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Sam Rudi X

The true opposite of his clone.
Born Sam Rudi X
August 12, 2012
Ditto Co, Unknown location
Gender Male
Nationality PWNguin
Other names Xam Rudi
Occupation Terrorist, Antagonist
Years active 2012-present (assumed)
Notable works Joining Nightmare's Army, participating in Nightmare Epic, Vandalizing numerous EPF bases around Antarctica
Height 3' 2"
Weight 15kg
Known for Being an X-Antibody and also a true master of disguise
Title Commander

Sam Rudi X or also known as Xam Rudi is Sam Rudi's X-Antibody. He is currently a member of S.H.A.R.K. and a major supporter in Darktan's Army. He is also the enemy of Sam Rudi. He is one of the most dangerous penguins in the USA having destroying countless police stations, destroyed neighbourhoods a few times, and stolen many things. He is currently ranked #11 on the list.


Sam Rudi X was created when the original Sam Rudi entered a Ditto factory and fell into a large tube (contaminated with a dormant form of the X-Virus), thus having an antibody coughed out a month later. He was sent to hospital but luckily didn't need to stay in for long as the tube only contained water (had it contained ditto, he would have died). Sam Rudi remained unhurt, though and was released the next day. Sam Rudi X, meanwhile, had hid his identity well and made sure nobody could find him. He was later approached by Nightmare and asked to join her army. He later fled after Nightmare Epic and has hardly been seen since. He has never met his clone once since his encounter.


Sam Rudi X is able to make himself invisible, which is one good reason he's good at hiding. He covers his tracks well and does his best not to be seen. His senses have been increased and enhanced by Nightmare (see the power section for more powers), who promised him rewards if he joined her army and told him he'd get much more if he joined. Sam Rudi X always uses his power for evil and always abuses his abilities. He can also make other things invisible as well. After joining Nightmare's Army and accomplishing numerous evil tasks and villainous deeds, Nightmare gave him new powers and Sam could walk through objects as well as make those objects intangible.


He was involved during many attacks against the EPF and he has always seized to opportunity to take down an EPF base when he had the chance. Whenever he finds survivors, he always mocks at the fact that they aren't like him and he uses his powers to PWN them which kinda makes him one of the most villainous ones yet. He has committed several crimes and evil actions to get to the position he was when he was in Nightmare's Army. After Nightmare Epic, Sam Rudi X and others fled and didn't come out into the open for at least a few months. Sam Rudi X later retreated to the Darktonian Realm where he joined Darktan and Wikipenguino X's group: S.H.A.R.K. He's currently either wandering Antarctica or doing something evil.


  • The one thing that Sam Rudi and Sam X have in common is just like Sam, Sam Rudi X is clever and can trick people easily.
  • Little is known about this penguin since he has hid all traces of whoever it is.
  • Sam, like his counterpart, despises Mwa Mwa Penguins because of their annoying attitude and their sickening cuteness.
    • If he gets the chance, he'll sneak up behind them, invisible and then PWN them.

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