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Sam the Sasquatch
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata

The Sasquatch is one of Antarctica's strangest creatures, critically endangered to the point it is only found on a few wildlife reserves across the continent. Scientists have no idea what to classify the strange creatures- they have penguin beaks, and a mixture of feathers and fur on their body. Some classify them as birds, while others think of them as mammals, and others think they are a strange weird hybrid of both.

They don't seem to swim at all, instead opting to live in forests and similar wooded areas. While they are somewhat primitive creatures, they've been able to some amazing things such as communicate with penguins via limited speech (such as Sam did, though that might have been because he had heard penguins communicating for so long), and building structures and tools such as basic fishing rods.


The sasquatch anatomy is one of the strangest in all of Antarctica. They have a penguin's facial features and beak, and fur covering their body. Their feet look similar to penguin flippers, but more like Polar Bear paws with only three toes. Their arms are almost the length of their entire body, and has an elbow and a hand with three fingers and an opposable thumb. They also seem to grow bushy facial hair (rather than fur), similar to how certain penguins can.

A typical male can be around five feet tall, and females a few inches shorter, but the sasquatches seem to slouch which dampers their height slightly.


Sasquatches are known to be omnivores. They prefer to eat more fulfilling foods such as Fish, but will settle for vegetation such as O'Berries.


It is unknown how large the sasquatch's habitat was in the past, or how big it is now. The only known wildlife reserve with sasquatches on it is the Frosticon Tribal Reserve.

But, the legend of a Sasquatch-like creature is seen in many cultures, all around the world. Some different sasquatch-like creature only lives in one certain state, but most Sasquatch that looks like Sam the Sasquatch, Live all around the USA (go to cryptozoology part)

Notable members[edit]

In Cryptozoology[edit]

Many say that Sam is not the only Sasquatch in the world. Many claims that there are more Sasquatch sightings in the USA, and in even different parts of the world. Everyear, 3,000 Sasquatch sightings happened around the USA, and others around. The following list bellow is 20, notable sightings of Sasquatch. The many sightings that don't exactly see it, instead hear branches breaking, knocking wood, but most importantly, a blood-curdling howl is usually thought to be a Sasquatch yell. Many describe it as a mournful wail. Still scary never the less. The following bellow is the 20 most convincing, famous and supposedly real sightings. (including different kinds of Sasquatch.)

20 Convincing sasquatch Sightings[edit]

  • 20. Hopping Sasquatch - In July 2003, a penguin was coming home from his working job at 6 pm. He drove through a wooded area near igloos and buildings, when at first, he notices a penguin standing in the road, but when he came closer, the penguin darted out of the road, like a wild animal. The driver reported the creature about six feet tall, and around 200 lbs. He said the creature was covered in shaggy, rusted color fur and ran with a strange-like motion.
  • 19. Ruscan Sasquatch - In 2009, a Ruscan documentary was about Sasquatch, released in Rusca. The film has become notable of the inclusion of a three-second-long clip that explains an unknown penguanoid. The mountains of Rusca had a long history of Sasquatch encounters and modern-day sightings.
  • 18. Happysoft Park Sasquatch - In 2007, a penguin named Jim Holder and his son, captured a video of an unexplained penguanoid walking in Happysoft Park, in the Happyface State. Unfortunately, the clip was taken with a cell phone which gives poor viewing quality. The Sasquatch encounter was published in many Happyface State newspaper with claims of a genuine Sasquatch video, however upon release of the footage, Jim Holder and his family received a large amount of abuse over speculation that the tape was fake.
  • 17. Polaris Sasquatch in the Backyard - in October 2010, a video appeared on PengTube showing an encounter with a large penguanoid figure. The clip was discovered by a researcher named Chris Knoll with only 34 views. The video was taken by a nine-year-old penguin in the USA state of Polaris. After witnessing the figure in the woods, the penguin pulled out his camera and began filming the sequence. the HD quality of the video makes the encounter, quite special.
  • 16. Sasquatch hunted by the EPF - In 2011, a video was posted to PengTube, with the title, "Sasquatch hunted by the EPF", in an unknown location, thought to be Trans-Antarctica. The description reads: My husband and I took our kids target shooting. An EPF helicopter was over our heads the entire time annoying us. We thought at first they were curious of why and what we were shooting. Later when we watched the video we noticed something that looked like Sasquatch running in the trees. We assume now the helicopter was hunting the sasquatch. Scary!.
  • 15. The New Club Penguin Juvenile Sasquatch - one of the most well-known Sasquatch videos to be captured by Bigfoot Enthusiast, Robert Pridgen at the Limbo Lake Campgrounds in New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra, 2009. A festival was being held at Limbo Lake in a large collection of penguins gathering for campfire, for fun. When one of the group was filming around the fire and captured some bizarre behavior in the trees. The footage of the creature wasn't discovered until six years after the event. The clip showed a figure can be seen lifting a smaller creature into the trees. The objects can be seen on camera for over half a minute and the video gives a good analysis of the events and shows a stabilized version of the action.
  • 14. Great Darktonian Pie War Figure - During the chase for Darktan, during the Great Darktonian Pie War, a penguin was filming the event, and during the time where Darktan shot Manny Peng into the air, a penguin caught a figure in a small hill. The creature is very small, but the capabilities of the camera allow for clear expansion. The scene in question shows footage of a great caribou migration that was running from all the good creatures next to them, running. In the background, Not too far from where the caribou are running across, a black figure emerges from an unseen from an unseen ditch and runs parallel to the animals for a short distance, before ducking down, and disappearing from view.
  • 13. Memorial Day Footage - In 1996, a well known Sasquatch encounter was filmed in the USA state of Freezeland. It was captured by Lori Pate, with a high 8 millimeter video recorder. The clip is one of the most studied and scrutinized videos ever taken and according to statements, an amount of witnesses heard a series of loud were heard approximately five minutes prior to the figure appearing. Before the clip begins, the penguanoid was seen moving from the forest line to a position behind a large tree. It is not available on PengTube, but you can find it, in Cryptid and Sasquatch sites.


  • A group of sasquatches is called a Tribe.