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i aM N0T ThE RE4L sAN|TY P3NGuiN!! i iz a nother Str00DEL!! LOLZ!!!!11!!1!!!1!!11!! str00dElz iz [email protected]!11111111111111111111one one

b0W t0 da Allm|gHTy m|St3R b3aN!11!! B hold his PWNAGE !!!

--Sanitypenguin 21:31, 12 November 2008 (UTC)faker

Not to be confused with the real Sanity Penguin.
Sanitypenguin, or Fake Sanity Penguin as many call him, is a Sanity Penguin-wannabe who is part of the Str00del Force. As like all Str00dels, he loves Mister Bean. He also has an ambition for pwnage, although he fails each time.


Sanitypenguin was born in January 1983 in a hospice. It turns out that his mother was about to die and instead of going to a hospital to give birth to the baby, she stayed at the hospice. When the baby was born, the mother did not know what name to give him, so he just called him 'Sonny'.

Sonny's childhood years were not rough. He lead a peaceful life, attending school, the Penguin Academy and eventually onto the Penguin University. He originally intended to become a businessman to rule all money, but when he realized the meaning of government power, he wanted to take the throne of Colonial Antarctica. He was largely involved in the revolt against the King during the late years of Colonial Antarctica. Back then, he was not a Str00del, so he made many friends.

Once the regime of Colonial Antarctica collapsed, 'Sonny' thought he could have his throne, even though it was near impossible. Then, his name became Kingoftheworld123. However, he was in no way part of the government, nor did he manage to get a position in the USA. He had evil intentions, anyway. If only he had good intentions would he have a position.

In 2008, he heard of the notorious Str00del Force and Sanity Penguin. He found out that, if he could rule the Club Phengin Weekee, he could rule the world, or Antarctica. Therefore, he had a legal name change to Sanitypenguin, and joined the St00del Force. To this day, he tries to rule, but the ruling he gets would be a twelve-year long trip to Owcatraz.