San Vancelton

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San Vancelton
Port Chill, the old fishing village that San Van grew out of.
Country Shops Island
Area Eastern Shops
Headquarters San Vancelton City Hall
Neighbourhoods Ele Moano, Downtown, Old Town
Population Approximately 90,000
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles
General information
Native name San Vancelton
Foreign name San Vancelton
Demonym Shopper
Founded April 2012
Time zone Eastern Shops Standard Time (ESST)
Summer time none
Area codes 702

San Vancelton, also known as San Van or Port Chill, is a city located in the Eastern Shops of Shops Island. This city resides southeast of Penguin City, and has about 90,000 residents. San Van is the second biggest city in the Penguin City Metropolitan Area, and it's even a sister city with Penguin City. San Van is also known as a "Skater's Paradise" as it has many area for skate boarder to Skate in, along with BMX Bikers, Pro-Scooter riders, and Longboarders.


Port Chill[edit]

Port Chill and Ele Moano were some of the first settlements in Shops Island, founded in September 2010. Port Chill stayed small and became an important port and fishing village until it amalgamated with San Vancelton in August 2011.

Ele Moano (September 2010-April 2012)[edit]

Before San Vancelton was built, Ele Moano was built first as a village. Ele Moano was being built from June 2011- September 2011, one month before Penguin City finished construction. Supercity was built in November 2011 as a shopping center rather than a mall. It was originally planned to be named Ele Moano Center, but was named Supercity. Construction on San Vancelton started in August 2011.

Construction of San Vancelton[edit]

Construction began on August 2011. During the time when San Vancelton was built, the city's name was planned to be be named Port Chill, but by a vote, it was named San Vancelton. Ele Moano was supoosed to be its own town, but it later got merged with San Vancelton as a neighbourhood due to it being small, with a population amount of about 25,000.

Penguin City Metropolitan Area[edit]

Due to San Vancelton and Penguin City being relatively close to each other, it was decided that a Penguin City Metropolitan Area would be formed. Though San Vancelton would remain a separate city, public transportation systems and more were acquired by Penguin City by 2014.



San Vancelton is mostly about modern architecture. From houses to towers, almost all of the buildings in San Vancelton are modern. Although in Old Town, there are many Victorian-style and Classic-style buildings with block-brick roads and is a popular part of Downtown. Old Town is the oldest part of San Van. Residents love the mix of modern builings and classic buildings, which helps beautify the city. The Lighthouse Tower, located Lighthouse Park, in the Downtown area, is the tallest building in San Vancelton.

Places of Interest[edit]

There are many Places of Interests and Landmarks in San Vancelton.

  • Waterfront

Waterfront is located between Ele Moano and Downtown as Ele Moano's beach extends to Waterfront, which is a popular part of Waterfront. Waterfront is also the location of Lighthouse Park and Foodz Food Court and All Food Court. Waterfront is often visited by tourists and one of the places where many residents of San Van usually go to. The Lighthouse is a landmark in San Van.

  • Old Town

Located in Downtown, it's the oldest part of San Vancelton. With it's Classic-Style buildings and Block-Brick roads and sidewalks, it's also an area often visited by tourists.

  • Tiger Amusement Park

Located at the bottom of Tiger Mountain, Tiger Amusement Park is a very popular area, with rollercoasters, water rides, and other rides. It has an event named The Fair at Tiger Mountain' during the Summer and Fall. The Fair has many interests, which brings more people, such as concerts, rides exclusive to The Fair at Tiger Mountain and many others.

  • Tiger Mountain Top

The top of Tiger Mountain, is a Place of Interest, where you can see a great view of San Vancelton and Downtown Penguin City, has a skyride, an observatory, a skate path, a large skate park with two parts to it, and a dam. You can also snowboard and ski at a part of Tiger Mountain, which has a Ski Resort at the bottom.


  • SV Dam
  • The Lighthouse


Ele Moano[edit]

Ele Moano is the tourist area of San Vancelton. Ele Moano is known for it's large beach and it's hotels and resorts and it's mall named Paradise At Supercity, shortened down to Supercity. This is the location of AutoCountry, selling Generation Motors, Puffedes-Benz and Red Voyles vehicles.


Downtown San Vancelton is next to Ele Moano, located southeast of San Vancelton. Downtown has many interests such as Lighthouse Park, Diamond Towers, Vancelton Memorial Park, and a few other interests. Waterfront is a popular area which has a boardwalk, a large dining area known as All Food Court and Foodz Food Court with a great view of San Vancelton, and Lighthouse Park is located here.

Tiger Mountain[edit]

A view from Tiger Mountain on a cloudy day.

Tiger Mountain is located around southwest of San Vancelton. Tiger Mountain has two streets that leads to different areas. One road leads to a park on the top of the mountain, along with a skyride, with other interests. It also has an area for snowboarding. The second street leads to an area named The Observatory. It contains an observatory (obviously), a skate bowl, a skate path and a dam often used by expert skateboarders. In the second street, there are also 2 large skateparks named Davey Hay's Mega Compound and Super Mega Ultra Park. At the bottom of Tiger Mountain, there is an Amusement Park named Tiger Amusement Park.

San Vancelton University[edit]


Public Transit[edit]

A Ele Moano bus bound for Supercity in Downtown Penguin City

The San Vancelton Bus and Ele Moano Bus used to be San Vancelton's bus transportation system before it was acquired by the Penguin City Bus. Most of the buses in the PCB San Vancelton bus fleet are New Navigator buses. The San Vancelton buses are more modern than the Penguin City busses, most are buses from the model years from 2000-present.


The SVDT maintains about 83% of the roads in the city, including Tiger Mountain. Each of the main roads have 6 lanes, with three lanes on each side. Many roads have their own left turn lane and busy intersections have their own right turn lane. San Van has two expressways. One freeway is a part of the SI3 freeway and the second is unconfirmed but may be part of the SI1 highway, as part of the Shops Island Highway System. Many skateboarders, longboarders and bikers often go on the streets, so many populated streets and streets often used by skateboarders often have signs to watch out for skateboarders, Longboarders and bikers to prevent accidents between the vehicles. San Van has Street-Smart intersections for intersections with Blinking Lights so traffic will be lower and there won't be unnecessary red lights.


Although San Vancelton has only about 90,000 residents, the Penguin City Area Rapid Transit provides service in San Van. Originally known as the SV Subway, the San Vancelton sector of P-CART is usually found in Downtown San Vancelton. Although Ele Moano is a tourist area, P-CART goes in Ele Moano, but instead of being underground, it is above Ele Moano to make it an interest of Ele Moano. Supercity has 2 train stations, which is the P-CART and the Shops Island Subway. The P-CART does not go to Tiger Mountain due to it being a natural area and an area being a forest.


San Vancelton has one airport. The airport is named the San Vancelton Regional Airport. However, this is mostly a general aviation airport. Most who want to access San Van usually go to the Penguin City Airport, as there are more flights there.


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