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The Polarian Territory of the Sanders Islands Sovereign Base Areas
Sanders Islands
Flag of Sanders Islands
Motto"Nos sto una ut unum"
Anthem"Born Free"
Location of Sanders Islands
The official map.
(and )
Johnson Bay
Official languages English
Species  Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Sanderian,Polarian
Government Dependent territory
 -  President Nathaniel B. Kratz
 -  Governor Mj. Gen. Adam Cornell
Legislature Territorial Council
 -  Upper House House of Commissioners
 -  Lower House House of Delegates
Nilo, Yow Kingdom Accords of 2010
 -  Nilo, Yow Kingdom Accords signed and ratified October 29, 2010 
 -  Establishment Day December 2nd, 2010 
 -  2011 estimate 10,000 
 -  2011 census 11,233 
Observes DST
Drives on the Right
Calling code +212

Sanders Island is a small territory in the Yowien Sea, legally controlled by Polaris SAD. Its a small island, and atoll connected to each other. It only measures 10 square miles, so it has room for an airport and two nuclear plants. Polaris signed the Nilo, Yow Kingdom Accords of 2010 on December 2nd, 2010, and officially took control of the a atoll and island. Polaris was given permission to build two nuclear plants, a military base, and a airport. King Alexander did not expect Polaris to be able to do much on the atoll, he was wrong.

When Polaris annexed Sanders Islands, territory problems arose. King Alexander, and Nathaniel B. Kratz got in an argument about whether or not Polaris' borders would extend from the mainland into the Yowien Sea. Finally the two agreed that Polaris would only control an amount of territory, circling around Sanders Islands.


Sanders Island is a small atoll, in which many fishermen stopped their boats on when the sea were rough. A small, small village of terns lived there. The village was called Tern Atoll, and was under the government power of Hontana. The atoll was discovered in August 7th, 2009, by Feey1 while he was exploring. He gave the atoll to King Alexander, but Alexander never got word about the atoll. His evil adviser, Heimlich Zimmer, never told Alexander about it.

For some unknown reason, Polaris SAD was actually interested in the atoll. It is known that Polaris was trying to find territory outside of the USA around that time. So Yow Kingdom traded Sanders Island with Polaris, for Aerius Island, south of Puerto Elanor. King Alexander, with no hesitation, wrote up the Nilo, Yow Kingdom Accords of 2010 and signed it.

Immediately Polarian navy ships sailed to Sanders Island, and established small structures before real buildings could go up. Once the ships docked, workers started to build large docks. Once the docks were done, supplies were brought in to build the houses for the Polarians. The houses were constructed on a large slab of concrete, in Northrop (Pronounced: 'NORTH-rop'). Northrop became the residential area for soldiers, and workers. After construction some businessmen opened up Cream Soda bars, and shops in Northrop. However these shops were shut down, and replaced with military mess halls. Considering that Sanders Island is a military base, and experimental lab.

Nathaniel B. Kratz Air Force Base was the second biggest project on Sanders Island, second to the two nuclear plants. The airport was the second building to go under construction, because the residents needed supplies and the quickest way to get supplies was by air. The airport receives supplies from King Alexander International Airport, the nearest airport to Sanders Island. But the airport was really hard to build, when about 45% into construction oil was found directly under the airport. So construction stopped, and oil rigs were placed in that area.

During The Great Yowien War, Sanders Islands were temporarily seized by Axis forces. Word soon came out, and Snowzerland and Castilla came to Sanders' aid, soon putting it back in control of Polaris.


Sanders Island is actually divided into five parts: Northrop, Hammond Island, Kratz Island, Sesame Atoll, and End Atoll.

  • Kratz Island houses the air force base, 2 nuclear plants, 18 warehouses, and 2 factories. It is the center of the atoll, and is 6 square miles large.
  • Sesame Atoll is right behind Kratz Island. It's very small only, only 500 square feet. It is covered in a large forest, called the Sesame Forest. There is also a fresh water stream running through the atoll.
  • End Atoll is above Sesame Atoll, and right behind Kratz Island. It is much smaller than Sesame Atoll, only 50 square feet. It has many bushes, and is mostly made of rock. Yet there are some sand beaches.
  • Hammond Atoll branches right off of Kratz Island. It is only 1 square miles large, and is mostly harbor. It's where most of the navy docks, and supplies ships bring food and weapons.
  • Northrop is below Hammond Atoll, and is 4 square miles large. It's where all the workers, and soldiers live, eat, sleep, and train. It has two large mess halls, and even more cabins.


A picture of the forest taken on August 14th.

Sanders Island is a bit colder than Yow Kingdom Island, considering that the atoll is around 60 miles from Nilo City. The average temperature is 31 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest recorded temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The only wildlife on the island are terns, crabs, and some stray puffles. The only place where wildlife can be found is Sesame Atoll. Before it was inhabited Sanders Atoll was filled forests, and meadows. In fact there were some rock pillars sticking out of the ground, which are believed to have been cause by the island crashing together. Feey1, when he docked on the island, took some pictures of the large forests and meadows. He even found a small mountain 80ft high at the East side of Kratz Island.


As a dependent territory of the Federal Republic of Polaris, a Special Administrative District of the United States of Antarctica, the Sanders Islands enjoy full exemption from all Yowien legislation and ordinances, under the agreements reached in the Nilo Accords. The status as a dependent territory gives the Sanders Islands little autonomy, and adhere to all Polarian laws and legislation, regardless of the approval of the islands' citizens and/or administration. Laws passed in the Sanders Islands must first be sent to the Executive Administrative Council (EAC) seated in the capital Polaris City and would give federal approval of the laws. The Sanders Islands are also subject to taxation by the federal government, but are also subject to a 5.15% Territorial Tax, added onto a reduced Incone Tax of 17.75%. The Sanders Islands are given $17.9 billion in budget funds from the Federal Republic per annum.

The territory is governed by a bicameral Territorial Council, seated at Saffron Palace in the neighborhood of Johnston Bay in the town of Northrop. The territory's executive branch comprises of the Governor, who us elected every two years by all citizens over the age of 16 (approximately 85% of the population), and the Lieutenant Governor, appointed to his/her post by the Executive Administrative Council. Before being sworn into office, the Governor is required to be interviewed and further approved by a Congressional Committee and the EAC in Polaris City. The next branch of the territorial government is the legislative branch, comprising of a lower house, the 65-member House of Delegates and the 14-member House of Commissioners. Both chambers are elected by the population every 2 years, along with the gubernatorial elections. The legislative branch of government is similar to Polaris' LCP system,in which the Lower House possesses more power than the upper house. However, the governor has full veto power, which can only be overturned by a House of Commissioners' vote. Currently, the Polaris Democratic Party controls 90% of the Council, while the rest are Independent members. The Judicial System is headed by a resident Territorial Justice, Mj. General Allen John Wilson, at the Sanders Islands High Court, which appeals to the Polarian 11th Circuit Court in Puerto Elanor.


Sanders Islands' economy actually does not exist! All of Sanders Islands is actually a military base, and there are no commercial businesses. Sanders Islands has absolutely no economy.


Sanders Islands is protected by the Polarian navy, and air force. Sanders Islands is a crucial territory to Polaris SAD because it supplies oil, and wood. It also hosts nuclear research labs, and other military sciences. Yow also protects Sanders Islands from pirates, and competing nations. They protect it by donating needed navy ships, and airplanes. There are also Yowien submarines that sail in Sanders Islands' territory. Sanders Islands has never been attacked before, but many soldiers there believe that traitors are among them. The council and governor of Sanders Islands are well aware that terrorists are planning to invade it. Countries like Snowzerland want Sanders Islands to use as a stepping stone to invading Yow itself. The United States of Antarctica does not protect Sanders Islands at all.


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