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The amazing Saraapril.
Title Saraapril
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Good Gal
Health Very good
Level Expert
Status Alive and thriving
Location Her igloo, Club Penguin Island
Birth date May 4, 1988 (1988-05-04) (age 31)
Occupation Blogger, Buisness CEO
Interests Club Penguin Tourism, Secrets, Antarctic Peace, the Environment, Recycling
Friends Club Penguin Tour Guides, Aunt Arctic, Kimberly Livingston, Tazboi, Jock Hochstadt (somewhat), Fisch Hochstadt, technically the Hochstadt Gang
Enemies Feey1 Pie, Whoot Smackler Whoot, Penghis Khan, MobileShroom, Quackerpingu
Archetype Protagonist

Saraapril is a very famous penguin CEO and founder of Saraapril in Club Penguin, a famous Travel Agency that specializes in Club Penguin Island Tourism and inside information on the island. Her company has become a trusted source for visiting tourists that are coming from around the Antarctic to learn in depth about Club Penguin's local secrets. She occasionally writes an article on the Club Penguin Times about anything new, but she mostly advertises her company on the Antarctican Gazette and in the Castillan newspaper, La Tierra via a paid translator.

On May 1st, 2016, she quit her job as a journalist. Her resignation was met with mass condolences and many penguins told her they hoped she will have a great life after her resignation, however, her resignation was also met with anti-Saraapril demonstrations, many who claim "the 1st of May is a victory for the anti-environmentalist movement of Antarctica". While she is retired, she can still be found around the island.


Saraapril was born in 1988 to parents native to Club Penguin Island. As a young child, Saraapril excelled well in grade school and had straight A's. Also, Saraapril was a popular penguin at school and was very social. After graduation, Saraapril attended Beacon University and received her bachelors degree in Tourism and Economics. However, because her family did not have a lot of money, Saraapril did not have the efficient amount of funds to start her own company, thus she quietly was hired as a waitress at the Coffee shop. There, Saraapril worked for many hours trying to gain enough money, but she was cut short when the Colonial Antarctica War occurred, politically splitting the island. Ever since she was a child, Saraapril hated warfare, thus she decided to stay neutral and quit the coffee shop, which was home to many Revolutionist and Loyalist debates. Thus, Saraapril spent her days at her parents' igloo by helping them out with their groceries and other chores. Meanwhile, Saraapril had a lot of time on her hands, enough time to explore Club Penguin Island, where she learned a lot about it's secrets and perks, which gave her the idea about starting her own company that would boost tourism to Club Penguin Island. When the USA was formed in 2000, Saraapril resumed her job at the coffee shop, and began to collect more money again. This time, Saraapril also tried other part time jobs on the island, like working at the Gift Shop and the old Sports Shop. In late 2006, Saraapril started her own blog website called "Saraapril in Club Penguin", which offered perks and tips for tourists that were travelling to Club Penguin. The blog became very popular as it was considered to be very helpful for tourists. Eventually in 2007, Saraapril was one of the first to be hired to become a Club Penguin Tour Guide, and because of her hard work and extensive knowledge, she obtained a higher position in the tour guide business. Eventually, Saraapril was able to convince several penguins to help her start her company, and with all their money combined, Saraapril in Club Penguin became a Tourism Company that was born off from the Club Penguin Tour Guides Organization. Both companies sponsor each other and support each other as Saraapril advertises overseas on tourism as the CP Tour Guides give tours on the island themselves. Saraapril became very profitable from her company since she would discount airline and boat tickets to the island. When the RDA Recycling Center opened, Saraapril became an immediate supporter since she is an environmental awareness advocate, which was when she met the Emperor of Snowzerland, Swiss Ninja, who became her "friend". Although she opposes war and dislikes SN's rule, Swiss Ninja seems to find her rather attractive and has invited her to Snowzerland as a special guest. Some time later, she met the Hochstadt Gang and also got to know her. They got along better since they are both anti-Swiss Ninja and dream for a peaceful Antarctica. Saraapril has also been a special guest of King Carlos Goberna of Castilla and Queen Hooliana of Batavia. Today, Saraapril is a successful business penguin who enjoys having fun on Club Penguin with her friends.



  • She is staunchly opposed to war and openly speaks against it. TurtleShroom has labelled her as a "Hippie".
  • She is an avid environmentalist that believes in green energy and recycling.
  • She holds a friendly rivalry with fellow blogger Trainman1405.
  • She likes to have fun with her friends in Club Penguin.
  • She and Trainman1405 are the ones who created popular posts from events on Club Penguin Island.
  • She is an expert in blogging.
  • She loves math
  • That's why Quackerpingu doesn't like her
  • She is quite opinionated about Club Penguin's politics, events, and society, which often attracts her share of critics and haters. Nonetheless her popularity remains.
  • Mrdave921 has a HUGE crush on her since 2014.

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