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Sarah Penguin
Sarah Penguin image.png
Sarah Penguin in her election suit
Title Politician
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction none
Health Okay
Level 100
Status She wants to run for some sort of office.
Location Anywhere
Birth date July 19, 1976 (1976-07-19) (age 43)

Not to be confused with Sarah O'vian

Sarah Penguin is a lovable (though occasionally off-the-wall), roaming politician who has been campaigning for years to obtain some sort of permanent political office. She has, however, been the governor of Ice City, but not for too long. Unfortunately for her, she's yet to succeed making her dream come full reality because of her tendency to use ad hominem on rival candidates (like saying "HE WEARS CURLERS TO BED!" about an opponent). Living in Club Penguin, she does everything she can to get popularity...but it never works. The fact that she failed in the promising Azukri and even Ghostlia doesn't help.

In day-to-day life, she is a good, kind, generous penguin who's willing to help, but only if she can get something out of it too. Witty, she doesn't fall for any easy tricks, such as the spam she gets in her mail-box. Anybody who dares to go against her in an obvious way will be victim to her treacherous slander, ad hominem, strawman-arguments, and all the other nasty means of de-popularising somebody. Carrying these actions out always makes her feel proud, and gives a sense that she's just done something noble and honorable, meaning that she'll have more chance at the next election.

Unfortunately for her, she's not particularly popular either.


Early Life[edit]

Not many know much about Sarah Penguin's chickhood, but she claims that she hatched on July the 19th, 1976, and had a pretty uneventful chickhood at that. Nobody knows who her parents were either, but many rumours claim that they were some relatives of Penguin P. PPenguin, who had no idea that Penguin existed. However, when asked, she screams and begins making tu quoque arguments against the questioner.

When she was old enough, she attended Penguin University when she was 14. She claims that she enrolled at such a young age because she was "PWNsomely EPIC", but that may have been due to her parents having friends in high places. There, she failed in everything except Mathematics, Economics, Politics, and all the other studies related to business and politics. This means that it was lucky she enrolled early, as that is why she had to stay at university so long.

Later Life - Becoming a Mary Sue[edit]

When Sarah was 15, she became the top in her class in Politics, but apart from her teachers, nobody really cared. She began boasting about it, which was very annoying, and thus we was bullied often for it. Suddenly, she dramatically began failing horridly at her other subjects, making her the subject of the dunce's cap. She did, however, legitimately think that it was a kind of crown, and so she wore it often, much to the annoyance of everybody else. She then changed her name to Maria de Sue, which was a "compliment" that her peers bestowed upon her.

She became very wily, cunning, and showed multiple signs of Antisocial Personality Disorder, due to her continuously cheating and lying about many things she was questioned about. It was during this time that, being very antisocial, she began learning about the various fallacies, to make sure she wouldn't fall for them. Her original intention was to protect herself from them, but when she discovered the "ad hominen" fallacy, she loved the idea so much she decided to keep them in memory, and use them herself at some point. In the end, the signs of her Antisocial Personality Disorder rapidly disappeared, and everybody was relieved again.

Suddenly, she then magically became epic at everything, even with remembering notoriously difficult grammatical and mathematical terms, and the first lines of books by supercomplex philosophers. She excelled in every single class, gaining even an A at her least favourite subject, Science, and she legally added a new name - "Obviously an Outstanding Character" (including the "an"), which is what she claimed to be the full version of the term "OOC". These actions annoyed everybody else to breaking point - one of her teachers was fired for throwing a brush at her, and another student was expelled for tripping her up into a pool of ink. Other incidents that condescended the name of the university in the same manner occurred, and Sarah was traced to be the root of the problem.

In the end, the staff decided that Sarah had to go. She was too much for the university. Fortunately for her, her examiners didn't know that she was about to be expelled and neither did she, so she managed to take her final exams at the age of 20, got an A+ in all of them except in Physics (B+), and left, just as the angry mob of staff were about to call her in to their office to tell her of her predicament. Luckily, the name of the university quickly reached their previous standard (with the help of the university head-teacher's rich friends), and Sarah was never again mentioned in the grounds.

Later Life - Becoming a Governor Pseudo-Politician[edit]

After a year's luxury-rest pseudo-holiday, she proceeded to lock herself in her parents' igloo for a week, researching any countries which might be in need of new political figures like her. She found Azukri, and went there for the first time. She managed to enter their realm of politics, with the aid of excellent rhetoric and persuasion. Her aim was to win the seat of Mayor of the capital city, or even enter a major position of the House of Peers as Baroness, but being too honest at that time, she didn't use any fallacy, and lost the election to enter the House of Nationals, earning only 10% of the votes.

Disgruntled, she left forever, and disappeared from the scene of politics for a while. Nobody knows what she did in those days, and how she survived, but when questioned, she snaps back with ludicrously stupid "slippery slope" arguments, which clearly shows that she doesn't want to talk about it. One thing, however, is for certain - she tried to set up her own igloo nation (a bit like Ghostlia), but failed. She does not, on the other hand, want to admit that this is true, so validity on this statement is always debated and contested.

Then, when she was 32 (in the year 2006), she resurfaced into the public consciousness by going to Ice City for the first time. Finding the penguins quite gullible, she made herself a popular political figure thanks to the first recorded use of her slander, and she quickly became the Governor there during the following election, winning by a majority of 76%. To keep her position, she began improving public services, and donating lots of money for charitable organisations. Because of this, most of the population loved her, and frequent parades were organised to celebrate her election.

Although the conservative bunch came and threatened to oust her from power, she remained governor for 3 years, and was on friendly terms with them. However, during her second year in her position (2008), the conservatives became tired of her. Each time she attended a minor election (such as the President of a cookie factory, or something), she would continuously whip out her slander tactics to get her favourite penguin in power. To counter-act this, the conservatives began spreading underground propaganda leaflets against Sarah, hidden in ordinary things like in food packets.

The citizens soon began to realize that they had been fooled all along, and demonstrations against her began surfacing. The conservatives, pretending to be on her side, began warning to her continuously about what would happen if she stayed in power. At first, she took little to no notice, but she soon began considering - if the population hate her so much, what would happen if she stayed in power? When the threat of ousting and coup d'états was too much, she took their "advice" and, extremely frantic and worried, resigned her position in 2009, giving the conservatives supreme power. She soon left Ice City - for good.

Current Life[edit]

A week later, she began to slowly realize that it was actually a conspiracy against her, and she began to become rude, mean and cynical. Disillusioned, she went into her hermit mode again, and stayed like that for two years. When she re-surfaced in 2011, she was more brisk, optimistic and positive, and went back to her old ways of running for various offices, such as Presidency, in various countries, hoping that she wins, and when the outlook is not good, she will resort to her slander.

In 2019, she decided to try visiting Ghostlia. At first, due to all their wars, Ghostly35 and his comrades were quite suspicious of her, but her excellent rhetoric and slander skills made sure she earned a Ghostlian passport, plus some popularity and renown. Unfortunately for her, just as she was about to rise to power as Supreme Lieutenant, she was called off to another country which said that they would see her in-penguin, so she had to leave very unwillingly. When she failed and she returned, she wasn't allowed access, just in case she was planning to betray them and find out their secrets.

To this day, she applies for all sorts of random offices - from the Department of History to BoF worker - and hopes that she will be chosen. If it doesn't look like that, she will use ad hominen, amongst other fallacies, such as "strawman" and "appeal to emotion".

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Witty - Sarah often talks in short, witty sentences, which allows her to become popular since it makes her seem like she's a kind, generous penguin.
  • Clever - Sarah crams lots of information in her head, each day, usually on the most complex and difficult subjects imaginable. To think that she can still recall it the next day, along with her slander, is curious.


  • Subject to Fallacies - She loves fallacies. Especially ad hominem. She loves it so much, she uses it each time she's involved in any election, and usually loses them because of this.
  • Desperation - The long search for a political office has driven her to desperation. This may be the reason why she uses fallacies so often.
  • No Hindsight - She seemingly has no hindsight at all. Had she had hindsight, then she may have stopped using fallacies long ago.
  • Failer - Because of the above reasons, she always - almost always - fails in accomplishing everything she wants, especially when it comes to earning a position in political offices. Poor Sarah!


Having red feathers, she chooses her style of dress very carefully.

When she is not running at an election, she dresses extremely casually. She unties her real brown hair, puts a pink bow in it, wears generic brown sunglasses with a white frame, dons a grey hoodie saying "Club Penguin" on it, in black letters, and wears pink slippers, for lack of any "proper" casual shoes.

When she is running at an election, she dresses more formally. She ties her hair, gets rid of the bow, wears proper glasses (like those of Fred), dons a black-and-white tuxedo, and glittering - yes, glittering! - purple shoes, for lack of any "proper" formal shoes. This really unfortunately-chosen, unfashionable and questionable dress choice is probably another reason why she keeps failing.


Whenever Sarah runs for an office, she presents her views and platform. After a while, if she begins to lose, she may resort to mud-slinging and ad hominem, digging into personal files and private secrets. Often, she resorts to complete falsehood (see below) for slander.

She sneaks around offices at night, reads private records, then reveals secrets on the air. She's humiliated and slandered people for a long time, but because of this, the opponent usually wins anyway.

In many cases, her slander is fake.


  • I AM EPIC!


    • Explorer later confessed that he actually did sleep with a nightcap, as did Fred.
    • That was later proven to be true.
    • This is very true. Though only equivalent to 22, he was born in 1849, making him 160 years old. Surprisingly, he ages faster than other High Penguins.
  • Curiously, she doesn't have a daughter. It is suspected that this is just a spoof of her usual ad hominem, as it's not particularly insulting at all.
  • Please, add more and make it funnier!



  • Although she often resorts to slander, she gets her facts, history, and platform straight before having to do so.
  • Obviously, Sarah Penguin only uses slander when losing.
  • She's actually a very nice character to be around.
  • Had James Mccane won the position of Treasurer of Antarctica, then she would have been appointed as his assistant. *shudders*
  • Nobody knows if this is true.
  • This is probably why she's awful at getting political positions.

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