Sancho Monte Captio

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Sancho Monte Captio
Born Sancho Monte Captio
Hillsworth Medical Center, Snowville
Died April 17, 2030 (aged 68)
Dorwest, New Westshield, Polaris
Gender Male
Nationality Olde Antarctican, Colonial Antarctican
Citizenship Antarctican
Alma mater University of South Pole City (B.A.), University of Snowville (Ph.D),
Occupation Airline executive
Years active 1994-present
Employer SkyJet Aviation Holdings
Home town Snowville
Salary 5.89 million pebbles
Net worth 3.75 billion pebbles
Height 3 ft. 4 in.
Weight 54 lb
Known for Business, politics
Term July 23, 2000-January 21, 2011
Predecessor Nathaniel B. Kratz
Successor Incumbent
Political party Polaris Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Katy Spitz
Children Jacob Monte Captio
Parents John Monte Captio (father), Mary Whittsford (mother)

Sancho Monte Captio(born March 12, 1962 - April 17, 2030) is a Polarian business magnate and politician. He is noted for various business pursuits, particularly as Chief Executive Officer of SkyJet Airways, presently the largest airline in Antarctica. Monte Captio also served as the Mayor of Polaris City from 2000-2011, and is reputed for the expansion of social housing and access to health care in the city. Monte Captio was also a firm advocate of Polarian autonomy in the late 2000s and early 2010s, authoring several essays and articles in support of the movement, in addition to lobbying members of the South Pole Council during constitutional negotiations with the United States.

Monte Captio withdrew from public life in 2011, deciding against entering Polarian federal and municipal politics in favour of returning to the corporate realm as Chief Executive Officer of SkyJet Aviation Holdings, the largest air transport conglomerate in Antarctica. His son, Jacob Monte Captio, would later go on to have a successful political career as a Representative, and eventually Executive Councillor, later assuming the postion of President in 2052.

Returning from a business trip in lnland, Eastshield, Monte Captio was one of nine passengers that perished aboard ill-fated Airhail A319 that downed over rural New Westshield in 2026.


Early life and education[edit]

Monte Captio was born to Mary Whitsford and John Monte Captio, at Hillsworth Medical Center in South Pole City, he was named Sancho, which meant sanctified in Spanish, with the hope that he would pursue clergical life in the Governance. Monte Captio was raised in Cusack, a suburb of Snowville. Monte Captio described his early life as "subtle, yet rife with loneliness," as he had been socially awkward throughout his time at school. At a young age, Monte Captio was particularly interested in investments, stocks and business itself, having attended several economics conferences during his youth. He had attended A.D. Gartherow Elementary School, and later graduated James Malletta High School with distinction. In high school, he served as the editor of the school newspaper and member of the debate team.

Following graduation from high school, Monte Captio attended , where he graduated with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. Monte Captio then went on to pursue a Ph.D. in Industrial Relations at the University of Snowville, where he first acquianted himself with friend and political ally Nathaniel B. Kratz.

Business career[edit]

Monte Captio began as an intern for a public affairs firm in South Pole City in 1983 in his junior year of his undergraduate degree, before netting a position as a labour negotiator for the Water Kingdom government in 1986, a role that he kept until 1990 with the fall of the Water Kingdom government.

Following his exit from the civil service, Monte Captio managed to secure a position as Director of Labour Relations at Club Penguin AirFlights, having assisted in successful negotiations to end a two-week labour dispute with the airline's ground staff in 1993. Monte Captio continued to serve this position until 1999, having left the company to expand SkyJet Airways, following a personal rift that occurred between Monte Captio and Club Penguin AirFlights' leadership.

Leading a consortium of investors, Monte Captio bought the ailing SkyJet Airways for $110 million, then a small charter airline, to introduce a new competitor into the Antarctic aviation market. With the purchase of new aircraft and the organization of a new executive and staff, the airline relaunched operations in 2000. South Pole International Airport and Polaris International Airport were designated as its first hubs, providing regular scheduled service. The airline rapidly expanded with new additions to the fleet and increased service to more destinations. As such, the airline grew increasingly profitable following structural issues and dissatisfaction among consumers about the two other major carriers. Upon his election as Mayor of Polaris, Monte Captio's shares in his firm were placed in a blind trust, and his influence curtailed

After 2011, due to increasing concerns from the Board of Directors at SkyJet Aviation Holdings, Monte Captio resigned from his office as Mayor of Polaris in order to rectify ongoing leadership and operational issues within SkyJet Airways and other associated carriers. The return of Monte Captio to his full duties as CEO saw extensive changes to internal policy and upper leadership, with severa executives shifted out of the company due to performance issues.

Political career[edit]

Monte Captio decided to run in the 1997 mayoral election in Glassyglow, Eastshield, but had narrowly lost to fmr. Eastshield Governor Michael M. Maraoa, having been encouraged initial by several business colleagues linked to the lucrative aircraft manufacturing industry in the city.

Disappointed with his failed foray into the political realm, Monte Captio returned to Polaris to pursue a career in municipal politics in 1998, establishing various connections within the Polaris City Council to prepare his run for mayor. In 1999, Monte Captio defeated incumbent Polaris mayor Robert Lee, capturing 57% of the popular vote.

Monte Captio was best known for his unrelenting campaign to combat poverty and expand social housing in Polaris, having committed nearly $175 million to the development and renovation of social housing in Polaris, and the opening of new homeless shelters in Polaris. As Mayor, Monte Captio also expanded the Polaris Health Care Act to expand coverage to Polarian citizens beyond public hospitals, generating a squabble with the federal government over the extent to which Polaris could independently pursue universal health care coverage.

Monte Captio eventually exited public life in 2011 following eleven years serving as Mayor, succeeded by Nathaniel B. Kratz. He played a key role in federal-municipal negotiations for the autonomy of Polaris, having lobbied various members of the South Pole Council to support the Polaris SAD Amendment. Monte Captio was eventually appointed to the Polaris Democratic Party Board of Directors in 2012.

In the Polaris general elections, 2016, Monte Captio endorsed Catherine Howebrucke, the PDP nominee for President of the Executve Council for President.

Personal life[edit]

Monte Captio is married to former singer-songwriter Katy Spitz (m. 2008), with whom he has a son, Jacob Monte Captio (b. 2008-2105), who would later serve as President of the Executive Council from 2052 to 2067.The family lives in the Snowy Point neighbourhood of Polaris City.