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Saving Mabel is a subsidiary of the Mabel Mongrel Klan, funded by Alex12345a and Director Benny (despite Benny being an enemy of Mabel, see his background for more info), which produces songs based around Mabel and the Von Injoface Family. Although the members are technically no Mabel fan, they are still passionate about their work in producing fine art. One of their more notable songs is 9 Days, a song depicting nine days of hunting down Mabel.

The band members are Jackie, Elvis and Omil. Jackie is the lead singer of the band, Elvis plays percussion whilst Omil plays the guitar. All three members were friends since chickhood years, and have a very close bond.


Jackie, Elvis and Omil met in elementary school when they were still chicks. All three shared a passion and interest for the arts, especially music. Jackie had a wonderful vocal voice whilst Elvis was trained with percussion instruments and Omil was great at electric guitar. Seeing that they met all the requirements to form a band, they did just that, form a band. The band, named The Elementary Rockers, was a huge hit within the neighborhood, although this didn't earn them any girls. The band was only temporary, and soon disbanded simply because they had enough fun.

Jackie, Elvis and Omil went on to pursue their dream career, by joining the Penguin University's Music course and eventually earning great certificates. They had, in one way or another, been in the music industry from 2003 to 2007, either being a cashier of a musical instrument shop, a music instructor, a music conductor, a music teacher or simply in a band as a supporting player.

Eventually, their big break came when news broke out that the MMK exists. Alex12345a was finding ways to promote love for Her Highness, Mabel, and thus Alex12345a decided to use music as its primary platform. Out of the ten auditions, Alex chose Jackie, Elvis and Omil's. The band suggested the name 'Saving Mabel', and was eventually used. Since then, the band has been alive and well, funded by Alex12345a and Director Benny.



Albums and Songs[edit]


As a subsidiary of MMK, the band was criticized for actually being a promotional tool rather than an actual band. The band members wanted to separate from the group, but the MMK bribed them to stay. Mabel herself did not enjoy most, or at least, some of the band's songs, which ruins the whole purpose of the band. It is also said that taxpayers' money was used to fund the band. Despite these controversy, most penguins don't care as the band had great songs.

Jackie, in a press interview, stated

Even though the band's purpose is to promote love for Mabel, the band members themselves are passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs. We all love music, and even though we have to modify the lyrics just to the theme, 'Love Mabel, Hail Mabel', who cares! Music is about expressing feelings, through secret means or not. Although it feels like a song about Mabel, if you listen without thinking about Mabel, you will find the true meaning of the song-the one that the band members and I wanted you to know.
— Jackie in a press interview.

On the other side, members of the MMK believes the band's name has implications. "Saving Mabel" seems to be imply that Mabel needs help, which in a sense insults her as to being either flawed or problematic. Alex12345a has responded:

Contary to popular belief, the band's title actually has a different and meaningful message. "Saving Mabel" refers to Explorer 767's wraith that has been unleashed upon her Highness, enclosing her within a dark and stormy cage. The band's eponymous album describes Mabel's pursuit in escaping her dungeon and the events that lead up to her escape. Each song is released in chronological order and starts from Mabel, in a cage reflecting on her obviously good deeds, to her eventual escape through endurance and wits.
Alex12345a in a press interview.

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