Savage Steve

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Savage Steve
Savage Steve
Alias Savage Steve
Born Steve
January 5, 1995 (1995-01-05) (age 25)
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'0"
Residence Nomad
Parents Mother Susan
Norm Alman
Relatives Dennis the Oppressive
Destrukul'ek vez Omucron from Accounting
Occupation "Sith Lord"
Years Active 2012-present

Steve (also known as Savage Steve) is the edgy and very savage brother of Dennis the Oppressive. He is currently Dennis' "Sith" apprentice because he has nothing better to do, and follows him around helping with his schemes and participating in his various antics. Like his brother, he is not force-sensitive despite his claims to be a Sith.


Early life[edit]

Steve was hatched on January 5th, 1995, a little over a year after his older brother Dennis, and quickly began copying everything he did. This caused him to "mature" (if Dennis can be considered mature) earlier, as he would start doing the same things as Dennis and going through the same phases. In the mid 2000's, Steve began taking drum lessons.

In 2008, Steve and Dennis encountered a creepy old penguin named Daft Serious, who was trying to get edgy penguins like them to join Night of Edge, his great-nephew Kyle-Ron's edgy rock band, by bribing them with candy. Dennis accepted, intending to use it as an outlet for his various teenage emotions, and Steve naturally followed suit and became the band's drummer.

As he grew older, Steve never moved out of the family home or got a job, and instead began living in the basement and playing video games or watching TV all day. When Dennis disappeared in early 2011, Steve was devastated, and created imaginary friends to cope with his loss for a time.

Sith apprentice[edit]

In March 2012, Dennis returned home, now claiming to be a Sith Lord looking for an apprentice, specifically Steve. Elated to see his brother again, and since he had nothing better to do, Steve immediately agreed and began assisting Dennis with his schemes to take over Antarctica and tagging along on his various antics. Using the blueprints Dennis had stolen from Ed Laboratories, Steve was able to build his own double-bladed keysaber.


  • Musical Artist - During his teenage years, Steve played drums in Night of Edge.
  • "Sith Lord" - Steve is Dennis' "Sith" apprentice, despite not being force-sensitive. Unlike his brother, Steve isn't entirely delusional, and only believes he is a Sith because Dennis says so.



Steve is very edgy like his brother Dennis. He has no filter, never keeps his opinions to himself, and doesn't really care how others react to what he says, which led to his family calling him "very savage". He admires his brother greatly and tries his best to be like him. However, because Dennis is so bad at life, this usually causes Steve to be better than Dennis at everything he does. Between the two brothers, Steve is often the voice of reason and thinks more logically.

Steve is not an independent penguin at all, and has trouble being his own penguin. For his entire life, he has tried his best to copy Dennis out of admiration for him. He never moved out of the family home until Dennis returned and recruited Steve to be his Sith apprentice, and now follows him around everywhere.

Before he became Dennis' apprentice, he was mostly a couch potato and spent his time watching TV or playing video games, but Dennis' antics resulted in Steve living a more active lifestyle.


What Steve lacks in true power, he makes up for with keysaber skills. In contrast with Dennis, who merely swings his keysaber around wildly, Steve has spent a lot of time perfecting his skills with his double-bladed keysaber and often displays lots of flashy moves in combat. This makes him a formidable opponent against most foes.


Like his brother Dennis, Steve is not force-sensitive despite his claims to be a Sith Lord. Although he is skilled in keysaber combat, he is no match against force users.


  • Keysaber - Steve's keysaber is a knockoff built with salvaged parts like his brother's, although much more competently crafted and double-bladed.

Personal life[edit]


Steve enjoys playing video games, watching TV, and honing his keysaber skills. In the Super Smash Mates games, Steve uses Speeddasher as his main, believing him to be the edgiest character in the game, in contrast to Dennis who thinks that position belongs to Darktan. He plans to use Dennis as his main in Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R., but the brothers have not been able to acquire the game or a Snowtendo Swap yet.



  • Dennis the Oppressive - Steve admires his brother and tries to be like him, usually causing him to be better than Dennis at everything he does. He is one of the few penguins actually willing to put up with Dennis and his antics.


  • Toby-One - Because of his admiration for his brother, Steve also hates Toby-One, though he doesn't really understand why Dennis hates him so much.


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