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Santa Juanita is the capital city of the island, Albergue Plata. It was formerly the Judiciary Capital of the Viking Empire before it became part of Castilla, the original owner of Albergue Plata.


Santa Juanita was founded in the year of 1500 by the first colonial governor of the island, Jose de Ponto Lone. Santa Juanita started out as a small town....but it never lasted because of the Wars between the natives. In 1600, almost 100 years later, they began building the three citadels of Santa Juanita, which where completed in 1608. They proved to be the permanent settlements of Santa Juanita, and saved the town from the Natives Attacks. When the Natives began to move inland, the town later prospered into a city and became the capital of the island colony. Santa Juanita attracted many arhcitects from Frankterre and Goverua as they built beautiful buildings that where influenced by their homelands. Santa Juanita also went though the Colonial Antarctica War, the USA takeover, and the Viking takeover quite well, and is prospering under Viking rule now that Santa Juanita became the Judiciary Capital of the Viking Empire, which is where the Parliament meets.



Cars are common in Santa Juanita, and are Car Rental places near the Santa Juanita International Airport.


Buses are common in only the buisness areas and the airport of Santa Juanita. The Old Town Section does not have any bus stops.


Jose Puntos Moreno International Airport is the main airport that serves Santa Juanita and the whole island. It is actually located in the nearby city of Coralina.

Places of interest[edit]

The Three Citadels of Santa Juanita[edit]

Fort San Colon Outside.png 300px 250px

El Tres Castillos de Santa Juanita, or The Three Citadels of Santa Juanita, are three 16th century styled fortresses that dot the Santa Juanita Harbor. All three of them are individually called Fort San Colón, which is the biggest, then the second one is Fort San Heffe de Moyo, and the last one is called El Perledo. They were built here by the first Goveruan settlers to come to this island as a safe haven from enemy nations and the hostile natives. Today, Fort San Colón is the Home of Jock Hochstadt and is the main Viking Army base, while Fort San Heffe de Moyo and El Perledo are prestigious Viking Army training bases. They are sometimes available to tourists.

Old Town[edit]

Old Town Santa Juanita.png

Old Town of Santa Juanita is where the original town still stands. It still has it's cobblestone streets, Goveruan Houses, and Fort San Colón. The area is also dotted with tourists and Albergua Platan cuisine restauraunts.


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