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Sam Rudi

This is him :3
Born Samuel Ethan Rudi Junior
June 19, 1995 (1995-06-19) (age 24)
Rockymoor, Olde Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Other names Sam, Sami, Sammy
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Education Unknown school in UnitedTerra
Alma mater Snowville University
Occupation Mayor of Snowville, EPF Leader, Snowville Division
Years active 2010-present
Notable works Saving his predecessor from a fire.
Home town Rockymoor, Eastshield, United States of Antarctica
Height 3' 2"
Weight 15kg
Known for Becoming Mayor
Title The Honourable and Noble Mayor of Snowville
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Sam Rudi Sr. (father), Patricia Rudi (mother)
Relatives Aunt, uncle

Samuel Ethan Rudi Jr. is an Antarctican businessman, an Elite Penguin Force agent, and the former mayor of Snowville. Once an agent of the Penguin Secret Agency, Sam has since taken up several other projects and occupations, including founding and directing the Root Cola Company, working closely with the Snowville government and creating The CP Factor, a reality TV show that Sam is a current judge at.


Sam was hatched on July 19, 1994 to Patricia and Sam Rudi Sr. in Rockymoor, a village on the very southern end of modern-day Eastshield. He lived a relatively normal and peaceful life with his parents, until the age of 5, when Rockymoor was attacked by Darktan, the Magma Puffle and the rest of Darktan's Army who were seeking to expand the borders of the Darktonian Realm.

Darktan and his army laid waste to the city, completely burning and melting the many wood and ice brick houses of the village, mostly thanks to the Magma Puffle. Sam's family had barely any time to prepare, but his parents, aunt and uncle had quickly met up and agreed to flee the village and make a run for any nearby towns. Sam's family had barely any time to spare as the Magma Puffle trampled every house in sight, setting fire to every household within the area. Just as all hope seemed lost and the flames caught up, Sam's father helped him and his brother escaped their igloo before it burned down. Sam's father helped them escape to the edge of the village before rushing back to help and find Sam's mother, promising to meet up with them later.

Sam and his brother Jake later found their aunt and uncle, and quickly fled from the village with the survivors. The remaining villagers travelled Antarctica by sea for 4 months but soon decided to settle down in UnitedTerra. At some point, Sam and his aunt and uncle decided to say goodbye to the villagers and leave to live in Snowville. In 2009, Jake was severely injured in an accident with a jet pack and sent to hospital. He died 5 days later and Sam was horrified. A funeral was held for Jake later that year. Sam saved to former mayor of Snowville from a fire in which the mayor was trapped in November that year. Sam managed to help the mayor and as a reward, many penguins wanted him to be his successor and the next mayor after the former one left office early the next year. Sam managed to win the elections by a landslide and became the new mayor of Snowville.


Sam is always doing his best to be involved and help others. He is usually making decisions on how to improve Snowville. Sam always puts others first and never puts others in the way to save his life. Sam has been a great member of the EPF so far, and has went on many missions and has gone against his nemesis, Doom Knight on innumerable occasions. Sam is usually busy as a mayor, but fits in time for his part time job as an EPF agent. He's the leader of the EPF branch in Snowville and gives excellent information on the criminal incidents and activity in his city and elsewhere in Polaris. Sam has gone on serveral missions and done his best to find and capture his X-Antibody, Sam Rudi X. Sam Rudi is skilled in fighting and has trained for many hours during his career as an EPF Agent.

The Root Cola Company[edit]

The logo of the Root Cola company, owned and founded by Sam.

2014-present: The CP Factor[edit]

Despite him mostly being involved with the EPF, Sam Rudi created the reality television show known as The CP Factor. The first season aired in 2014. Sam mentored the Over 25s category for that season. He took Cody Lambet, DC Mac, Chris Star and Jack Johnson to the live shows. Cody was eliminated in Week 1 after losing the sing-off to Cee Lo Kane. Jack was eliminated in Week 4 after losing the sing-off to DC Mac. DC Mac was eliminated in Week 6 after losing the sing-off to Chris Star leaving Chris as Sam's last act in the competition. Star made it all the way to the final but failed to make it to the second stage placing 3rd.

On October 20, 2015, Sam (along with Cadence and Dancing Penguin) confirmed his return for the second season of the show. He mentored the Groups category for that season. He took The Double Team, Penguin Stereo and RP Duo to the live shows with Hooks Up being reinstated as his wildcard act chosen by Dancing Penguin. Penguin Stereo were eliminated in Week 2 after placing last in the public vote. Hooks Up were eliminated in Week 7 after placing last in Saturday's public vote. RP Duo were eliminated in Week 9 (the semi-final) after losing the sing-off to Lauren Jasmine after it went to deadlock. The Double Team were then Sam's last act in the competition. The Double Team made it to the second stage of the final and then won the show making Sam the winning mentor for that year.

Sam Rudi

Snowville Government

In office
May 1, 2010 – June 12, 2018
Preceded by Fredrick Penginus

Nationality Antarctica
Political party Unknown


Sam is funny, cracks jokes, and is very clever as well. He's never afraid to make small talk either. Sam is generally nice and talkative to others but loathes Mwa Mwas and Petguins because he dislikes their attitude, their clothing and many things about them. Sam always acts optimistic in pressured or dangerous situations and always looks forward to the good things in life. Sam is an EXCELLENT cart racer and it's the best game that he's good at (also because he's a PWNguin) and can beat nearly anyone at it.


Sam always wears his Blue Ball Cap and Jean Jacket. He also wears his blue mail bag for most of the time and almost never takes it off.


  • Sam isn't 100% against Manny but doesn't like him. One of the reasons is because Manny is a Mwa Mwa Penguin. He always comes to Sam's igloo and eats his chocolate. Sam's white puffle Snowball always freezes him when he gets the chance.
  • The Doom Knights hates Sam and Sam hates him. Proboly because Sam once defeated him when he accidentally blew up the Doom knight HQ. Thats why DK is disfigured and hates Sam.
  • Sam is Kwik's friend and once was Sam's partner. They went on a few missions with each other and know each other quite well.
  • Magma Puffle destroyed Sam's village and ever since, Sam has wanted revenge on him.
  • Jake Rudi
  • Jake was Sam's brother and when he died Sam was very sad. Jake cared for Sam very much, and Sam still misses his brother dearly.
  • Sam has hated Darktan ever since they first laid eyes on each other. Sam wants revenge on him for conquering and destroying his village and making it part of the Darktonian Realm. Sam is also one of Darktan's many hated top enemies (he's the eighteenth most hated and wanted by Darktan) since he nearly always manages to escape him him and evade capture.
  • Sam Rudi X is likely considered Sam's next to worst enemy. Sam Rudi X has been plotting revenge against his clone ever since Sam almost PWNed him when they got into a fight on their first encounter. Sam equally dislikes his X-Antibody.


That once happened to me before except it wasn't a star... it was Mabel in a wreaking-crane chasing me with a wreaking ball....

it was so freaky because she kept chasing me and no matter what igloo I go in she destroyed it and I RAN! I ran like Bill Gates running from the cops! but soon I outran her when she was on the mountain and I was running off the mountain and her machine tipped, rolled down the mountain, ran over Maddieworld, and crashed into the ski lodge. I think explorer is still mad at me

  • He owns a Chitter account (@SamRudi).


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