Samantha Van Peng

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Samantha Van Peng

Samantha when she's not in her EPF attire.
Born Samantha Chloe Van Peng
March 3, 1992 (1992-15-03) (age 27)
Colonial Antarctica
Gender Female
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Other names None
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Education School in South Pole City
  • EPF Agent
  • Journalist
Years active 2010-present
Notable works Helping in Operation: Blackout, defending citizens during the Power4U Affair.
Home town South Pole City
Height 3.6 ft (43.2")
Weight 33kg
Title Agent Van Peng
Spouse(s) Wikipenguino45 (in the future)
Children Wikipenguino46, Sarah Lagois II (in the future)

Samantha Van Peng is an Antarctican Emperor Penguin who currently lives in an igloo in Club Penguin Island. She is an Emperor Penguin and a very good agent. She currently works in the Antarctican Divison Epsilon in the EPF. She's usually cheerful, friendly and very kind to most penguins except for Mwa Mwa Penguins whom she avoids and has a slight phobia of. She cares for most penguins, too. Samantha likes the company of puffles and enjoys feeding them O'Berries. She is currently a very active agent, going on missions for the EPF and sometimes helping either the Internation Affairs Division or the Anti-Terrorism Division. She is a Class III Fourth Wall Breaker. Though she usually acts cheerful and happy, she can be stern and serious and she is also a good actor.

She gets along well with other agents like Kim Plausible, Dot and her friend Wikipenguino45. She mainly gets along well with Wikipenguino mainly because they both share a fascination for mysteries and adventure. She is an experienced fighter and knows martial arts. She mainly uses a Snowball Gun or an Ice Pistol, but also uses knicicles and sometimes a Deletion Gun. She enjoys music, science and mysteries. She is known to be very determined to know the truth whether it's an unconfirmed rumour or a top secret EPF mission. She is also a journalist. She usually works alongside Chase the Penguin.


Samantha was born in an Emperor Penguin colony in what is nowadays South Pole City. She lived there until 1995 when she and her family moved to the Sub-Antarctic Islands. As a child, she was devoted to helping others and was determined to help others succeed. She was a few times bullied for her attitude and things that seemed impossible to achieve. Other penguins often thanked her for this and though she still got bullied sometimes, she was respected for her kindness towards others and her habit of never giving up. Despite being bullied, she still got good grades at school and was almost a straight-A student. Samantha and her parents moved to Club Penguin Island sometime around 2011 and Samantha got an igloo for herself. She went to Beacon University. A few weeks later, she found the base of the Elite Penguin Force and was shocked to have found out. When she joined she was glad to have a chance to help others after passing the tests. She slowly rose through the ranks and ended up working in the Antarctican Division 1.

Samantha during the events of Operation: Blackout.

She was one of many agents to respond to the events of Operation: Blackout and helped to free the frozen agents during the final phase. She became friends with Wikipenguino45 sometime around 2012 and has been friends with him since. Though she was completely unaware of Wikipenguino's feelings for her, she did grow to like him back over time but hasn't revealed this to him. She traveled with Wikipenguino, Falco and some other agents on a reconnaissance mission to the Darktonian Realm since Wikipenguino had experience and knowledge of the realm from previous encounters. She would be involved in other missions such as Operation Puffle, and various others. At some time in 2016, she was injured during the Power4U Affair by Super Penguins and could therefore not participate during the rest of the event.

Currently, she either is tracking down criminal organizations (such as S.H.A.R.K., the UPM, STINC and others), helping other agents with missions or affairs, or searching for infamous criminals. When she's not doing work for the EPF, she's normally in Club Penguin looking for interesting stories for the newspaper, assisting citizens or reading stories.


Samantha is a very active agent who travels Antarctica when needed. She is known for her determination to do her job well, as well as helping others out as much as possible. Sometimes, she helps at the Pet Shop to care for the puffles there. She is normally in the EPF Command Room in Club Penguin Island, somewhere else on the island, finding stories for Club Penguin Times or in her igloo.


  • She is strongly allergic to almonds, peanuts and several other types.
  • WHAT?!? is something she cannot stand for.
  • She is actually a trained ninja, but doesn't play Card-Jitsu much.
  • Some penguins believe she may be related to that guy.
  • She does not like Jerks, because of their bullying attitude, even thought they only bully nerds.
  • Samantha is a quarter Frankterran.