin. She enjoys basking, resting, and swimming. Most of Sally's vocabulary consists of hissing, although she is able to speak fluently in English. When she does talk, it is usually whispery and most of the syllables are hissed out.


  • Sally has the lowest willpower of Mectrixctic's Army
  • She sleeps in a giant tank! On a heat rock
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